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  1. Stinkybob

    Keepers thread 2005

    Boom or Bust!! J. Harrington (costs my 8th-round pick) :ph34r:
  2. Stinkybob

    We need to hurry

    abell@ou.edu requested that 1 roll of 5 100-sided dice be rolled. Roll them bones ... your dice are Roll 1: 89, 48, 84, 5, 86 = 312. Mail was sent to you at abell@ou.edu and to psawyer17@yahoo.com. (Mail addresses have not been confirmed.)
  3. Stinkybob

    Monday or Wednesday night draft?

    This is the first time I've been able to load this site in awhile (7:15am central time now). But either day works for me...really have no preference. Are we attacking this thing with 8 teams or are we gonna find some new people in the coming days to bump it to 14?
  4. Stinkybob

    Keepers thread 2005

  5. Stinkybob

    League 2005-06

    At what point do we start looking for new members?
  6. Stinkybob

    Keepers thread 2005

    Call me insane, but I'm actually considering holding onto Harrington...
  7. Stinkybob


    Plaque looks like a winner to me! In terms of reimbursement, are you still thinking Payal?
  8. Stinkybob

    League 2005-06

    Got to the title game last year but fell short. Back to take it all this year! Team Name: HamBurglar
  9. Stinkybob

    Team/Owner info page

    FFToday ID: Stinkybob Team Name: HamBurglar Email: abell@ou.edu
  10. Stinkybob

    Lets get it going!

    I'm in!
  11. Stinkybob

    Off Season Drop-In

    I'm all for another season
  12. Stinkybob

    Round 2

  13. Stinkybob

    Round 2

    Barring a miracle from the Pats D, the meek will slink away into oblivion. congrats to the smelly one and the shinebox. Good luck in the finals. Dan - lets go get drunk somewhere. My last surviving team is now dead for the year. I was kicking myself after the early games for benching Burleson (5/130ish and 2 scores) and replacing him with Galloway. Thankfully Joey has mad punt return skills which kinda eased the pain of benching the Viking. That being said, my extra player for the super bowl will be Nate Burleson. Happy Holidays to all!
  14. Stinkybob

    Round 2

    Dear Dallas Defense, Please show up this afternoon. I'm not asking for a shutout or 17 picks, but just don't get burned on every freakin' play. Never Let Down, Stinkybob And since we're tossing out the wishes, I'm gonna toss out one more for hoping that Jacksonville can function in the cold....
  15. Stinkybob

    Playoff Matchups

    It's slim pickens' on the Stinkybob bench...gonna have to go with Joey Galloway. That's right, Joey Galloway