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  1. For my draft, I usually print out the "offense" tab as a one-pager and physically cross off players as they are drafted. Right now there are 100 WRs and RBs listed on the single sheet, along with the other positions, which makes the text tough to read since it is so small. Is there a way to specify how many players in each category you want listed on this sheet, so the text will be bigger? Thanks!
  2. Craig

    Limit number of player on Offense Tab/

    Thanks Mike! Worked perfectly! And it is indeed my age that is impacting my vision.
  3. Would you make this trade? I will check yours. I would get Gio Bernard and Julius Thomas I would give A Jeffrey and P Thomas Standard scoring, we start 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE 1 RB/WR/TE My current team: QB: P Manning RB: McCoy, S Jackson, Jones-Drew, Pierre Thomas WR: V Jackson, Torrey Smith, J Nelson, A Jeffrey TE: C Clay Thanks!
  4. Craig

    Need help putting together a trade

    Thanks for answering mine. To be honest, I would stay put. Your team is solid and Vivk is going strong.
  5. I got hit pretty hard with RB injuries with S Jackson and Jones-Drew going down. My roster is below: QB: P Manning, Bradford RB: McCoy, S Jackson, Jones-Drew, B Tate, B Brown WR: V Jackson, Nelson, T Smith, C Givens, D Hopkins TE: Cook Would you trade away Tate (to the Foster owner) for DeAngelo Williams? Thanks and I will look at yours!
  6. My team has major problems. QB: Romo/Fitzpatrick RB: Mendenhall/Gore/RBush/JStewart WR: Austin/Lloyd/Henderson/Burleson/McCluster Performance (pretty standard) scoring. I am 1-3 Been offered Wayne/Branch/KHunter for Lloyd/RBush Lloyd is the only one is that group that has been producing, though i think Wayne and Branch have promise. Should I take it? Thanks and I will look at yours.
  7. bump All opinions welcome!
  8. Craig

    Need a week 5 QB

    Thanks for answering mine. I like Orton, though I may in the minority.
  9. Craig

    Got offered Chris Johnson/Pettigrew

    Thanks for answering mine. I would do it, but it is close.
  10. Craig

    PPR trade help

    I would stay put.
  11. Colston has been slumping but has been solid in the past and is on a great offense. Lynch appears to be the starter in Buffalo but is still in a time share. Brandon Lloyd has been lighting it up lately but will it last. Thoughts?
  12. Craig

    Palmer vs Cutler (TD only league)

    Cutler. I put Palmer and Cutler about on the same level so I would play the matchups.
  13. Craig

    I need a lil help here plz

    I picked Smith but could be talked into Floyd as well. It is close. Thanks for answering mine.
  14. Craig

    Who to start at WR

    Driver. I know you Have Jennings but GB will score a lot of points this year.
  15. Craig

    Needs to start three

    Need to pick three of: D Williams vs NYG Grant vs Phil Bradshaw vs Car Spiller vs Miami All help appreciated. I will look at yours.
  16. Craig

    Need some trade help WHIR

    I think Rice is great but you are giving up too much. Welker and Austin are money. I would stay put.
  17. Performance scoring (4 pts passing TD, 6 pts rush/receiving TD, 1 pt for 10 yd rush/receive or 25 yds passing) We start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex Team A has: QB: Schaub, Alex Smith RB: P Thomas, Mendelhall, Gore, K Smith, M Bell WR: A Johnson, M Floyd, Breaston, Harvin TE: Gates, V Davis Team B has: QB: Brees, Flacco RB: D Williams, Cad Williams, J Jones, McFadden, L Johnson WR: Cal Johnson, Ochocinco, Driver, Sims-Walker TE: Olsen, Watson Team A gets Flacco, Cad Williams, Cal Johnson, Watson Team B gets Alex Smith, Gore, Harvin, Gates Is this a fair trade and who makes out best? Thanks and I will look at yours.
  18. I've seen these two guys flip-flop a lot n recent rankings. They seem to be both be mid to late first round RBs and both have their question marks. Who do you think will have the better season and who would you rather anchor your team? Let's assume no-PPR and standard scoring.
  19. Already. I am done over-analyzing this. I will go with what ever the poll concludes. Standard scoring, no PPR. S Jackson - awesome RB when healthy, cake schedule, rebuilt O-line horrible supporting cast, often injured D Willams - great year last year but was it a one-time deal? Shares carries with J Stewart, Goodson looks to be in the mix, tough schedule Please help! Thanks!
  20. I am picking 5th n a 10 team league. Standards scoring. No PPR and 4 points for passing TDs. My 1st round keeper is S Jackson I expect the following to be off the board before my pick #16 RB: A Peterson, Jones-Drew, Forte, Turner, Tomlinson, S Jackson, Gore, C Johnson, Slaton, Portis, D Williams WR: Moss, A Johnson, Fitzgerald, C Johnson That leaves me with the following choices for my #16 pick: Wayne, Jennings, Westbrook, Jacobs, Brady, Brees. Any suggestions? Thanks and I will look at yours... Craig
  21. Craig

    Warner or Cassell

    easy... Warner. NE will be running all day.
  22. Craig

    which #2 rb

    Gotta go with S Jax. No brainer to me.
  23. It depends if you want to take a rsik or not. Historically, Rodgers is a lock for 250 yds and 2 TDS. Cutler can get you 4 or 0. I personally prefer to take chances, so I would go with Cutler, but it depends on your situation.