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  1. I can't decide who to start in my flex spot this week. Who would you guys start? McFadden vs. Philly S. Johnson vs. Chicago Malcom Floyd vs. Chicago. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, looking for some input from the FF community. I am in yahoo FF standard PPR league. I have the following WR's...who would you start/sit? Eric Decker Antonio Brown Brian Hartline Miles Austin Need to fill one more WR spot to go along with Calvin Johnson. Thanks guys and good luck to you all.
  3. This was an Online draft and the first 3 picks were Autopicked for me since there was some lag time on my computer. I was going to take AP first overall but got BW. Typical serpentine draft non keeper league. Scroing: Recieving: 6 pts per TD 1 pt per 10yr rec Rushing: 6 pts per TD 1pt per 10 yrds QB: 6pts per TD 1pt per 25yrds passing. Starters: QB: Cutler RB: Brian Westbrook RB: Willis McGehee WR: Ocho Cinco WR: Boldin TE: Shockey WR/RB: Most likely Burleson for now D: Seattle K: Folk Bench: RB: Darren McFadden RB: C Buckhalter RB: DeShaun Foster WR: Sean McDonald QB: JaMarcus Russel WR: Kevin Walter
  4. DJT

    Dynasty trade

    Do it. A Johnson is a proven top 10 WR. Bowe maybe good this year, but he isn't a proven commodity like Johnson. Even if Bowe goes off this year, he is lucky if he even matches Johnsons numbers. The risk is with Bowe, the numbers are with Johnson. Gulp and make the deal. Thanks for replying on my post. Good luck.
  5. DJT

    Trade Proposal, 16 Team League

    I think you would take too big of a hit at WR if you make that move. Edwards for Mushy is a big drop off IMO. Even though you would be getting a much better back in Barber, I wouldn't do this trade. I don't really see anything that would a counter that either of you would accept. I would stick with what you have and maybe someone else from your group will have a better trade for you. Don't give up Edwards. The combo of Edwards and Moss is gonna be huge! Thanks for the input on my post. Good luck!
  6. I am torn......... BW posts solid numbers year in and year out and with Philly's WR woes I am thinking he will be in more demand if thats possible. I am in a PPR league (1/2p per recep)Then you have AP who could potentially go off and have LT kind of numbers. Any input on who I should take and why would be great. TIA!
  7. DJT

    thoughts on gore trade

    Your worries about Holt are dead-on. He could end up missing games due to the injury. I know Gore has a fractured hand but I don't think its going to keep him down. He has the potential to be HUGE this year. I would have been comfortable with the trade. I think you did ok, not a big Burress fan though. Good luck with it.
  8. Nice team, must be 10 team league right? Def could contend, not sure if its a Championship winning team without knowing the other rosters, but overall very strong team. Good luck.
  9. DJT

    Need your expert advice

    Ok, if this were my team heres my roster: QB- Rivers WR-Johnson WR-Brown WR-Walker RB-LT (hes a no brainer every freakin week!) RB-Ronnie Brown (I think there is going to be some RBBC in Dallas) TE- ? ( Didn't you draft one, or doesn't your league play one?) K- Rackers ( if Graham is good to go start him every week) D- AZ ( aren't there any better options on the waiver wire?) Good luck!
  10. DJT

    Need some constructive criticism.

    Wow...your 3 first picks will get you lots of points each week. Will it be enough to offset the lack of points at RB? I dunno honestly. Julius Jones was losing all the goal line TD chances to MB III last year with Parcells coaching so unless that changes this year he is not going to put up big numbers. If you can find somone who is stacked at RB but weak at WR I would try and move Wayne in some kind of package for a better RB. Good luck.
  11. DJT


    Ok, for a 12 team draft I think you did awesome....were the other people drunk? You did really well at RB WR and even TE. I love the fact you got Westbrook. Im seeing a trophy come Championship game. Good luck. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=283094
  12. I like your team overall but maybe try and package one of your QB's for some depth at WR. Good luck.
  13. DJT

    Please Rate My Team

    I agree on the WR/RB depth. You definately could trade either QB for some help at either WR or RB. You don't need top QB's as much as you need RB and WR. Make a trade with someone who did the autodraft, maybe the guy that got Vick LOL. Good luck
  14. DJT

    Rate my team

    I like your team overall. Hopefully Kitna will be solid this year since Delhomme is just way too up and down. If Delhomme goes off with Steve Smith then I would say you are doing even better. Definately a contender team. Good luck.