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  1. Both have tough matchups. Non PPR Howard vs Patriots or Jones vs Saints?
  2. Non-PPR White tonight vs Giants or Howard on road vs Vikings. Obviously Howard has the tougher match up but more TD upside???
  3. Go long

    RB 2 help needed

    James White at Buffalo or Darrell Williams at Detroit? NON-PPR which is why I am asking.
  4. I am in a 12 team non-ppr keeper league and we can keep 3 guys but you cannot keep anyone that was drafted in the 1st round the previous year. We can keep them for 3 years. My keepers are Kamara with my 11th round pick and Mahomes with my 8th round pick. Also keeping Lat Murray with my 15th. I have no 2nd round pick and the 11th pick in the first round in a snake draft. I was leaning taking Julio or Odell with the 1st round pick. Is this still the right move or should I consider Gurley or Dalvin Cook and locking up my RB's early and then in 3rd, 4th and 5th get my WR's? Any thoughts? If I take a WR at 1 than I will see the likes of Josh Jacobs, maybe Kerryon or Ingram but may be doubtful.
  5. Go long

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    12 team non ppr. 3 man keeper league 12-2 (Super Bowl up next) Mahomes, Brees Kamara, D. Johnson, Hunt, Ware Julio, Tyreek, Cooper, Baldwin Ebron, McDonald Butker
  6. I know Vance McDonald may be the play against the Patriots but I have a sneaky feeling Ian Thomas for Carolina may be in line for a good Monday night at home vs the Saints. Non PPR What do you think?
  7. Is an AJ Green playing with Driskell at QB better than Amari Cooper? Non PPR
  8. Go long

    Jerrick McKinnon?

    I can keep 3 players and none can be previous years 1st round picks. We can keep players for three years and you lose the round ahead of where you drafted. In 2019 I am keeping Mahomes with my 8th round pick and Kamara with my 11th round pick. I drafted Kamara his rookie year in the 13th round. Luck I guess. My other keeper options are very shaky. I could keep Amari with my 3rd round pick but that is about it for value and ADP outperformance That is why I asked if McKinnon would be worth a 7th rounder.
  9. Go long

    Jerrick McKinnon?

    I am in a 12 team standard keeper league and McKinnon is sitting on our Waiver Wire. If I add him to my roster, do you feel he would be a 7th round keeper? Just checking to see if any SF fans still see him as the future RB in San Fran. He seems to be rehabbing pretty well as it was a "clean" tear.
  10. I am down 45 in standard league. He has Gurley and I have Mahomes, Hunt, Tyreek and Butker! I need KC to score 50!!
  11. Go long

    Who should I start? Fournette or Mixon?

    Thanks for mine. Mixon as he should do well in the passing game without AJ Green.
  12. Go long

    Kamara, DJ and Kareem

    I am playing the first place team and going against Gurley. It is a long story as how I got these three through trades but I have them. Standard 12 team league and I have to sit 1 of these guys this week as we do not have a flex. Kamara at home vs Eagles (5th best against the run) Kareem Hunt at the Rams (18 against the run) David Johnson at home vs Oakland (28th against the run) I have been sitting DJ but he is back in the mix now that McCoy is gone and he is playing the awful raiders at home. What do you think?
  13. Go long

    Mahomes or Brees this week?

    I have been starting Mahomes every week but this week KC has Arizona which is the 3rd best against the pass. Brees has Cinci which is the next to the worst against the pass. Am I over thinking and just keep starting Mahomes? I have been trying to trade Brees without much luck.
  14. Go long

    *Start Edelman? Sit who?*

    If it is PPR, try sitting Lewis if you really want to start Edelman. If non PPR, give Edelman 1 week to see how he does in first game back. Thanks for mine.