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  2. Matt Mueller

    Marquise Brown Projection Seems Low?

    Through week 10 with Jackson 52 catches 719 yards 6 Tds
  3. Matt Mueller

    Marquise Brown Projection Seems Low?

    Some good points on are Cardinals better passing offense ect To the point was Jackson the reason that Browns numbers weren’t better. Jackson kind of made Brown. Before Jackson got hurt in week 10 Brown number 6 in total WR points He was 7th in PPG Jackson throws a really nice deep ball and had a great connection maybe Murray can’t replicate that but if he could be a top 10 WR through 10 weeks on the Ravens I think it’s possible for the same type of hit early with the Cardinals a lot depends on Kyler and play calling possibly
  4. I love Lamar and don’t like a Murray as a player but I think Murray has more skill options and plays in a dome and was a little healthier last year I guess Murray. I don’t need to draft either of them at adp
  5. Matt Mueller

    Marquise Brown Projection Seems Low?

    Brown is projected for 4, Dhop 6, Ronald Moore 3, Aj Green 2 Thats 15 TDs to WRs for Murray? Ertz gets 5. Running backs get 5. For a total of Murrays projected 25. IDK I think the WRS will get more overall.
  6. 65-864-4 I could see the receptions and yards hitting but 4 tds seems low. Kirk had 5 and 6 the past couple years and that was without Dhop missing scheduled time. I thought maybe he might have a chance to break out early. I could see him getting lost in a shuffle possibly by midseason if Dhop, Ertz, Connor ect all stay healthy but at the same time the rest of the WR room doesnt seem that great. Seems like he should be a staple out there.
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  8. Matt Mueller

    Dallas Goedert Was Quite Efficient Last Year

    Goedert also balled out in the playoffs against Tampa Bay. 12 targets 6 catches 92 yards
  9. Matt Mueller

    Dallas Goedert Was Quite Efficient Last Year

    I def see that side of things. Hurts not being able to support everyone. I think Im in the camp that if anyone falls off it would be Smith. Dont forget Ertz was on the Eagles until week 6. He had 33 targets in that span. While its not quite far to simply add those to Goederts totals for next year if you take Ertz 33 and Goederts 76 that 109 targets on the year which would have ranked 6th in total TE targets behind Pitts and ahead of Schutlz. If Goedert gets 100 targets next year I think he can be a solid option weekly.
  10. Matt Mueller

    Dallas Goedert Was Quite Efficient Last Year

    ^ I’m ok with that Hill is on my bust list
  11. Matt Mueller

    Dallas Goedert Was Quite Efficient Last Year

    Hayden Hurst does throw a nice deep ball
  12. Matt Mueller

    Dallas Goedert Was Quite Efficient Last Year

    What does this mean for fantasy leagues? For years we have been waiting for Zach Ertz to finally leave town and then comes along AJ Brown to squash our dreams or does it? Brown has played 3 years in the league and his target totals per year have been 84, 106, 105 while playing 16, 14 and 13 games. Targets per WR rank by year 30th, 30th and 46th. Im here to say that I believe there is a world where AJ Brown helps unlock some potential in the Eagles offense and a rising tide raises all boats INSTEAD of him being a road block to fantasy production. Last year teams were probably focusing on Goedert as the main guy to take away. Maybe that focus shifts to Brown and Goedert operates underneath more like Kelce has with Hill all this years. (Realize way different QBs) My overall point. Its possible the eagles offense takes a step forward and Brown isnt quite the target hog we think he is and Goedert maintains his connection with the QB surprising us by seasons end. Or maybe we just got c*ck blocked again. Thats half the fun of fantasy. Seeing what happens.
  13. I play in some hybrid leagues where you can only hold players for 3 years and then you have 1 yearly franchise tag. This year I had a choice between keeping Henry or Kelce and with a TE room of Kelce, Andrews, Pitts and Taysom Hill? I decided to ship Kelce off for Goedert and the 1.10. Whether that deal was good or not is mute but what surprised me was Goederts efficiency metrics when looking into some stats. Dallas Goedert finished 5th in total receiving yards by a TE with 830. He did this while being 17th in targets per game. For a reference point Dalton Schultz had 808 yards on 104 targets Goedert had 830 yards on 76 targets or more yards on 26 less targets. When I ran stats in my .5 PPR league from week 7 on when Ertz left town. Kelce 116 total points (1 missed game) 12.9 PPG average Goedert 94 total points 9.49 average Goedert also finished 2nd in Pro Football Focus's efficiency metrics. https://section215.com/2022/02/19/phila ... edert-pff/
  14. Matt Mueller

    FFToday- Interboard Champions again in 2021!

    Playground bullies don’t often get picked for teams because they don’t work well with others.
  15. I was looking over the WR projections and I noticed there were only 11 WRs projected to catch 1 TD each. That seems really low for the amount of games on the schedule. For TEs there are 7 projected tds. So 18 total receiving tds projected across 6 NFL games? 3 in each game? When you look at QB projections they are projected to throw for 21 tds total so 3 more than anyone is catching… No running back is projected to catch a TD. Just curious but I was surprised about the low TD totals in general and having Qbs throw for more than we project anyone to catch. I’ll take the over on 11 receiving tds for WRs :)