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  1. ST_Pete

    Buccaneers at Eagles: TNF Discussion

    Yeah - Sanders is borderline droppable at this point.
  2. ST_Pete

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 5

    Just a word of caution to all - Mike has already shut down one thread today. I clicked on here because I thought there was new information on Ridley
  3. ST_Pete

    Buccaneers at Eagles: TNF Discussion

    How dare you....
  4. ST_Pete

    Michael Thomas

    Just not sure if the passing volume is there for him to be reliable. That offense is about as tight with its distribution as I have ever seen.
  5. ST_Pete

    Khalil Herbert - Top Back

    Yeah...savvy owner in our league already grabbed him. He is last man standing so should get a ton of work against a not-so-great GB defense.
  6. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    By stating, "Our new military. This won't end well." That is indeed being very unsupportive.
  7. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    Funny how the supporters of our military will so quickly turn on you when you don't support their narrative. @makindollaz guess you now know how law enforcement feels after defending the capital.
  8. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    Just want to say thank you for your service. I think being in a leadership position where you have to command folks from all different backgrounds and beliefs helps to open the lens a bit. You don't have to be a member of either political party to understand a very easy point - words can and do offend people. Just because a particular comment does not offend the particular group you may belong to, that does not mean it will not or does not offend another.
  9. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    This is actually a very good post and a very relevant discussion. Whether I agree with what Carr said is irrelevant here. Thank you for this post - we needed it
  10. .5 PPR 12 Team. Sitting at 3 - 2 QB Allen RB Zeke Williams CEH Pollard WR Diggs Julio Sutton Higgins Corey Davis TE Andrews DST Cincinnati 49ers I'm holding 2 defense because I like the back end of the 9ers schedule and get decimated with byes week 7. Been trying to move a wr for a RB2/3 type but no luck there
  11. We ' ve got short benches but really want to do this as well. I've got CEH and we don't hold an IR spot - should I drop him for Wilson? I'm hurting at RB2 now
  12. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    God you really are struggling here. Let me make it easier for you - if you are talking about coaching philosophy that is fine - stick to that. You are not though. You are talking broader politics. Hopefully that is easy enough to understand but maybe your backwater school didn't offer the basic courses that are needed to keep a conversation going here.
  13. ST_Pete

    FA TE for week #6

  14. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    Way to show your intelligence. Just because it is about the NFL does not mean it has fantasy relevance. That is equivalent to saying that renaming the WFT may impact Gibson's value as an RB1. Nice try.
  15. ST_Pete

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    FFS lock this thread already Mike. You *insert whatever here* are talking politics on a fantasy football thread. If someone wants to talk about how this affects Ruggs going forward I am all ears. That last comment was my attempt at sarcasm and I mention it here because some obviously can not comprehend that.