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  1. ST_Pete


    Gainwell went for 30% Puka went for about 15% K Willaims about 25%
  2. ST_Pete

    TNF Discussion: Lions at Chiefs - Wk1

    As a Gibbs owner, not happy with the splits at all. Montgomery basically owns the backfield so far.
  3. ST_Pete

    Christian McCaffrey traded to SF 49ers

    Guessing he has no shot at playing this week? Asking for a friend that really needed a W this week.
  4. ST_Pete

    UPDATE: CMC Quad Injury - Likely to Play

    The worst part about it this year is we aren't even getting the high ceiling. If we were getting the 15-20 point half ppr outputs I'd deal with the perpetual Knicks and bruises but his output has been nothing but pedestrian this year. Of course, no chance of me getting any value in return so just hoping for a turnaround.
  5. ST_Pete

    UPDATE: CMC Quad Injury - Likely to Play

    Can't confirm so I am deleting the post. My apologies just posting what I saw.
  6. ST_Pete

    Thursday Night Football: Chargers at Chiefs

    Those misses are killing me as I had to pick up and start Palmer today. He's been open every time but they are definitely not on the same page.
  7. ST_Pete

    Lost Dak...need a QB

    Yeah, it's Cousins and you should get a demerit for asking this. Seriously, in their new scheme he has a pretty high ceiling too.
  8. So I lost Dak and the waiver wire is thin: Wentz Mariotta, Tua and Fields are the top options. It's a 12 teamer .5 ppr with qb rb rb wr wr wr te kicker and def. So no flex spots. Here is my current roster: QB GONE RB Barkley Dillon Penny Edmonds Gordon WR Jefferson Higgins Godwin Aiyuk TE Waller So, was offered Lamb, Mike Williams, Hockenson, and Russ Wilson for Jefferson, Waller, and Aiyuk. What do you guys think?
  9. ST_Pete

    Godwin or Aiyuk

    Thanks, I'd lean Dillon in your case.
  10. ST_Pete

    Godwin or Aiyuk

    I have Godwin or Auyuk in .5 ppr. I hear the weather is bad in Chic but any worries Godwin is linited?
  11. ST_Pete

    Chris Godwin expected to play Week 1

    My concerns is two-fold. I'm worried they try to limit his snaps or if Tampa pulls away in the 2nd half and they pull him early. I have to decide between him and Aiyuk.
  12. ST_Pete

    TNF Discussion: Bills at Rams - Wk1

    I was worried about that...reason I went Jefferson over Kupp. Kupp looks awesome so I may have been wrong. Stafford's throws look a lot like Mannings last year where his throws were nose diving into the ground. Realize it is still very early but he hasn't been throwing well at all.
  13. ST_Pete

    Who you focusing on?

    For me, I am not leaving the draft without either Mooney or Amon Ra St Brown. These two can be had after the fifth round and I think will return borderline WR1 numbers.
  14. ST_Pete

    Any insiders with news on Waller

    That was my plan going into the draft but made a bit of a panicked pick. Everett and Higbee are both available. Not guys I'll likely keep on the roster forever but I don't mind rolling them out for a week if I have to. Thanks!
  15. Thought I got a steal grabbing him in the 6th but the lack of information on this injury has me spooked. Is it just a tweaked hammy or something more significant? Regardless, I hate going into the season with any soft tissue injuries.