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  1. ST_Pete

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2022: First Four Rounds

    However, only one year of him playing with his BFF. He literally has breakfast with the guy every day.
  2. ST_Pete

    2021 Team Management Review

    Curious to see how others have turned over their teams via in season management - for better or worse. Drafted Josh Allen Zeke Pollard Davis Javonte Williams D hopkins Diontae Deebo Waddle Smith Corey Davis Kittle Final Squad Josh Allen Cook Gibson Stevenson Adams Higgins OBJ Julio Golloday Fant My team is not necessarily better or worse (.5 ppr) but I was able to make some trades that worked out in my favor. Allen has been the mainstay of my team all year and has definitely returned full value relative to where he was drafted. It's funny though...my team is not necessarily a world beater but I've been able to catch some teams on off weeks and have been carried lately by some solid WR play. Pete
  3. ST_Pete

    Patriots at Bills: MNF Discussion

    Anyone know how the fumble will be charged? CbS is scoring it to Allen but looks like Breida should be charged?
  4. ST_Pete

    What do you need Wk 13 MNF?

    Hehe - good one Need 8.5 in half ppr. I have Allen and Folk. Nervous if it gets windy because we are -3 for missed fgs.
  5. ST_Pete

    FU Week 11

    Was Dan Arnold even playing today? Nice 0 from a TE that was supposed to be reliable.
  6. ST_Pete

    Robert Woods Torn ACL

    Cooks owner and this week my wr corps was absolutely crushed. Wednesday I felt good with Diggs, Woods, Higgins, and Julio. Now Julio pulled his vag and Woods out fir the year. I did pick up OBJ before this news and now Landry. Who do you guys like for this week between those two? Tough spot
  7. ST_Pete

    What’s up with Dalvin Cook

    she seems like a real keeper.
  8. ST_Pete

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    I lose to a 2 yard shuffle pass to Kelce...lol sometimes PPR can be brutal.
  9. ST_Pete

    Giants at Chiefs: MNF Discussion

    Maybe he is the big add this week.
  10. ST_Pete

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    Need Kelce to score less than 1.5 in half ppr. The funny thing is CBS scoring tells me there is a 15% chance to win. Wish those guys would set some vegas odds.
  11. Huh? Guessing you mean Sermon but talk about pulling the plug on a guy pretty quickly.
  12. Yeah was thinking the exact same thing. The GM thinking of "no trades within a division" is such an outdated view but I doubt it happens.
  13. ST_Pete

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    72 Dolphins wrecking Allen and Diggs.
  14. ST_Pete

    Bills at Titans: MNF Discussion

    I streamed Tenn for a few weeks and they were horrible. Where is this pressure coming from?
  15. ST_Pete

    Buccaneers at Eagles: TNF Discussion

    Yeah - Sanders is borderline droppable at this point.