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  1. mont71

    Anybody here dropped Juju or DJ??

    I am in two leagues. in one of them, DJ and Juju were my 1st and 2nd round picks out of the 11 hole. fml. i dropped DJ last week because i had injury issues and needed to field a full roster. who knows, maybe the new pits QB will throw the damn ball to juju.
  2. mont71

    Jarvis Landry

    I have a bunch of pretty good WRs. I am wondering if jarvis landry is worth starting ahead of these guys: galloday vs DAL evans vs NO chark vs IND gallup vs DET we start 3 WR and a flex jarvis has so many targets lately. would u put him ahead of any of the guys above? thanks!
  3. mont71

    TE - Everett or Olsen

    Everett @ pits Olsen @ GB who do you like better this week?
  4. mont71

    Week 5 QB - J.Allen, brissett, murray

    I actually went with Kyler. 25 FP vs 10 for Brisset..i won my week by 11 pts. i think im gonna ride murray as long as i can. those rush yards
  5. I drafted cam newton. dropped him a few weeks back. needed to move on. currently rostered are stafford (bye) and josh allen. not looking good for allen this week w concky and tough matchup. i can grab brissett vs KC or murray vs cin off waivers. who is my best bet? thanks
  6. mont71

    galloday or gallup?

    galloday or alshon?
  7. mont71

    galloday or gallup?

    Im going with gallup then!!!! lets go
  8. mont71

    Final All Out Blitz of the season

    Hi, I do not trust jared cook anymore. i can replace him with eric ebron. your thoughts? Thanks
  9. given their week 15 performances, my finals team is very fortunate. faced antonio brown, burkhead, gb def, and some other duds. qb: wilson wr: baldwin, fitz, diggs RB: bell, drake TE: cook Flex: Kupp DEF: DEN bench: woodhead, duke johnson, hogan, rod the bod smith, DET DEF, KC DEF tho for my week 16 liney im gonna replace kupp and denver with someone else and KC...and thinking of replacing cook w ebron i won 109 to 93, by the way. lucky as F. but i was the first place team w an 11-2 record. 12 team ppr
  10. mont71

    How about Denver D vs. Indy?

    do you think Den DEF v indy is better than Det at home v chicago? detroit had 1 sack and fumble rec TD against chicago in week 11
  11. mont71

    Rivers vs ryan

    W julio out... Is rivers vs den a better start than ryan in the dome?
  12. mont71

    Mark Ingram

    ingram ran a guy over for his second TD. just bulldozed him eh. I was fist pumping on my couch. im lookin for him to run the clock out against cleveland week 2.
  13. mont71

    MJD, Lee, Boykin, Miller in Flex

    Thank you sir for the advice. worked out nicely.
  14. mont71

    Marquis Lee

    Whats the deal with this guy? cecil shorts out. is lee the #1 guy? is he a better ppr start than mark ingram?