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  1. Looks to possibly be season ending. I like Jimmy but I was also interested to see what Lance could do as the season went on and he settled down https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/18/report-trey-lance-is-expected-to-have-season-ending-ankle-surgery/
  2. I feel bad for the guy. Glad Jimmy wanted to stay with us!
  3. vino

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    AJ Brown. For doing so well last week that I plugged you in for DK. smh
  4. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    You're assuming that it's "mental illness." And while I'm glad we consider mental illness first without jumping on him purely for possibly being a dumbass, my comment isn't favoring either of those, I'm purely speaking of his actions on and off the field, I don't believe he's on track for the HOF. I have no stigma regarding mental illness, I deal with it as well.
  5. vino

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    A major FU to ME. At the last second I took out Rashaad Penny for Swift in one league and replaced Buffalo (Chicago on bench) for Tampa D in another.
  6. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    this reminds me of the T.O. days. But no, I think Brown walked himself out of any HoF talk. But, who knows.
  7. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    yeah, I have a good feeling this was his last stop. I think he knew going off the field that he was done with football
  8. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    that's what I want to know. I've heard NOTHING on that yet
  9. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    Next year? I'm thinking more like next WEEK. lol.
  10. vino

    Antonio Brown lost it

    man, the dude definitely makes it hard to root for him.. smh
  11. vino

    QB help....2 leagues...rank 3 QBs

    yeah, I'm going to have to agree there too. Brady sits
  12. vino

    Championship: Burrow or Hurts?

    I'm going to have to say Burrow. I know KC's def has picked up their game but this just smells shootout. Hurts is a decent option but the upside of the Cinci vs KC game is to much for me to pass up, if it were my team.
  13. Yeah, dilemma. lol. A little help please? Tampa vs Jets Buffalo vs Atlanta Chicago vs Giants Atm I have Tampa vs in but I'm torn between that or Buffalo vs Atl. I also have Chicago but I don't think I'll be using them in this league
  14. This one is driving me nuts, I have no real "gut feeling" on this one. Full point PPR league. The rankings say Gerald Everett I'm just not that all excited about the weather in Seattle tomorrow. I've used the other 2 guys a few times and they've been alright, not bad. Gerald Everett Pat Feriermuth Foster Moreau Cole Kmet (on ww) Bonus question if you have a "feeling" here: Flex - I have Swift in there but also have DK, Marquis Brown, Rashad Penny on the bench. Kind of thinking Penny here but man Swift is a ppr gem. Just worried about his work load.
  15. vino

    Jets at Colts: TNF Discussion

    man, the guy doesn't play a single snap for 3 years and gets hurt before the second half. That's really too bad, I feel for him. It's just my luck in fantasy this year in that league, doesn't surprise me there at all. lol