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  1. how many teams in your league? I'm just curious, seeing as how he's rolling with Browning in the ship
  2. vino

    Flex WR help!

    congrats on Ceedee's night man!
  3. vino

    Flex WR help!

    yeah, now that Ceedee just went off I might have to try Reed or something for a higher ceiling.. grrr.. Freakin Ceedee.
  4. vino

    Flex WR help!

    how the heck do you have that kind of roster? lol.. Nice Dynasty moves, wow. Ugh, right off the bat I feel Puka. But, I might be leaning a bit more towards Olave given the matchup. I think Olave is a solid play.
  5. You and Weepaws are thinking along the same lines as I. Godwin has a decent floor, low ceiling, but you can trust him for points Agreed with the trust factor. Godwin has a mid floor and low ceiling imo. But, man, he has a better floor than all 3. My opponent has JJ, Kyren, Ceedee, Evans, and Hurts. I may have taken the total points award in our league but his players have come together at the perfect time. I'm not worried about my ability to score points, I'm more worried about how many points I'll need against him. lol. Gotta love FF. Let's turn this into "who's do you think will score the most points from these 3?"
  6. I dropped Godwin midway through the season and so it's killing me that I'm actually considering him again.. My opponent has Evans so it would fantastic to have Godwin outperform him in the ship. I just don't trust him. But, then again, he's had a couple decent weeks in a row. lol. Half PPR. What are your feelings telling you? Godwin Zay Flowers Jayden Reed (no Watson and he's fully practiced)
  7. vino

    Need opinions on fairness issue

    Back to your question with a bit more info, and this is just my opinion. But, that's a very slippery slope and can be a rabbit hole if you will. That is not something spelled out in my leagues BUT my leagues have been going on for years and we ALL know how juvenile that kind of move is. Not a single player in my leagues would have any issues placing those players back on his roster. The GM of the league can also send out an email that none of those players are allowed to be picked up (to protect the integrity of the game). And ban the player that did this, imo. Your GM can take a few different roads here but, at MINIMUM, I think he should reach out to the other teams and let them know what he thinks, as the GM. It's not his duty to regulate everything, but this is just too on the nose.
  8. vino

    Need opinions on fairness issue

    I can't say what a comm can and can't do, never been one, but that is absolute BS! That's a chicken sht move and, imo, should be forced back onto his team. If anything, block from playing in next year's draft.
  9. vino

    who to start ppr

    This doesn't matter..... It does NOT matter if your opponent has an offensive weapon against your QB or if you have an offensive weapon on the same team as the other QB Start who you think will score the most FF points, always.
  10. vino

    Half PPR, need 2. Swift, Henry, Reed

    The 2 upsides I think, for me, with Swift is that he's playing the Giants this week and so they probably won't need Gainwell as much and he's coming up on his first ever 1000 yard season so I can see them feeding him the ball, especially since Hurts hasn't been playing like he normally does. I think there's an argument for both of those guys over Swift. I don't know if I would start KW over him but I'd probably start Puka over him. Kenneth, I'd go with your gut. I've had Swift all season and took the league in points and wins so I'm kind of in the mode of "ride or die with who got you there."
  11. vino

    Tough one for PPR - TE

    That's what I've been doing with them
  12. vino

    Tough one for PPR - TE

    Honestly, for me, I think it would depend on my lineup. I think Hock is pretty secure in getting his ppr catches but I think Sam has a higher ceiling. I have both in one league and Sam consistently scored a ton more points but has had a few more under 10 point games.
  13. vino

    Carr vs rams??

    ouch.. I'd go Carr out of those 3 but not 100% confident, even though I'm a Fresno State homer. But starting either of those over Carr hurts my soul. I can't trust the other QBs for points.
  14. any thoughts as to why you'd go Denver over Cleveland if Stroud isn't playing?
  15. vino

    Play off help

    I'm not big on Russ at all this week considering there's going to be snow and I just think there's a good chance it's low-scoring. However, all of my sources still have Russ outscoring the rest of whom you mentioned. Carr might be there, especially with Olave possibly being there. That's a hard one though. There's no way I'd sit Kelce. I know what you're saying but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Kyren for sure. You're 2nd, personally, I'd roll with Etienne.