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  1. vino

    Carson or McCoy?

    this is a hard dilema. I would probably go Carson all the way. Mb Penny plays and gets a lot of carries but Carson gets goal lines? Mccoy, who knows how long he'll play, if he gets injured, and Darrell Williams is getting some hype. I'd prob go Carson on the safe side. imo. But by slim margins.
  2. vino


    I have more faith in Melvin than Henry, but mb that's because I've seen Henry bomb for a few years? Who's left on your ww for QB? Daniel Jones, Brisset, etc? Honestly, if it was for me, I'd trade and possibly use Melvin over Leveon at times. Again, no idea if you're ppr or standard or of any receivers you have. But I'd do it just from what you posted. Only because I trust Melvin over Henry (and mb that's just a personal experience) situation. Not many details given on your roster and starting positions.
  3. vino

    Short bench who do I drop

    ugh, I have Gordon too. I'm starting Mclaurin over him THIS week. Mclaurin's injury has been espn downplayed (chillin at practice) and Gordon, who knows atm, lol. Right now, I'd just start Gordon over a somewhat empty bench.
  4. vino

    Short bench who do I drop

    Hyde or Fuller. Kenny is taking away from fuller and Hyde has been avg. I'd probably drop Fuller over Hyde, only because Hyde is their #1 atm.
  5. vino

    Give up D Hop????

    not at all, Hopkins is top tier, keep him
  6. I'm just curious on what your thoughts are. I'd give up Terry Mclaurin (I have him in 2 other leagues, so) and Golden Tate (who knows what he'll do with Shepard there) and get Allen Rob and Josh Gordon. I wouldn't have second guessed it if Antonio were still there, but he's not and Gordon is pretty nice atm. I'm an Allen fan but not Trubisky. I have some leverage in "time" with this guy, so I thought I'd post here to see what you guys think? If you respond and have a "why" answer, please say it, rather than "do it," "don't do it." thanks! ps. I can get Sammy Watkins in the trade for one of the other two, but meh. Imo
  7. vino

    Cam Newton

    Without reading everyone's comments, I haven't seen him dropped in 4 of my leagues, though I hold him in 2. I'm not sure who's on your ww to replace, so it's hard to answer. So, for me, that sums it up, I would drop him if the right QB was available. I'm def not all in our Cam like I used to be, with his inability to run this year. I'm holding onto him but I'm also looking to drop or trade him if the right QB is there. He's not a must own.
  8. vino

    Value of Daniel Jones?

    I'm dropping Garoppolo for him. Not a big stretch, Garoppolo is on a bye. Is he better than Kyler, who knows, Daniel's ran one game? They run two different offenses. I think if they switched offenses, neither would be good. But after one week, who the heck knows. It's all about taking a chance at this point. You have an idea of 3 games with Kyler and one with Jones. Flip your coin. Same with with Jones vs Allen atm. Both of them have made their TE and WR look better after one game
  9. vino

    PPR- mixon for adams??

    You have a solid WR layout but I would do that. Adams will get his. It's a 50/50 trade, sort of. You are solid at WR but I believe Adams will become your #1. Your first 2 RB are decent enough, but after that you're needing. But I'd def do the trade and buy Adams low, as I'm sure he thinks he's getting Mixon low. I think the Bengals will run Mixon but need to catch up most of their season. Grab Adams, imo. Is he desperate for Mixon? Both are low buys, you might be able to pull an RB out of him, with it, if he has one worth it. But adams is > mixon atm .
  10. vino

    Is it time to drop newton

    Watch TY Hilton's status up in the air. I also have Newton in 2 leagues, unfortunately. If Indy is healthy I'd go Brissett (I am). I wouldn't go Keenum or Trubisky over Newton atm, as a backup, especially because they will still be there tomorrow. I MIGHT go Allen (I'm in the same situation) but I need another showing of his skills if I have to drop Cam. For me, I'd pick up Jones before Allen if I had to this week. If Ty is healthy, I'd pick up Brissett before Winston. Winston is just too darn inconsistent, for me. He doesn't have a big break until Nov 10 against Arizona and none of his schedule before that has any type of shootout.
  11. vino

    is Gallman worth a WW priority spot?

    I agree. Unless Hyde is dealing with an injury unlisted, CJ is a similar RB. There's a chance they're trying him out to back up Hyde, but there's also a chance that they feel that they have seen Hyde's ceiling. Idk. But I'm curious, because I like Hyde.
  12. ugh, I feel you with Cam, I have him in 2 leagues and I'm picking up ww picks over him. I like JJ. I would counter, imo. Give up Cam and and Gordon and see what he'll do. Or Cam and Montgomery, and mb a WR? The guy is proposing a decent trade, imo, but I wouldn't do that one, I'd counter ( you know him/her better than I do as far as accepting a counter). Bottom line, Russ is 100% an upgrade to Cam. But don't give up your Josh for him atm.
  13. I wouldn't. Goff is decent enough to get more. I get that you might not be starting Goff but Mostert is in a 3x timeshare, so no upgrade there really. I don't know your TE situation so I can't comment there. But, the way I feel is, Goff deserves a bigger trade and if you trade him for Bench players you're just going to end up facing him for nothing on the $. Now, if you WANT Goff to face you, go for it. lol. I agree with Weepaws.
  14. vino

    A. Brown or Breida? full ppr

    emmanuel sanders? Ouch! I feel you there. I don't know your squad but, after week 1, I might have benched him too. I feel ya.
  15. pure guessing, but I'm going to say Jones does. Keenum hasn't been half bad and I think the Giants drew up enough favoritism for Jones during the preseason.