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  1. I don't know why I didn't even think about those places, smh, but both of those have the row of scores up top which I've been looking for . Good call, I'll test them out tomorrow. Now, the score app isn't something I've heard of. I appreciate the recommendation, I'll take a look!
  2. Random question, I know. I need to use a scoreboard website to track the games each weekend. I used Fox's scoreboard for years but then that got all mucked up either last year or the year before when they revamped their site. Scores being wrong, resetting, etc etc, just problem after problem. I used google's scoreboard this weekend which wasn't, bad but no frills. I'm just wondering if anyone has any goto nfl scoreboard websites that I should check out? Sites where they show which team might be in the redzone are nice, visuals for scores so you notice them, etc.
  3. vino

    Bears at Rams: SNF Discussion

    man, if Coop isn't Stafford's fav.. Coop was the first look before it went to Woods. I underrated Kupp this year.
  4. vino

    Who will be the hot WW pick up next week?

    ^ this. I can't say that with much conviction just yet but yeah, why not? lol. Frackin Mostert in 2 leagues. smh.
  5. I definitely see Goff in his sister's photo. lol. Brady's sisters though, idk, that photoshopped version resembles him a bit more I think. and yeah, it's quite creepy, lol . I've seen it done before for other "stars" but these were much better done imo.
  6. My apologies if this shouldn't be posted, feel free to delete. I just thought it was hilariously accurate. Some designer turned all of the top QBs into their female counterpart. lol. https://autooverload.com/nfl-quarterbacks-as-women/
  7. ugh, just saw this on Tiki and Tierney.. This was just too bad. Yeah, he was a stud in FF for quite a while. Man. No cause of death revealed yet but CTE crossed my mind too.
  8. vino

    Akers taking over?

    I'm kicking myself for starting Elliot over Akers, smh
  9. vino

    Taysom Hill as a TE still?

    I should have known it was in that article. I obviously saw it when it dropped but never read further down. Perfect though, that explains it all. Thanks again!
  10. vino

    Taysom Hill as a TE still?

    Yeah, that seems really strange to me that he hasn't made any moves since then either. But ok, at least I have an idea of how it might have went down. I'll take a look at his roster for a couple of weeks, see if that's the case, just out of curiosity. Much appreciated bud!
  11. I tried to do a search, it seems obvious this has been brought up before, but nada. So feel free to point me to the thread it's at if there is one. But, in ESPN, I thought Taysom was moved to QB only? I'm probably late to the party, none of my leagues are $ this season so I've slacked a bit, but I noticed this past week a team had him plugged into their TE spot. I didn't realize that was still possible, unless our GM has to make the change? Thanks in advance and apologies if this was already brought up!
  12. vino

    Ravens at Steelers: WAF Discussion

    damn, what luck, too bad. Thanks for the update
  13. vino

    Ravens at Steelers: WAF Discussion

    What happened with Griffin? I was busy working on something, came back to the game and now he's out
  14. vino

    Joe Burrow knee injury

    Beautiful, thank you sir! I hadn't seen that yet.
  15. vino

    Joe Burrow knee injury

    Yeah, I don't think it's good for boyd and higgins at all. So, since I have the Bengals QB and the Saints QB and espn labeled Taysom a TE only, I'm going to have to roll with Wentz and Dalton/Flacco/Finley in our 2 QB league. smh.