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  1. Sosinski

    Who is your 'Mr. Irrevelant' 2019?

    Eifert in the 16th. If healthy it will work.
  2. Lamar Jackson will have the most rushing touchdowns this season.
  3. Sosinski

    What are the best stacks this year?

    How about Antonio Brown and Big Ben?
  4. Sosinski

    Taylor Gabriel

    Starting him over DT with Paxton in.
  5. Has Norman fallen off so much that a qb turned wr is such an atomic weapon. The browns have one dynamic threat and a few short yardage receiving/rushing options. Why won't Washington take away pryor and make the browns more predictable?
  6. Sosinski

    K White with Hoyer

    Hoyer is a chucker and White has the jets (supposedly). Could this be just what the doctor ordered? White is rumored to be running a simplified route tree and what is simpler than a go route. Couldn't be worse than Cutler.
  7. Sosinski

    Cam or Dalton in Week 1?

    Tonight should be a low scoring affair with high potential for Carolina D scoring a TD. Broncos allowed over 20 points six times last season and over 30 only once. Bengals scored over 20 thirteen times last season and over 30 eight times. Conservative is Dalton with a mid floor and ceiling and aggressive would be Cam with a low floor and slightly higher ceiling. For what it's worth I benched Cam for Winston.
  8. Sosinski

    Pick top 2 Leading Scorers Week 1

    Qb Wilson Ryan Rb Elliot Matthews Wr Beckham Brown Te Gates Reed D Den Sf K Sebass The guy in pit
  9. Mostly between Cam and Reed. It is a 10 team .5 PPR, all touchdowns are 6pts and there is a 3-4 point bonus for TDs over 40 yrds. Cam is a potential SB hangover candidate and Reed is a injury waiting to happen. Langford looks good this preseason. I am a big fan of Gordon but the latest hype is pushing his adp up by the minute and getting him in the 8th or 9th does not seem likely. My other keeper will be OBJ in the third. Any advise is welcome. Thanks.
  10. Sosinski

    How Does Your League Do Waivers?

    We start the season in the inverse of the draft order and throughout the season you are moved to last priority each time you make a claim. All players clear waivers on Thursday.
  11. Sosinski

    West, White or Shoelace

    Timeshare vs Patriot vs Hurt Hoof. Can't decide which to throw in for the Championship. Thought Chark all week but Ware is causing second thoughts. Anybody have a suggestion?
  12. Sosinski

    Who are you benching and who are you starting? Week-3

    Mariota over Bradford and D.Johnson over D.Martin
  13. Sosinski

    Week 1 Injuries

    McCown out. Manziel in.
  14. Scott Chandler. 5 catches and 2 touchdowns.
  15. Sosinski

    Keeper advice

    I am in a league with .5ppr and 6pts for all TDs. We have yardage bonus which may skew these numbers slightly. Here is how these players looked last year Greg Olsen - 6 games with less than 10 points 1 game over 20 pts - 4th ranked TE @ 178.8 points in the second tier with Gates (188.6), Graham(187.4) and Bennett (176.6) - Last year was his best year in the NFL but has been consistently solid for 3 years Jordan Matthews - 9 games with less than 10 points (Maclin had 7) - 3 games with over 20 (Maclin had 4(1 over 30 and 1 over 40)) - Finished 27th ranked WR (Maclin was 8th) Cam Newton - 10 Games under 20 pts - 2 games over 35 pts - Finished 17th ranked QB at 286 pts (below Kaepernick (298.7) and above Dalton (269.1)) - Has scored 40 to 50 less points per season since 2011 which would trend him at 246 which is the projection in the Derek Carr range Matthews is the best option. Strong potential for top 10 WR stats if you assume the defection of Maclin will improve his situation.