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  1. JohnD.

    Who is starting Conner this week?

    I am but I'm super sketchy about it. I think he falls right back into his old role as Snell hasn't been anything to get excited about. Conner gives them more versatility when on the field.
  2. JohnD.

    "Radio" Raheem Mostert

    Wish this had happened earlier in the season so he could be picked up and watched prior to depending on him in your lineup
  3. JohnD.

    Ump walks out on little league game

    You won't regret it. I coached my son from t-ball all the way up to high level select travel ball 18U and I miss it. You will have a-hole parents (and kids) to deal with but 90% of the time it was a blast. Don't need to be super strict as a coach. You lay down the rules early as far as practice day expectations, pre game expectations, etc and let the boys know that they will make mistakes and that's fine but don't turn mistakes into bad habits. If you joke with the kids and have fun while making sure that they are learning and putting all that practice to use then the parents and the players will have a good season.
  4. JohnD.

    Ump walks out on little league game

    I'm out in the sticks so I get 55-60$ if I'm Center ref or I get 45-50$ if I run the AR (sideline ref). Higher level play, bigger schools, offers more typically. Some schools still pay you cash but most have moved on to Arbiter Pay around here so you pay taxes on it. I'm getting certified to do club ball in the spring and they all pay cash.
  5. JohnD.

    Ump walks out on little league game

    I started reffing high school soccer this year. Absolutely eye opening in terms of parents and the way they act. My son just graduated so I've been guilty of getting on some refs but some of the things I've seen and heard this year is unbelievable. I knew some parents were a bit crazy but I had no idea the amount of stupid that came out of some peoples mouths.
  6. JohnD.

    The Mutation of RoJo into DJ is almost complete.

    I'm scared to flex him this week. Saints D is legit
  7. JohnD.

    AJ Green Is it time

    Check out Erickson. A few weeks of solid production. Now he has a young QB that might not be comfortable throwing down field. I see lots of check downs to the shifty slot WR.
  8. JohnD.

    AJ Green Is it time

    I'm at 7-2, leading our league and I have DHop on a bye..... all aboard the AJ train this week.
  9. ha...huuuhhahaaahhahahhhaaaaa.........this from a Cincy homer.
  10. JohnD.

    Al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) catches a bullet in Syria

    You two annoying whining ass little b!tches should give it a rest... Good lord... grow up.
  11. JohnD.

    Weight when you grad HS vs Now

    6'3" 170 lbs out of high school 6'5" 220ish right now
  12. JohnD.

    Unsubscribing to junk emails?

    You can still look at your spam folder. It will just keep the other mess of them out of your regular inbox.
  13. JohnD.

    Unsubscribing to junk emails?

    Just put the word "Unsubscribe" in your spam filter and they will dump straight into there.
  14. JohnD.

    Side hustles

    No but I've been doing lots of Varsity girls games and I get to watch them "flop around"
  15. My grandfather suffered from Celiac disease. Came on without warning in his late 60's. He lost like 50lbs for no reason and they did a bunch of testing before they figured it out. Once he got his diet straight he went right back to normal.