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    Davante Adams vs MIN or DJAX @ CHI?

    I have Adams too and voted for him on your poll. However, I'm nervous because he's hit or miss week to week. The questions is: Which Adams will we get against the vikes defense? But based on your other options and matchups I guess Adams. Maybe Watkins if you want to hit the homerun
  2. Jgunz12

    Flex help

    Crab & Thomas: As you said, I don't like putting everything into one game and Crab will give you a decent floor with potential for higher as Colts/Raiders could be a shootout. I'm okay with Gates, but I would go Bennet next playing the lowly jets D. Just consider that SD could be running a lot. Flex: I'd get Cooks in there if you're looking for that home run.
  3. Jgunz12

    WR start - need 3

    Crabtree vs colts d Adams vs vikes d Jeffrey vs washington d Inmann vs browns d Mitchell vs jets d Moncrief vs raiders d .25 ppr
  4. Jgunz12

    Lineup help, first time reaching the champs!

    No to Diggs! Vikings are inept at throwing the ball and Diggs is somewhat banged up and going against the pack D which as been great lately. QB: I don't trust Wilson. Stafford. RB's: DJ obviously & Farrow against a pitiful browns defense or Gordon if he goes. WR's: Evans & Landry Flex: Wallace is due for a big one and Ravens will be throwing a lot against the Steelers.
  5. Jgunz12

    QB and RB question tonight

    QB: Colin Kaep or Eli Manning tonight? RB: T. West vs. Pitt , Gillislee vs Dolphins, or Perkins tonight. I'm already rolling McCoy.
  6. Jgunz12

    Giants DST or Packers DST?

    You're thinking sounds spot on. I'm in the same situation and i'm going with the pack. I just thinking that the vikings are that bad and the pack having been getting turnovers lately.
  7. It's down to Mitchell and Jeffrey. Mitchell will get some looks but I think Jeffrey gets more.
  8. Jgunz12

    For the Trophy

    Inmann and Gabriel for sure. Winston. Don't trust Wilson in the championship
  9. Jgunz12

    Week 16

    Inmann and your second is between Dez or Watkins in my opinion. Carr has been too shaky lately for Cooper to excel, Green going against a tough Texans secondary, and that leaves you with Dez or Watkins. Both Dez and Watkins are at home. But maybe the Bills will have to throw a lot to catch up which could benefit Watkins? Or maybe you stick with your stud, Dez, just because he's Dez. I'm taking Winston over Mariotta. I do like Winston's matchups a bit better. Jaguars secondary and d is a lot better than most think. Then they get the Texans who will be playing tough to secure a playoffs spot and are already good.
  10. Jgunz12

    Championship Starting WR's

    league #1: Hill & CJ (if he goes). CJ gets the looks and I think he's due for a td with Savage in there. league #2: Brown, Walker, Cooks, Murray, Ware
  11. Jgunz12

    Start 3 WRs! WHIR!

    No to Ted Ginn. Yes Lockett, Cooks, and Jeffrey. Maybe it's because i don't play with pts. for return yards, but upon further review, Carolina has the least amount of yards / return for kickoffs and they are in the lower 3rd for kick off return attempts. Their punt returns are in the middle, but I don't think Atlanta will be punting much.
  12. Jgunz12

    Couple of questions for the chamion ship

    Agree with the above post exactly.
  13. Jgunz12

    Flex help- TY Montgomery?

    Blount goes against the Jets. Mont is good, but i'll take blount for 50 yards and 2 td's.
  14. Jgunz12


    Yes, Manning. Agree though, a tough one to predict though.
  15. Jgunz12

    Defense SD or GB

    Was thinking the same thing. Either one is a good choice and were probably talking a difference of a point or 2 with the exception of a td. With that said, although I love the matchup for San diego against an awful Browns defense, i prefer the Pack simply becuase they're at home, they're getting interceptions as of late, and they're going against the awful Vikes D. Browns are at home sooooo. Good luck.