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  1. Alias Detective

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

    White Christians are among the most targeted group of people. It’s time we stand together...wait, that’s white pride or white nationalism - we can’t stand together.
  2. Alias Detective

    Is OldMaid Gone Now?

  3. Alias Detective

    Happy 4/20 geeks!

    I’ve got em.
  4. Alias Detective

    Charlize Theron raising her adopted boy as a girl.......

    Who changed the diapers?
  5. Alias Detective


    What’s it about?
  6. Alias Detective

    Interesting baseball stat.

    Two retards and a smart guy. I’ll let you decide who’s who.
  7. Alias Detective

    Tis a shame

    I don’t see the toothpaste getting put back in the tube. It’s only going to get worser.
  8. Alias Detective

    Notre Dame on Fire

    You profess to know why religion was NOT created thus I assumed you knew why it was and it’s rightful creator should be given the the credit. Easy peasy.
  9. How would you propose doing this? Reduce the time between picks or tone down the pomp and circumstance?
  10. Alias Detective

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Who “created” religion and for what reason?
  11. Alias Detective

    Veterans: Anyone do Space-A vacations?

    Its awesome helping Veterans. Hope it works out for you all.
  12. Alias Detective

    I know what I want as my retirement job

    I want to mow fairways in exchange for a family membership with cart and unlimited balls for the range.
  13. Alias Detective

    The Moulthrop Family of Wooturners

  14. Alias Detective

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    Thanks Ed. Yes, keep the money in the till for the next 3 tourneys. Thanks much!
  15. Alias Detective

    Trump wanted to release illegals into sanctuary cities

    How many illegal immigrants can a sanctuary city hold? I mean, if they are good for some they should be good for all who can fit. if there are too many to fit, ship them to another sanctuary city. Who has has a problem with this?