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  1. Alias Detective

    It's gone too damn far now. Wonder Years reboot

    Lee Daniels, no thanks.
  2. All financial related. Nothing handy at all.
  3. Alias Detective

    How to obtain military vet files?

    Without googling. What does VFW stand for?
  4. When will calling an African colored person black be cancelled?
  5. Shut your mouth. How about play basketball and leave politics out. Better?
  6. Alias Detective

    President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

    Not just people. It’s a specific faction of people. Think of the characteristics of those folks.
  7. Alias Detective

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  8. Alias Detective

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    I’m playing a $12 single entry for the fun of it. I picked guys who hopefully can make the cut. We shall see.
  9. Alias Detective

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Where you get to pick 7?
  10. Alias Detective

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Seems cheap.....
  11. Alias Detective

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Sabbatini Poston Redman Glover Hadwin Gordon
  12. Alias Detective

    What’s for dinner?

    Looks phenomenal.
  13. Alias Detective

    Gaming PC build for the next several years.

    The $130 difference item would be a $90 difference with the $40 savings on the 2070 versus the 2060.
  14. Alias Detective

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Wtf was that ?