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  1. Da Bomb

    Jimmy Johnson contestant on Survivor

    lets not miss the real news here -- does this mean we dont have to put up with jimmy all football season? cuz if it does, im willing to take that hit.
  2. Da Bomb

    ***Official LOST Season 6 thread***

    What a season! Wish I had been part of this 54 page disaster haha.
  3. Da Bomb

    Nicks..Is he a #1 FF WR this year?

    Hakeem Nicks will finish among the top 10 WRs this year in standard scoring leagues. HTH.
  4. Da Bomb

    IBL - It's time!

    What is this league? It sounds fun.
  5. Da Bomb

    Draft Summaries and breakdowns

    Clash of the Titans 8.12 Carson Palmer, QB CIN 9.01 Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT 1.01 Adrian Peterson, RB MIN 2.12 Ronnie Brown, RB MIA 6.12 Jamal Lewis, RB CLE 10.12 Ahmad Bradshaw, RB NYG 3.01 Anquan Boldin, WR ARI 4.12 Santonio Holmes, WR PIT 5.01 Eddie Royal, WR DEN 7.01 Torry Holt, WR JAX 11.01 Plaxico Burress, WR FA 12.12 Jeremy Shockey, TE NO I very much liked what you did with this team the way it turned out. Honestly I thought you waited too long when you skipped QB at 7.1, but I can't believe the combo you ended up with at the 8/9 turn. Legitimately I think I'd be just as happy with those two as I am with Peyton. I liked the Lewis pick a lot, very solid RB3 type. You know I don't like Ronnie Brown at all, or I'd love the RB group. Bradshaw was a fantastic find late in the draft, and so was Plax. Broke my heart with those two picks. I like what you did at WR with the 3/4/5 set, just didn't care for those guys in particular. I think the one thing I definitely would've changed was using that 7th round pick on a better TE or QB. You are gonna be scraping by at TE probably, and Holt is sort of overkill when you have 3 of the top 49 players as starting WRs. I can't justify taking a WR4 that early in any draft. Overall, like the team a lot. remote controller 5.02 Donovan McNabb, QB PHI 11.02 Jake Delhomme, QB CAR 1.02 Matt Forte, RB CHI 4.11 Darren McFadden, RB OAK 8.11 Felix Jones, RB DAL 9.02 Darren Sproles, RB SD 2.11 Greg Jennings, WR GBP 3.02 Roddy White, WR ATL 6.11 Santana Moss, WR WAS 10.11 Dominic Hixon, WR NYG 7.02 Greg Olsen, TE CHI 12.11 Brent Celek, TE PHI I really like the look of how this team turned out, even if I wasn't always a fan of how you got here. I won't be the one taking Forte at 2, but that's me. And we've talked about the McNabb pick quite a bit already. Fact is you were going to see a big drop at QB, you knew it, and you made the pick you had to. If the pick said Warner or Romo instead, I wouldn't have disliked it so much I suppose. I like the Jennings/White combo, and I like Olsen at TE even if you took him before a couple guys I'd have taken as safer bets. It's a very young team with all sorts of upside, so long as McNabb and Delhomme don't repeat last year's awful performances. The RB2 would worry me a little. I'm not normally a big cuff guy, but without a real RB3, I think getting Mike Bush was important here. Loved the late Sproles pick (would've been my pick otherwise), and ditto with Hixon. Very nice overall. Da Bomb 3.03 Peyton Manning, QB IND 12.10 Brett Favre, QB FA 1.03 Maurice Jones-Drew, RB JAX 2.10 Marion Barber III, RB DAL 9.03 Willis McGahee, RB BAL 10.10 Chester Taylor, RB MIN 4.10 Chad Ochocinco, WR CIN 6.10 Lee Evans, WR BUF 7.03 Anthony Gonzalez, WR IND 8.10 Steve Breaston, WR ARI 11.03 Chris Henry, WR, CIN 5.03 Antonio Gates, TE SDC A lot of times in mocks like this, I end up fairly unhappy with my result. Not so with this one. I actually love the team and wouldn't trade it for any of the others (shocking I'm sure). I was very happy with my RB pair to start and then decided to roll the dice by taking Peyton early, a strategy I don't try much. I still saw QBs later I'd have been happy with but think it worked out well based on the guys I got later. Throughout the draft at least half the picks I felt like I *had* to have Player X before a big drop off hurt my team... but I always got Mr. X and it just worked out this time. I can't see myself taking a stud QB and stud TE in the top 5 rounds normally, but it worked out here. The WRs obviously are the weak spot, but I feel I have two strong WR2s and two strong WR3s, and then all four of them have a shot at big upside if they hit. This is a team I could definitely go to war with. Noted that I'd be looking to pickup Tashard Choice and would've taken him at 12.10 if the draft was longer, as he is the cuff I want with MB3 (not Felix). Ace08 8.09 Matt Schaub, QB HOU 10.09 Trent Edwards, QB BUF 2.09 Brandon Jacobs, RB NYG 4.09 Pierre Thomas, RB NOS 7.04 Lendale White, RB TEN 9.04 LeSean McCoy, RB PHI 1.04 Larry Fitzgerald, WR ARI 3.04 Marques Colston, WR NOS 5.04 DeSean Jackson, WR PHI 11.04 Percy Harvin, WR MIN 12.09 Deion Branch, WR SEA 6.09 Kellen Winslow, TE TBB I can tell you and I must just be polar opposites as far as players we like and target. Not much more I can say than that other than you have a roster full of guys who won't be on most of my teams this year. I still disagree strongly with Fitz at 1.4, and I don't like Colston at 3.4 off the knee surgery either. You ended up doing well to go RB where you did and have a pretty solid trio there, just again guys I don't like a lot. I think the DeSean pick in the 5th is a pretty solid gamble for your team, and I can't fault the Winslow pick where you got him. I think my favorite pick was Edwards in the 10th and I wouldnt be surprised to see him start over Schaub by midseason. Not a team I'd end up with, but can't fault the strategy, just not guys I like a lot on the whole. Jetdoc 5.05 Kurt Warner, QB ARI 10.08 David Garrard, QB JAX 1.05 Michael Turner, RB ATL 4.08 Knowshon Moreno, RB DEN 6.08 Jonathan Stewart, RB CAR 9.05 Jerious Norwood, RB ATL 2.08 Steve Smith, WR CAR 3.05 Dwayne Bowe, WR KCC 7.05 Lance Moore, WR NOS 8.08 Derrick Mason, WR BAL 12.08 Isaac Bruce, WR SFO 11.05 Zach Miller, TE OAK I really like this team a good deal all around, especially all things considered. I honestly don't see a big weakness or a pick I would do a lot different. I'm not a huge Bowe fan that early, but I love his talent. Really like the RB2/RB3 combo, a whole ton of upside there between the two. I'm a huge Moreno supporter. Lance Moore was probably my favorite pick of your draft, and I still wonder if I'd have rather had him than A-Gonz. Warner/Garrard is a very solid QB duo and you didn't even have to invest much. Mason is a perfect reliable WR4. Very strong team across the boards and one I like a lot. Fumbleweed 2.07 Drew Brees, QB NOS 11.06 Matt Cassel, QB KC 1.06 Steven Jackson, RB STL 3.06 Ryan Grant, RB GBP 5.06 Chris Wells, RB ARI 10.07 Earnest Graham, RB TB 4.07 Antonio Bryant, WR TBB 6.07 Bernard Berrian, WR MIN 7.06 Hines Ward, WR PIT 8.07 Ted Ginn Jr, WR MIA 12.07 Miles Austin, WR Dal 9.06 John Carlson, TE SEA A team that looks a lot like one we have all come to expect from you. I knew you'd end up taking a QB in the second, and Brees is a pretty solid value compared to ADP there. I am scared of SJax because he's burned me so many times, but he's definitely the pick there. Love the way the RBs ended up, good mix of upside and reliability. Grant is my favorite pick in the draft I think, just a good solid RB2 there to follow the Brees investment. The WRs leave me feeling a little weak, but that is because I have zero confidence in Bryant to repeat last year. If he does, this will be a very tough team. If he doesn't, you could be left with a lot of borderline WR2/3 types. Berrian was a good pickup there, and Ginn was another pick I liked a lot. Very solid team all around that is similar to mine except that you went with Wells where I took Gates. As with my team, a lot may hinge on that first WR selected performing up to par, and if he does, very tough team to beat. Fantasy King 8.06 Jay Cutler, QB CHI 11.07 Kyle Orton, QB DEN 1.07 Frank Gore, RB SFO 4.06 Marshawn Lynch, RB BUF 5.07 Joseph Addai, RB IND 6.06 Donald Brown, RB IND 9.07 Fred Jackson, RB BUF 2.06 Reggie Wayne, WR IND 7.07 Laverneous Coles, WR CIN 10.06 Jeremy Maclin, WR PHI 12.06 Mark Clayton, WR BAL 3.07 Jason Witten, TE DAL Haha, love that you have both Cutler and Orton just because it's funny to me. The thing that jumps out to me looking at this roster is that you way overinvested at RB with four of your first six picks spent there and still leaving me feeling good but not great there. I have no problem taking Gore, Lynch, and a Colt back, but I'm not sure you could afford to take both... especially when you already used another early pick on Witten. That is a valid pick but it handcuffs your early picks some, and I don't think you carried it out that way. It ended up leaving you weak-ish at QB and extremely weak at WR with a bad WR2 and awful WR3. Sorry don't mean to be harsh, just don't like the way it played out with the early TE and heavy RB investment. I think you'd almost be forced to deal away Witten or Lynch right away for help at WR, in which case WR should maybe have been the pick in the first place. I dunno. Probably my least favorite team just the way it came together. Sorry. JScott 2.05 Tom Brady, QB NEP 9.08 Matt Hasselbeck, QB SEA 3.08 Kevin Smith, RB DET 5.08 Thomas Jones, RB NYJ 7.08 Julius Jones, RB SEA 10.05 Tim Hightower, RB ARI 1.08 Randy Moss, WR NEP 4.05 Vincent Jackson, WR SDC 8.05 Devin Hester, WR CHI 12.05 Kevin Curtis, WR PHI 6.05 Dallas Clark, TE IND 11.08 Vernon Davis, TE, SF You invested pretty much completely in the Brady/Moss connection, and this team looks like an all or nothing to me based on that. You made three nice value picks to get a bunch of Smith and Joneses, boring but solid RB types that should give you three RB2 guys that you can rotate and end up getting solid production. Really don't like the WRs at all after Moss. Not ready yet to buy VJax that high, and I see nothing I can rely on after that. This is a team I don't like much overall, but I think it is because I don't like VJax or Clark, and I'm not ready to bank a whole season on Brady/Moss repeating two years ago. Favorite part about the team is definitely how you ended up using only a 3/5/7 and still getting a very viable RB trio. Patriotsfatboy1 6.04 Tony Romo, QB DAL 11.09 Chad Pennington, QB NYJ 1.09 LaDanian Tomlinson, RB SDC 4.04 Reggie Bush, RB NOS 5.09 Willie Parker, RB PIT 10.04 LeRon McClain, RB BAL 2.04 Andre Johnson, WR HOU 3.09 Terrell Owens, WR BUF 8.04 Michael Crabtree, WR SFO 9.09 Chris Chambers, WR SD 7.09 Owen Daniels, TE HOU 12.04 Heath Miller, TE PIT I like this team quite a bit across the board. Romo was a fantastic value where you got him, and so was FWP. So too was Daniels. Lots of good solid point scorers on that team. I'm not a big fan of Bush (har har), so that was probably my least favorite pick, and I would be terrified at my WR3 with this team but I suppose that's just because i have no confidence in Crab or Chambers. Pretty strong all around team though and all sorts of upside with guys like Romo, LT, Bush, AJ, and TO. Definitely not a team I'd look forward to playing ever. Could destroy anyone any given week. robb 4.03 Aaron Rodgers, QB GBP 12.03 Joe Flacco, QB BAL 1.10 Clinton Portis, RB WAS 5.10 Cedric Benson, RB CIN 8.03 Rashard Mendenhall, RB PIT 9.10 Ray Rice, RB BAL 2.03 Calvin Johnson, WR DET 3.10 Brandon Marshall, WR DEN 6.03 Jerricho Cotchery, WR NYJ 7.10 Donnie Avery, WR STL 11.10 Earl Bennett, WR CHI 10.03 Dustin Keller, TE NYJ Not a team I care much for. Lots of guys that are not much on my radar and picks that were made too early for me. Portis/Benson reeks of danger and downside to me, and there is no RB3 to speak of yet, though I like the late Rice snag. Love Megatron, but he leads a group of WRs that really are the teams only strength. They're good, but not sure they're enough to carry this team to wins each week. IMO other than WR, you are going to be basically equal to or below most teams at other positions. Obviously you would disagree most strongly at QB, where Rodgers is someone you are relying pretty heavily on with such an early investment. I still think you could've gotten someone equal (or better, for me) at 5.10. Your WRs look good as it is, but WR-WR-WR at 2-3-4 would've left a sick trio. I loved the late WR pickups. Avery and Bennett great upside guys. I think you waited a long time at TE and could be scrambling if Keller comes out of the gates slow since you don't really have trade assets outside of Cotchery. Maybe I don't like the players, just not a team I would fear playing out of the gates. Shane Falco 5.11 Philip Rivers, QB SDC 10.02 Eli Manning, QB NYG 1.11 DeAngelo Williams, RB CAR 2.02 Steve Slaton, RB HOU 6.02 Derrick Ward, RB TBB 9.11 Leon Washington, RB NYJ 3.11 Braylon Edwards, WR CLE 4.02 Roy Williams, WR DAL 8.02 Donald Driver, WR GBP 11.11 Hakeem Nicks, WR NYG 12.02 Devery Henderson, WR NO 7.11 Chris Cooley, TE WAS There are too many all or nothing picks on this team for me. Lots of guys who look boom or bust, which means that a couple of them probably hit but another handful miss and leave the team with some big holes. I like the RB trio, and I liked the late Leon pickup as well so you are pretty set there, but not a fan of the WR group at all. Braylon and Roy have all the talent in the world but have no consistency, and I don't see a lot of depth there that can step in if and when Bray or Roy get hurt or suck. Rivers was a good value where you got him, not sure if I believe in him yet but that's personal preference. My favorite picks were Cooley and Leon. Cooley is criminally underrated every year. I also really liked the DeAngelo pickup where you got him. Can't hope for much better at 1.11/2.02 than what you got. I'm in another mock right now and those guys went 5th (Slaton!) and 7th overall. Vikings4ever 7.12 Matt Ryan, QB ATL 11.12 Marc Bulger, QB STL 1.12 Chris Johnson, RB TEN 2.01 Brian Westbrook, RB PHI 5.12 Larry Johnson, RB KCC 10.01 Laurence Maroney, RB NE 3.12 Wes Welker, WR NEP 4.01 TJ Houshmanzadeh, WR SEA 8.01 Kevin Walter, WR HOU 9.01 Nate Burleson, WR SEA 6.01 Tony Gonzalez, TE ATL 12.01 Tony Scheffler, TE DEN Trying to evaluate this team without taking the Westy injury into consideration... It's an average team for me. No real soft spot, but not a lot of upside. The team lacks a potential standout WR1, both Welker and Housh feeling like excellent WR2 types. I get the same feeling with Westy and Johnson, though the #12 pick will do that. Lots of solid picks across the board. Feels like a team that would perform well at its peaks, but there are a lot of guys who have to be at their best to meet their pick value and make this team a top contender. My favorite picks were LJ and Maroney. Actually with this team's makeup after using the two early RB picks, I'm not a fan of using a pick there on RB because of how it cost you a stud QB or good WR3, but I like the value and the Westy injury forced your hand. Love the Maroney upside pick. Good work all around.
  6. Da Bomb

    12th round selections

    12.10 - QB Brett Favretiresoonplease, Minnesota You're shocked, I'm sure.
  7. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    c'mon people, how hard is it to just check in a couple times a day and get this thing over with? we almost finished BEFORE the weekend. should we just skip to the final analysis?
  8. Da Bomb

    12th round selections

    12.5 - WR Kevin Curtis, Philly via comments thread
  9. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    love the bennett pick. one of my favorite sleepers. love the potential vandy connection. i think he could have a good season, but with 0 receptions in his career so far, not sure what his upside really can be.
  10. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    on a more debating note, why IS it that we dont seem to put the same stock into a QB as we do their WRs? example: jay cutler is being drafted as a starter in the 7th and 8th rounds this year. but who is he going to throw the ball to? yes, greg olsen and devin hester did get drafted, but lets be honest here, come on. cutler is going to be a top QB with those guys? meanwhile the guy who is cutler's replacement still sits there in the 11th round. and no, he hasnt been a fantasy star before. but he hasnt had brandon marshall and eddie royal before (and knowshon for that matter). how do we expect all of those guys to be good picks -- marshall and royal in the first five rounds in every draft -- but the qb is not even worth a pick? theres probably other examples, but personally i would rather pass on cutler's arm and draft the guy throwing to his old much better targets. oh, another one is trent edwards who has pretty strong targets but gets no love at all. i dont know how it can go both ways. either evans and TO are busts this year or else edwards has to be at least moderately valuable.
  11. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    forgot about burleson. wow, thats crazy early for him. missed that. didnt know carlson was gone already and was too lazy to look. anyway i actually think hass is a nice sleeper this year and wont be drafting cassel, so im not really sure why im debating. i just was surprised to see him go so late. struck me as "whoa, value" when i saw it.
  12. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    funny you bring up hass. i figured those two would go at about the same spot in the draft. hass has a bad OL, no run game, and housh/?/?.... ok so the other targets are a little better i suppose, but they still havent been drafted yet. ETA - people forget thigpen was a pretty startable fantasy qb last year too. didnt finish in the top 10, but might have if he played all season. course he lost gonzo.
  13. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    wow, has cassel really not been drafted this whole time? i have to admit, i just assumed he must have gone already in about the 8th round. no confidence in the wonder kid? or did everyone else forget him like me?
  14. Da Bomb

    10th, 11th & 12th Round Comments

    great picks with bradshaw, dixon, and plaxico. those were the 3 guys i considered with chester for these two picks. didnt expect them all to go bye bye. is it weird to anyone else that the giants are supposedly the #1 team in the nfc and a super bowl favorite, and yet in our fantasy football draft we just drafted our second giant at the end of the 10th round? how many other teams do we not have two guys drafted from yet, and by "teams" i mean franchises other than oakland?