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  1. Uncle P

    Evaluation Time!

    Even though I felt a little outmatched half the time it was a good league. Looking forward to a healthy Vick and some much needed fresh meat from the rookie draft. The fantasy mags were a year off, right? 2004 is the year Holmes retires and Larry Johnson becomes my teams savior...uhh yeah, anyway. I lik ehte IR roster spot idea...but need some more details on how it would work (When people go on or off IR...i.e. McGahee or Vick this year). The only thing I was thrilled with was the web site...what did we pay for having them host us? If it was realativly cheap or if it's too much of a hassle then I don't mind staying put. Other than that: 1. Good luck to the play off people 2. Go Blue 3. Long live Commish Singman 4. Happy holidays and all that
  2. Uncle P

    Decimal Scoring

    I vote no on changing the rules after the draft...even if the rule wouldn't have affected the way we all drafted, it's the principal. However, if we haven't already we do need to decide the playoff tie breaker. I imagine that'd be a different vote.
  3. Uncle P

    Contact List

    please use pmoreton6@comcast.net for me...thx
  4. Uncle P

    Round 24 Complete!

    Doug Johnson, QB ATL
  5. Uncle P

    Round 23 Complete!

    David Kircus WR Det
  6. Uncle P

    Round 23 Commentary!

    echo, echo
  7. Uncle P

    Round 23 Commentary!

    Maybe tonight for some of us...
  8. Uncle P

    Round 22 Complete!

    Bill Schreoder WR DET
  9. Uncle P

    Round 21 Commentary!

    I totally agree. We all have better things to do than sit and wait in front of a computer, which is the point of frustration here. I try to be respectful of the time of the other 11 people here and I'm asking the same respect back...that's all.
  10. Uncle P

    Round 21 Commentary!

    I don't mind waiting, I really don't. But if you say a time...c'mon
  11. Uncle P

    Round 21 Commentary!

    I'm out...see y'all round 7:00
  12. Uncle P

    Round 21 Complete!

    Craig Nall QB GB
  13. Uncle P

    Round 21 Commentary!

    Has Lou been around at all today?
  14. Uncle P

    Round 20 Commentary!

    Me too...
  15. Uncle P

    Round 20 Complete!

    Seattle D