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  1. This is all a set up to help get Cankles to run for president and protect herself from prosecution. What happened today? The state dept wrapped up their investigation into her private server. Tulsi and Cankles are working together. Don't believe this BS.
  2. 12th Man

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Bad day for Newbs and Worms.
  3. 12th Man

    HT - Autheticity

    So Worms didn’t believe HT. Yet he buys the crap the MSM sells. Poor guy.
  4. 12th Man

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Poor Worms. he’s a useful idiot. The media loves slobs like him.
  5. First honest post of your life. You are correct. Trump is successful and makes money. You are nothing like him.
  6. 12th Man

    Dead Pool update - Elijah Cummings

    That’s a shame. <eating popcorn>
  7. Why don’t your brag about your daughter eating beer mugs in low life bars? Well-done dad! But at least you workout and get laid.
  8. Why do you support totalitarianism?
  9. Newbie will never acknowledge that. Doesn’t fit the narrative he was told to push by Mad Cow Maddow and Little Brian Stelter.
  10. 500,000 were killed over there during the Hussein admin. You were silent. Now you are banging your chest.
  11. It’s a condemnation of Newbie and not the girl moron.
  12. 12th Man

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    No flaws? Obviously your parenting didn’t keep your daughter from eating a beer mug
  13. Since when did lefties become warmongers?
  14. I'm sorry you were a terrible parent and raised a young lady who goes out and eats beer mugs in the wee hours of the morning.