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  1. 12th Man

    No Collusion, No Obstruction

    President Trump is still your president. Have a great day. #MAGA!!
  2. That other board is crazy ! Amirite??
  3. Get the coffee ready for the bosses. Cuck.
  4. 12th Man

    Reparations have begun!!!

    This is bad. Amirite???
  5. 12th Man


    Poor MDC
  6. 12th Man


    No need to lie. But liars like you think everyone lies.
  7. 12th Man


    I’m in the airport. Had some time to kill. You were an easy target.
  8. 12th Man


    What a snobby SOB. F U
  9. These posts are fockin gold!!! Lol
  10. Poor sho off the rails.
  11. Why? Are you expecting some people to do some things?
  12. LOL How many people did he get killed?? Lol
  13. Poor Newbie must be curled up on the floor sucking his thumb.
  14. 12th Man

    Some People Did Something