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  1. nicdolas

    #2 pick PPR torn between

    Bell and DJ Am I splitting hairs with these guys both will catch the ball 60-80 times, difference is Pittsburgh has the better offense overall and can give Bell more space. Cards could be playing a rookie at any moment with Bradford at the helm, My initial feeling is Bell but DJ is creeping up, already know Gurley is going #1
  2. With his bad back and everything love it
  3. Again sorry for the screw ups this year, should have paid better attention and not held all you up so much in the process. No excuses for the shitty handling of my picks
  4. Last two rounds I'm taking two defenses and then I'll upload all the rosters again so we can track for the year
  5. Good call and well deserved picks been made and I went back til round 10 that's how low I had him sorry to completely kill this draft at times
  6. nicdolas

    Round 14 Selections - July PPR Mock 2017

    Re-Pick. Highest ADP RB... 14.07 - RB Jacquizz Rodgers, TB
  7. No jennering here, had two trees cut down and the guy I had paid to do the job has become flakey. Thankfully I only paid half as he only completed half of the work. Also if possible you guys can text if I'm up 484-707-1992
  8. Stump removal got me today didn't even check in on the boards after the dalton pick
  9. nicdolas

    Round 12 Selections - July PPR Mock 2017

    12.07 - QB Andy Dalton, CIN
  10. nicdolas

    Round 11 Selections - July PPR Mock 2017

    11.06 WR - Jordan Matthews, PHI
  11. nicdolas

    ** Round 7 - 10 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2017 **

    I wasn't referring to anything pick related heck I screwed up two Myself timing out etc.. it was more about how quiet it got
  12. nicdolas

    ** Round 7 - 10 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2017 **

    Is anybody out there?
  13. nicdolas

    Round 10 Selections - July PPR Mock 2017

    10.07 - WR Mike Wallace, BAL
  14. nicdolas

    ** Round 7 - 10 Commentary - July PPR Mock 2017 **

    Maybe a reach on decker but the dude just catches passes and should become a favorite target of Mariota
  15. nicdolas

    Round 9 Selections - July PPR Mock 2017

    9.06 WR - Eric Decker, TEN