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  1. We have 5-6 Live Drafts a day all Labor Day Weekend, and every day leading up to the first game on Thursday! Entry fees range from $49 to $2999...we have 3 different starting lineup options from which to choose...and 8, 10, 12 AND 14 team leagues! Looking to get into a draft?! Check us out - www.FantasyHeadquarters.com
  2. Looking for a public fantasy football league, drafting any time of the day and night?? We've got your leagues for you, at FantasyHeadquarters.com! 8, 10, 12 & 14 team leagues. Entry fees ranging from just $49, all the way up to $2999. 3 different starting lineup options! Etc, etc, etc. Plus this is our 11th year providing leagues, so we're a site that's been around and will be around and that you can count on. What are you waiting for, hop on over to our site, and get in a league right now!