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  1. unloopme

    Foot injury for Travis Etienne

    Do you draft him 3rd overall in dynasty and stash?
  2. unloopme

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    Thanks for the thoughts man. Guess I'm hoping that Seahawks fans will give me some more insight on his talent.
  3. unloopme

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    So you think I should flip him for a 3rd if I can?
  4. unloopme

    Carson injured - dirty play?

    Any thoughts on Travis Homer going forward in dynasty? Is he the goods and worth stashing, or should try and snag a 3rd rounder for him from the Carson owner? Is the job his next year as Carson and Hyde are UFA's in 2021? Peny and Homer are UFA's in 2023 btw. I know there's a bunch Seahawks fans here. Thanks!
  5. unloopme

    UPDATE: Tua Time Coming Soon? - Tua In, Fitzpatrick Out

    I actually agree completely. I'm a Phins fan and hope this is being discussed. What I REALLY want to know is why did they dig up Chan Gaileys' corpse?
  6. unloopme

    Kareem Hunt - Sell or Hold?

    Yeah man, 2 1st's was greedy. lol Got an offer for a 2021 First, 2022 Second, and Courtland Sutton.
  7. unloopme

    Kareem Hunt - Sell or Hold?

    I forgot how helpful you can be. Thanks!
  8. unloopme

    Kareem Hunt - Sell or Hold?

    I'm in full rebuild mode in dynasty, with plenty of interest from contenders in Hunt. What type of haul can be expected? I'm looking for 2 first round picks minimum, and a filler to make the contract years work. Thoughts?
  9. unloopme

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    Over payed and started him in both my leagues! Here's to us that rolled with him
  10. unloopme

    Rate My Team

    Your team sucks.
  11. unloopme

    Projections for Kareem Hunt tonight vs. Patriots

    C'mon brah, of course I got lucky. 90% of this game is half mental. I was happy as hell after the 1st TD...that would have been fine with me. The rest was sweet, sweet icing. Buuuuut, I knew I had a choice between him and Mixon in my dynasty. So I watched each and every snap they both had in preseason, and watched them handy youtube highlight clips and was really torn. I think Mixon is a stud as well. The tie-breaker for me was.....Reid. He milks his bellcows, and I knew eventually Kareem the dream would moo for me baby. When Ware went down it was time for Andy to pull up a stool and pull them teets! Yes NE has a good D, but KC was pretty damn good last year too. I really had no doubts about starting him, and my other options weren't all that great. So here I sit with 40.6 pts in standard.
  12. unloopme

    Projections for Kareem Hunt tonight vs. Patriots

    Sorry I don't contribute much Suckadumbass, but the kid looked like the goods in yes....the preseason. Do you only look at numbers? Do they tell the whole story? Don't piss in my Cheerois when I don't know you from Carl. How IS Auntie Carl by the way...doing well I hope?
  13. unloopme

    Projections for Kareem Hunt tonight vs. Patriots

    So far I'm glad I trusted my eyes and not the sage advice of sitting him.
  14. unloopme

    Jacksonville at Tennessee: In-Game Discussion

    I drafted Henry and Booker, never been tempted to drop either. One lotto ticket punched, if the other hits too
  15. unloopme

    CJ Anderson Getting Knee Evaluated

    Drafted and stashed him. My RB's look nice now: MIller, Blount, Booker Jennings too D.Henry, A.Blue, K.Bibbs