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  1. zole2112

    WR Question

    Thanks guys!
  2. zole2112

    WR Question

    My bad, I should have put Preston on my original post. I was thinking dropping Cooks but I don't know how much benefit there is to keeping Parker and Preston Williams. It seems Parker will be #1 unless he gets injured (good probability). Thanks for the input so far, still pondering it.
  3. zole2112

    WR Question

    12 team PPR we start 2WR/1RB/1RB or WR I have Cooper, Parker, Cooks, Williams, Slayton. I'm obviously weak on WRs. My question is should i keep both Parker and Preston Williams or drop 1, I'm thinking Preston Williams, for one of the following: C Samuel, C Davis, MVS, Tate, Reagor Thank you!
  4. zole2112

    TE - Hockenson, Ebron, Herndon or Doyle?

    Thanks everyone! I picked up Doyle but kept Hockenson so I have options now.
  5. zole2112

    TE - Hockenson, Ebron, Herndon or Doyle?

    Thanks man, I appreciate the analysis!! It's a done deal
  6. zole2112

    TE - Hockenson, Ebron, Herndon or Doyle?

    12 team league PPR
  7. I have Hockenson currently Herndon, Ebron and Doyle are on the waiver wire. Thank you! Andy
  8. zole2112

    2 Keepers

    I know, thanks for rubbing it in lol
  9. zole2112

    2 Keepers

    Thanks for the excellent insights. I didn't keep Dak but then I went a bit crazy and drafted Watson in the 4th...go figure
  10. zole2112

    2 Keepers

    Thanks man, I will do that for sure. I didn't think there was enough value in Dak in round 6 vs a better player I would have missed.
  11. zole2112

    LIve Draft During Covid

    Going to a local bar lol. Beers, football can't beat it!
  12. zole2112

    2 Keepers

    I am keeping D Parker for my 8th round pick but I am on the fence with Dak, I can keep him as well for my 6th round pick. I am torn between keeping Dak or picking up a QB in a later round. thoughts? 12 team PPR
  13. Normally i would say Thielen but i think he's risky. I also think GB will get after Cousins. Gallup Moore Wentz
  14. zole2112

    Prescott or Rivers

    I've relied on Dak all year but I'm leaning toward Rivers in an almost meaningless game for me. I take 3rd if i win, no prize money but high score for the week will net me something. Rivers vs Oak Prescott @Philly Thanks!
  15. Need a Flex, should have played Pascal instead of Barkley last week but i still would have lost. Barkley vs Mia Pascal @NO Watson @Det Brown @Pit What do you think?