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  1. zole2112

    I need 2 WR and 1 Flex from the following:

    cool, yeah Cooper is on the edge. Damn I miss Dak!
  2. zole2112

    QB Question - Watson or Hill

    yeah that's the way I'm leaning, thanks!
  3. zole2112

    QB Question - Watson or Hill

    Normally I would just play Watson but this isn't a normal season as we all know. Passing TD = 4 pts Rushing TD = 6 pts Thoughts?
  4. Full PPR I was leaning toward Diontae, Keke (if Cooks is out) and Cooper...what are your thoughts? I was fortunate to play Akers on Thursday, boy was I sweating that decision lol. Diontae Johnson @ Buff Amari Cooper at Cinci Keke Coutee @ Chi Tim Patrick @ Car Devante Parker vs KC Josh Jacobs vs Ind Gurley @ LAC Or I could pick up Chad Hanson @ Chi, so many decisions!
  5. zole2112

    Which 2 RBs to start?

    Same, I almost pulled Akers but fortunately I left him in too..whew!!
  6. Played Cooper, worked out great so far. Parker is in as is Meyers. Thanks guys!
  7. that is a great point. You think Meyers will get more targets than last week?
  8. Full PPR We play 2 WR and 1 Flex I have the following to choose from: Devante Parker @ Jets Diontae Johnson vs Bal Amari Cooper vs Wash Randos Gurley vs LV John Brown vs Chargers Jakobi Meyers vs Arizona Salvon Ahmed @ Jets I was planning on Parker and Johnson for my WRs and currently have Gurley in for my Flex What do you think?
  9. Full PPR Jakobi Meyers @ HOU DeVante Parker @ DEN Ahmed @ MIA Gurley @ NO I was leaning toward Meyers but idk. Thanks!!
  10. zole2112

    Which 4?

    I have Meyers and Johnson and are playing then but my other options are Parker and Corey Davis so my decision was easier
  11. zole2112

    TE...decisions, decisions - Need 1

    Goedert is my man! Thanks guys!!!
  12. zole2112

    Flex Help - Full PPR - Slayton, J Brown or Duke

    awesome! thanks for your help!!
  13. zole2112

    Flex Help - Full PPR - Slayton, J Brown or Duke

    cool, I picked up Duke this morning in case of DJ and then second guessed myself lol. Thank you!!
  14. Slayton vs PHI John Brown @ ARI Duke Johnson @ CLE I have Slayton slotted in for now. Thanks!!