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  1. zole2112

    Flex advice - Chandler or Hubbard

    I would totally agree, we have no confidence in Barry though so we shall see. Still undecided on who to play.
  2. zole2112

    Flex advice - Chandler or Hubbard

    Yeah that's true but the Packer's D is terrible overall, Packer country is not happy about that.
  3. zole2112

    Flex advice - Chandler or Hubbard

    Thanks man! my thoughts as well.
  4. Std Scoring with bonus at 100 yds Chandler vs GB Hubbard @ Jax Being a Packer fan I am painfully aware of how bad our D is. I'm leaning toward Chandler. One other option would be if Ja'Marr Chase plays I could put Chase in as Flex and Moore in as WR. Thanks!
  5. zole2112

    Tough one for PPR - TE

    I was thinking the same, I have LaPorta and Hock, thinking about putting one in flex but idk yet.
  6. Yeah I would agree with that. I'm worried about Mullens, although he can throw short passes lol.
  7. I need to choose a TE, I chose wrong last week when I played Hock instead of LaPorta and lost by 0.5pts ugh. Scoring is 0.01pt/yard with bonus at 100yd for WR/Flex and 50yd for TE. I am currently leaning toward TE - LaPorta, Flex KW3 (My starting RBs are Cook and Hubbard) TE LaPorta @ Min Hock vs Det Flex KW3 @ Ten Noah Brown vs Cle Cooks @ Mia Or do I play either LaPorta or Hock at Flex We don't start Playoffs until week 17 and I am the #1 seed so this game really doesn't mean much except I hate losing! Thanks!!
  8. zole2112

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    Decisions decisions...
  9. zole2112

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    It does help but it also raises another question, I have Rice and Cooks lol I was leaving Cooks on my bench. Thanks!
  10. zole2112

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    That's definitely a concern, I agree they may ease him back in and split carries.
  11. zole2112

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    Std scoring with 0.01 pt per yard, bonus at 100 yards. I was planning on playing Rice vs Buf anticipating a shootout and at least 1 TD from Rice along with a good chance to top 100yds. Now looks like KW3 will play but he has a tough matchup @ SF. Who would you start, Rice or KW3?
  12. zole2112

    Pick 1 RB - Freeman or Algeier

    Yeah, that's where I'm at, I was hoping there was some subtlety that I was missing. Thanks!
  13. Std Scoring with bonus for 100yd (not going to happen with either lol) With 5 players on bye and KW3 out I'm digging deep for most positions including RB, sad day when Hubbard is your #1. I am still in first place by 3 games though so no complaints if I lose this one. I am leaning toward Freeman but not sure on that. Thanks! Freeman vs Cle Algeier @ NYJ
  14. zole2112

    Flex - Hollywood Brown or Henderson

    If we all were thinking the same how can we possibly be wrong!! Just did it as well. Thanks!!
  15. Sd scoring (0.01 pt/yd) with bonus at 100 yds I picked up Chandler hoping to play him if Mattison is out but that looks like a bust. I was planning to play Brown @ Hou as my Flex, not expecting 100 yds but hoping for a TD. Hendo vs Sea is on the waiver wire and I keep thinking that maybe I should pick him up for 1 game. Thanks!