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  1. zole2112

    Final match

    I live near Green Bay and I'm pretty sure our defense won't be able to stop Cook so I'm definitely playing him.
  2. zole2112

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    I'm going with Swift, I was a bit worried when Cook was activated and he blew it up so I'm hoping Swift does the same. Jones running against NYJ is tempting though, I may change my mind lol. Good Luck!!
  3. zole2112

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    Montgomery at home.
  4. zole2112

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    Thanks guys! I appreciate your thoughts.
  5. zole2112

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    LOL thanks guys! Swift got me here, until recently of course. I am leaning toward Swift though as he is probably ready to make a statement after being out.
  6. zole2112

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    Full PPR Championship game for my league!! Now I have Cook back as my RB (we only play 1). Higgins and Brown as my WRs and I need to choose a Flex, which is now a difficult task. What do you think? Swift @ Sea Jones II @ Jets Cooks (if active) @ SF Michel @ Bal Gage @ Buf I had Jones II slotted in but now I have Swift as my Flex since he's active. Thank you!!
  7. zole2112

    I need to choose a Flex

    Full PPR After losing Cooks and Cook, thanks covid! I need to slot in one of the following: Gage vs Det Swift (if he plays) @ Atl Michel @ Min I'm playing Higgins as my WR after playing Brown (wooohooo!!) as my 2nd WR and I picked up Ronald Jones II to fill in for Cook ugh. Thanks!
  8. zole2112

    Need 2 WR and 1 Flex

    That is the one wild card I keep thinking about, if Thielen is out then do I slot in Osborn. I have Cousins as my back up for a reason. Thanks guys!
  9. zole2112

    Need 2 WR and 1 Flex

    thanks man!
  10. zole2112

    Need 2 WR and 1 Flex

    Made the playoffs wooohoooo. Full PPR...currently thinking Higgins/Mooney/Cooks Higgins @ Den Mooney vs Min Cooks @ Jax Gage @ SF Osborn @ Chi Chuba @ Buf Thanks!!
  11. zole2112

    Flex - Michel or Cooks

    cool, I'm going for it. I just picked up Rondale Moore just in case so I have someone to throw in there.
  12. zole2112

    Flex - Michel or Cooks

    Full PPR I was planning to play Cooks but now with Hendo out I'm leaning toward playing Michel again, he did great for me last week. Cooks vs Sea Michel @ Ari thoughts? Thanks!!!
  13. zole2112

    Thursday Night game - Play Cook if he is in?

    I did play Cook as well, thought I'd go for it!
  14. zole2112

    Cook it mattison tonight

    I ended up going for it and playing Cook lol, whew!!
  15. zole2112

    Thursday Night game - Play Cook if he is in?

    I feel the same, Cook is very likely limited if he plays. If Michel gets the start he's shown he can produce but I was worried he wouldn't get the start. I think I will leave Cook on my bench and then I have time to think about Cooks and Michel. Thanks man, I always appreciate your insights!