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  1. Need a Flex, should have played Pascal instead of Barkley last week but i still would have lost. Barkley vs Mia Pascal @NO Watson @Det Brown @Pit What do you think?
  2. Barkley @ Philly Pascal @ TB (if Hilton is out) Thielen vs Det (if he plays) I'm leaning towards Barkley. Thank you!
  3. zole2112

    To start Saquon Barkley, to not start Saquon Barkley

    Same issue here. I am fortunate to have to start only 1 RB so Fournette gets the call. I was playing Barkley in my Flex but i will likely play a WR in my Flex and bench Barkley sadly.
  4. zole2112

    Qb , rb help

    Yo, what he said!
  5. zole2112

    WR Conundrum 0.75 PPR

    I need 2, planning to play Edelman,. I'm worried about a Thielen relapse.. Tough to decide on a second WR. Thielen @ SEA Parker vs MIA Edelman @ HOU Brown @ DAL Westbrook vs TB
  6. zole2112

    I Know Everyone is Wondering...

    I felt your pain, I benched Fuller during his blowup week as well, 1 week too early, and lost....damn you Fuller!!
  7. zole2112

    RB & WR help!

    I'm with J Will and Gordon, Fuller burned me too many times this year, i don't trust him
  8. zole2112

    need 2 QBs

    Agree, Baker is wishful thinking
  9. 0.75 PPR I need 1 RB, 2 WR and 1 Flex Choices are: Barkley @ Chi Fournette @ Ten Samuels @ cin Edelman vs Dal Parker @ Cle J Brown vs Den I am currently planning on playing Fournette, Barkley, Edelman and Brown. Thoughts? Thank you!!
  10. zole2112

    Samuels or Fournette

    wth my bad, damn
  11. zole2112

    Stafford or Prescott

    Stafford @ Oak Prescott @ NYG Leaning towards Prescott but not sure. Thanks
  12. zole2112

    Samuels or Fournette

    Samuels vs Ind Fournette vs Hou Which to start, does Fournette finally explode for multiple TD's?
  13. Gallup, Jones, Edelman...you reserve the right to ignore! lol
  14. Gallman vs Was Fuller vs Car I have Fuller slated in now but looking for more input. Thanks!
  15. I used to use CoachCue every week, I'm in!