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  1. norcaljeff

    James Conner for OBJ?

    I know, am I a glutton for punishment? I just think he's a better keeper and has higher upside than Conner but the performance doesn't really back that up does it?
  2. norcaljeff

    James Conner for OBJ?

    12 team league with 5 keepers. Start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 k. Currently Im starting M Ryan, A Kamara, L Fornette, C Godwin, T Lockett, A Robinson, and A Hopper. I have Conner on my bench and a team offered me OBJ for Conner.It's a low scoring league: 1 pt every 25 yds rush/rec and 6 pt per TD with no bonuses. Thoughts ? Keep the depth at RB or add OBJ?
  3. norcaljeff

    Keep AJ Green or throw him back for Godwin/Lockett?

    I pick #8 in the redraft. Guessing these 4 WRs J. Edleman, R. Woods, M. Williams, and T. Boyd will be available along with who I throw back as well as 4 running backs (D. Williams, D. Henry, J. Jacobs and D. Montgomery) I can see drafted at or before my pick. I hate cutting bait on AJ but it seems reasonable to keep the younger and healthier Lockett and Godwin. Is it really that obvious? Im torn, AJ has always been a beast when healthy and was going mid to late 3rd round pre-injury.
  4. I play in a TD heavy format 12 team/ 5 keeper league. Everyone keeps 5 and we draft those thrown back and rookies. It's a non-ppr league with 6 pts per td and 1pt every 25 yards with no bonuses. I am keeping 3 rb and have to choose 2 of the following 3 WR to keep: AJ Green, Tyler Lockett, and Chris Godwin. I like AJ and missing a few games early is ok if with me if he's good to go when he returns. I'm worried the ankle could linger or be re-injured. Lockett has the best QB throwing to him and will receive more targets now that Baldwin is gone. Lot's of excitement and hype surrounding Godwin, especially in Bruce Arian's offense but he's a #2. If I roll the dice and keep AJ who else would you keep? Should I keep both Godwin and Lockett because they are younger and healthy to begin the year? I see all three are very close in ADP now, early to mid 5th round. How would you rank these three as keepers? Thanks!
  5. norcaljeff

    Trust Rotisburger over Wilson?

    I have the same dilemma, Russ or Ben? I see Wilson consistently ranked higher than Big Ben this week but my gut tells me Roethlisberger has a safer floor at home vs. New England. I'm worried Wilson could bust vs. the Rams. I just need a decent game, last week I went Wilson over Big Ben and nearly regretted it. I hate to bench the one that got me here (Wilson) as well.....very tough call. My head hurts from over thinking it!
  6. norcaljeff

    Prediction for burkhead today?

    I'm starting him over Ivory to replace Fournette
  7. norcaljeff

    UPDATE: Fournette ruled out for Week 15

    Just saw he's officially out as well. Do I start Burkhead or Ivory in his place? Burkhead seems like the best play right?
  8. norcaljeff

    UPDATE: Fournette ruled out for Week 15

    I have him in my lineup for now. I have Burkhead or Ivory to replace him if he is a game time scratch. Are you all confident he gets volume if active? Im thinking Burkhead over Ivory if he cant go.
  9. norcaljeff

    Rivers. Out of his mind right now

    His recent history vs. Chiefs isn't good and he is on the road. My other option is Matt Ryan on Monday night. Is Rivers my play? Am I over thinking it if I wanna roll with Ryan Monday night?
  10. norcaljeff

    Fournette's Handcuff?

    Thanks guys
  11. norcaljeff

    Fournette's Handcuff?

    Ivory or Yeldon? I know Yeldon is the better receiver and getting more touches currently but if Fournette were to miss time would Ivory be more involved and get the goal line work? Standard league 6 pts a TD 1 pt every 25 yds.
  12. norcaljeff

    Aaron Jones?

    We have 5 slots for RB in my league. Scoring is TD heavy, td=6pts, 25 yds rush or receiving = 1pt. I have Fournette and Kamara, as my starters. Ty Montgomery, TJ Yeldon and Ivory on my bench. Both Aaron Jones and Rex Burkehead are on the wire, what should I do? Who would I drop? Ivory? Swap Montgomery for Jones?
  13. I have Ty Montgomery in a keeper league and Jamaal Williams as his handcuff. With the injury to both Montgomery and Williams both should I use a waiver claim for Jones? I would have to drop Williams for Jones, seems like a no brainer right? Just checking in with you guys to make sure. Also, I know Doctson just dropped a game winner tonight but as a keeper I'm thinking I'd rather have him than Sterling Shepard. I am also thinking for swapping those 2 as well, I'm on the right track ?
  14. norcaljeff

    Houston at Cincinnati: In-Game Discussion

    So the Texans top 2 corners are out and they still cant get the ball to AJ Green? WTF
  15. norcaljeff

    Williams or Cohen with the #1 waiver claim this week?

    I have the #1 pick also in a standard 12 team keeper league. Which back has the best long term value? I'm in rebuild mode and have my choice of Carson, Kamara, and Cohen. I have them ranked in that order long term. Carson looks explosive, and has the size I'm just concerned with all the bodies there (Rawls, lacy, procise). I think he could take over long term at some point b/c of Rawls injury history and Lacys ineffectiveness. I've heard the Kamara could also be keeper and long term starter. Don't know much about him. Cohen is the "human joystick" and had a great week 1 but has Howard getting the majority of work and goal line carries. Am I crazy passing on Cohen for either Carson or Kamara in a non PPR keeper league? How would you rank them?