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  1. KojackDaniels

    What’s up with Dalvin Cook

    But sometimes, the bottom of the barrel is where the premium, freaky is found.
  2. KojackDaniels

    Damien Williams - To Play Week5

    “Big body rub skill” is so much better.
  3. KojackDaniels

    R. Jones II

    Lol. There’s no cure for what that retard has.
  4. KojackDaniels

    Who you targeting at RB this week on waivers

    Yea thats a good point re AP. He insists hes fine, yet seeking 2nd opinion. Sounds ominous. Has Perine even been active this year?
  5. KojackDaniels

    Ever been killed by a kicker?

    Yes. Literally. Theres a reason im posting from the grave.
  6. KojackDaniels

    AJ Green for Dede Westbrook

    Straight up. Looking for opinions on this trade. Thanks.
  7. KojackDaniels

    Ertz over Rudolph in WK 15?

    A coward!! Now hes my nemesis as well!!
  8. KojackDaniels

    WR or RB playoffs

    I would keep your flex spot empty in hopes of psyching out your opponent. He may try to one-up you by benching TWO spots! This strategy has worked for me in the past. Always a hoot when it does.
  9. KojackDaniels

    Ertz over Rudolph in WK 15?

    I wonder if your nemesis is out begging for help.
  10. KojackDaniels

    Flex question

    I agree that Hogan is the better player. Except when he’s not.
  11. KojackDaniels

    As Commish, What Should I Do?

  12. KojackDaniels

    Streaming Defenses Week 4

    Dallas @ SanFran has promise.
  13. KojackDaniels

    NFL Boycott In FULL EFFECT!

    Holy crap. Please tell me that site is a parody.