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  1. Jeffmon

    Wide receivers

    Non ppr
  2. Jeffmon

    Wide receivers

    What y’all think pick 2 ayuk Barrios boyd davonte parker osborne
  3. Jeffmon

    Running back dilemma

  4. Jeffmon

    Running back dilemma

    Montgomery intrigues me since they may actually have a lead. And then, Harris this is a rough one
  5. Jeffmon

    Running back dilemma

    Non ppr
  6. Jeffmon

    Running back dilemma

    Pick 3 jones vs jets damien Harris vs jags zeke vs cards penny vs lions Montgomery vs giants chubb vs Steelers thanks!!
  7. Jeffmon


    Sorry it’s chase edmonds
  8. Jeffmon


    I have nagee Harris, montgomery, Henderson Connor and edwards. Would you drop edwards and pick up miles sanders? i will probably drop either of them after this week but it gives me another option if sanders does well. The waiver wire ends next week so it would also be blocking someone from having sanders, lol.
  9. Jeffmon

    So close.....0

    Non ppr, length of touchdown heavy. looks like 2 of these 3 fall to me at the 4th pick. How do you rank kamara, CEH, cook?