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  1. Domenic

    Reggie Bush

    I'm planning on starting Bush this week I also have Smith but I already had him locked in at WR sadly if Reggie doesn't play I'll be forced to play Kris Durham as one of the other teams in my leauges that didn't make the playoffs snaked Pita from me on the waiver wire. I could play sproles instead but I think bush playing at home is too good to pass up in my 12 team .75 pt ppr league
  2. I'm starting Gio over Andre Brown in a 12 team PPR quarterfinal and I feel really good about that decision anyone else agree? Also I saw BGE hasn't practiced the last two days with an illness maybe they'll actually reward Gio for his hard work this sunday with a few td's rather than letting Green Ellis vulture.
  3. Domenic

    Julio Jones

    I'd love to get Julio Jones in today and I love that he plays in a late game but would anyone start him over Desean Jackson or Stevie Johnson?
  4. Holmes will play I have Plax on my bench which guy do you think is a better play today? PPR league 1 point per reception
  5. Domenic

    Shonn Greene

    I'm starting James Starks over him this week I'm hoping Green shows me something this week so I can confidently start him in the future but after week one I'm not plugging him in just yet
  6. I was the first one to believe all the Andy Reid hype because I was tired of watching McNabb throw at our receivers ankles all the time. I got right off the bandwagon after watching him play a few games in my opinion Kevin Kolb is good for 1 pick per TD he's got 11 td's going into this year with 14 int's
  7. Domenic

    Plaxico Burress.....

    Agreed the guy was in there for 2 years with one hour a day for rec time and only a bible to read your telling me Eli couldn't find a few hours to go see him in 2 years
  8. Does Chuck Norris wear Danny Amendola PJ's to bed?
  9. Danny Amendola stepped right up when Clayton went down last year a solid ppr guy
  10. I don't get it I'm a life long Eagles fan and I've watched ever snap he's ever played in the NFL what am I missing? I know he has Fitz this year but I still wouldn't touch him in the deepest of leagues.
  11. Domenic

    Bradford for Kolb

    Keep Bradford and Stafford Kolb's place is on the waver wire with the likes of Alex Smith and Chad Henne I wouldn't put him on my squad if you gave me an extra bench spot
  12. Domenic

    Undecided Flex Spot

    That's a tough call I might roll the dice on either Amendola or Kendricks I'm a life long Eagles fan and I can't remember the last time we shut down a Tight End
  13. I have both in one league I'm crossing my fingers hoping grant is out soon so I can start Starks I don't see myself ever starting Grant I think Starks is a much better RB
  14. Domenic

    pick 2 wr and 2 rb's

    Green Forte Manningham Johnson