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  1. browndelivers

    Broncos D

    With the Denver offense on a backup QB and with Sutton and Mims out and Jeudy questionable, how do you guys feel about starting the Denver D? Chargers offense sucks, but I’m a little worried that Denver’s offense won’t produce anything other than turnovers and put a lot of pressure on their D.
  2. browndelivers

    Cowboys D/ST

    What are you guys doing with them? They've been solid all year except for last three weeks and tonight they get Detroit, which could put up points. Alternatives in my league are Eagles, Jags, Seahawks, and Chargers.
  3. browndelivers

    For those teams in first

    If I have a bye the first week, I try to pick up a lottery ticket RB and drop my kicker. You can always pick up a kicker next week and if the lottery ticket hits, you're golden.
  4. browndelivers

    D'Ernest Johnson

    Standard league, and a leading team has Etienne. Would you guys drop Dobbs tonight to pick up Johnson, who's still on waivers? My other QB is Lawrence. Feels like Johnson could be a league winner if Etienne goes down, and after last week I don't know how good Dobbs is going to be down the stretch, although his schedule in the playoffs is a little better than Lawrence's (@CIN, DET, GB versus BAL, @TB, CAR).
  5. browndelivers

    London or Lawrence?

    Thanks for that. Yeah, Dobbs is starting. I picked him up right after Cousins went down, and he was by far the best option at that time (ranked #10 in our league). The highest season-ranked QBs left are Ridder, Minshew, and Mac Jones, and highest projected for this week were Browning, Young, and Ridder. So it's pretty bad. Since we only start 2 WRs and a flex (and it's standard so the flex is often one of my stud RBs), I'm thinking I don't really need London all that much.
  6. browndelivers

    London or Lawrence?

    Don't wanna panic but Dobbs is my only QB and he is sucking tonight (had Cousins earlier in the season). Another owner offered up Trevor Lawrence. Should I trade Drake London for him? Remaining WRs would be Lamb, Olave, and Nacua (we only start 2).
  7. browndelivers


    Anyone know why he isn't on the roster from the practice squad? They could use the guy, especially with Cook fumbling twice and the offense struggling.
  8. browndelivers

    QB ROS: Lawrence or Dak?

    Who do you guys think is better ROS in 6-pt passing TD, Trevor Lawrence or Dak? Jaguars schedule: BYE, 49ers, Titans, @Texans, Bengals, @Browns, Ravens, @Buccaneers, Panthers Cowboys schedule: @Eagles, Giants, @Panthers, Commanders, Seahawks, Eagles, @Bills, @Dolphins, Lions
  9. browndelivers

    Better GB receiver, Watson or Doubs?

    Thanks. That's how it feels to me. My WRs are pretty good (core of Chase, Brown, Waddle), so I feel like it might be worth rolling the dice on Watson just to see if he hits.
  10. browndelivers

    Better GB receiver, Watson or Doubs?

    Guy in my league dropped Christian Watson. Debating whether to drop Doubs to pick him up. Watson seems to have a lost year but I wonder if he heats up down the stretch.
  11. Who comes out ahead in standard scoring: Pitts/Charbonnet for Jacobs? Team getting Charbonnet already has Walker.
  12. browndelivers

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    And you know I'm right!
  13. browndelivers

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    I'm getting screwed. Was down going into Monday but had Diggs, Higgins, and Bass. When play was called, I had >80% chance of winning. If they don't continue the game, looks like league is now gonna give the title to my opponent just because ESPN defaults to whatever the stats were at the time.
  14. browndelivers

    Kicker advice

    Standard league finals. I'm down 15 and have Diggs and Higgins, AND also have a choice of McPherson or Bass. Any advice on which kicker? Spread is BUF -2.5, O/U 50.5, so there should be decent scoring either way.
  15. browndelivers

    Dillon or Moss?

    Need y'all's advice in my semifinal. Standard league. Up by 2+ points, he has Mike Evans and Christian Watson left. I have Jason Sanders and either Zack Moss or AJ Dillon. Dillon was a beast last week and has been an RB1 the past 3 weeks, but Moss has a higher projection on ESPN and faces the Chargers defense. Will answer yours if you reply with a link! (Sorry, meant to post this here first, not on the other board.)