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  1. browndelivers

    Curtis Samuel

    Dude in my standard scoring league dropped Samuel. Anyone have any idea what's going on? He hasn't been great the past few months but he isn't a disaster. Want to make sure I'm not missing something before picking him up off waivers.
  2. browndelivers

    Who are you stashing for the end of the year?

    If they're still available, Juwan Johnson, Kyren Williams, and Slayton.
  3. browndelivers

    Drop Dillon for White?

    Would you guys drop AJ Dillon for Rachaad White? Truly sick of waiting for Dillon to be even flexworthy. GB is a trainwreck. And seems like White could takeover Lenny's role soon.
  4. browndelivers

    Dropping Dillon?

    Would you guys drop Dillon for say Herbert, Hines, Chuba, James Robinson? I've been carrying the guy all year and it seems like he has no path to value other than a Jones injury. What are we waiting for here?
  5. browndelivers

    DJ Moore a buy low?

    Yes he's been bad. Yes Baker's been worse. Yes the Panthers suck. But we have a track record of 1K yard seasons with Moore. He has to be better ROS, right? Right?
  6. browndelivers

    GB WR

    With Watkins now on IR, surprise surprise, is there short or long term value with Doubs or Watson? Or maybe Tonyan picks up the slack? ARod's gotta pass to SOMEBODY.
  7. browndelivers

    SF RB

    We know the SF running back position has value. We know Mitchell has a decent shot of being injured like last year. We know SF got rid of Sermon, TDP is a rookie, and they are treating Wilson like the clear #2. https://theathletic.com/3562476/2022/09/03/49ers-trey-lance-running-backs/ Is there any reason why Wilson isn't being drafted in a lot of leagues?
  8. browndelivers

    Keeper: Akers or Lance in 14th?

    Thanks fellas.
  9. browndelivers

    Keeper: Akers or Lance in 14th?

    Forgot to add that I could also keep Pittman in the 6th.
  10. browndelivers

    Keeper: Akers or Lance in 14th?

    14-team PPR, start 2 RBs, 3 WRs, flex. Only 5 spots on bench. Would you keep Akers or Lance in the 14th? Nervous about Akers given health and split role with Henderson. But also nervous about Lance who's been so so in the preseason, and if I take a 2nd QB, that takes up a scarce bench spot.
  11. browndelivers

    Diontae vs. Waddle ROS

    In a standard league, who do you guys think will be more valuable during the fantasy playoffs (weeks 15-17 in my league), Diontae Johnson or Jaylen Waddle? Johnson seems like the more proven commodity and has a massive target share, but it’s Ben throwing to him and PIT has a slightly worse playoff schedule than Miami (TEN, @ KC, CLE). Waddle is awesome and MIA’s schedule is awesome (NYJ, @ NO, @ TEN), but he is a rookie and Tua is throwing to him.
  12. browndelivers

    What Can AJ Brown Do For You?

    Same here. I actually traded Antonio Brown and Gronk for him in week 3 thinking he would explode. All three of them have been injured ever since pretty much, so I guess it was a wash LOL.
  13. browndelivers

    Eagles DST for WR proposal

    Playoff bound team in my standard scoring league is looking to trade with me for the Eagles D/ST (I already have the Patriots, and brought on Eagles to block others from getting them since they have a good schedule the next few weeks). He's offering a trade for one of his WRs and has Pittman, Elijah Moore, Waddle, and Aiyuk. A few things on the league--we start 2 RB, 2 WRs, and a flex, and I'm probably going to the playoffs too with the roster below, and I probably have to drop the Eagles anyway in a few weeks since they and the Patriots have a bye in Week 14. . What do you guys think of doing a trade, and what WR would you want? QB: Dak RB: Zeke, Pollard, Gaskin, Stevenson, Mattison WR: Jefferson, McLaurin, Jeudy, Sanders, Bateman TE: Andrews
  14. browndelivers

    Pittman or E. Moore ROS?

    Who do you think would be stronger for ROS, Pittman or Elijah Moore, especially in the fantasy playoffs (Weeks 15-17 in our league)? Standard scoring.
  15. browndelivers


    He's buried on another owner's IR and I was thinking of trading for him.