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  1. ying

    Which QB

    I also have Jamies Winston
  2. ying

    Which QB

    Well that's 50 /50 LOL Both QB's have opponents they can score on. Hopefully they both make over 30 points
  3. ying

    Pick 2

    I'd go with Samuels Connors is out He will get a big load Dj Moore as Chi has an awesome defence
  4. ying

    Which QB

    Lamar Jackson or Lamar is Questionable Drew Brees
  5. I tried to pick LAR for week 5. It doesn't let me make my pick Ying
  6. ying

    Did I jump the gun? WR's

    Yeah I made a trade to get Lamar Jackson and gave up E. Engram. I thought I would be able to soothe it out in the long run with Jordan Reed. Maybe I could make a trade for a RB Like Fournette or Mack for a really good TE QB L Jackson, Winston, RB, McCaffrey, Conners, Mack, Fournette, R Jones WR Hilton, D Robinson, T Hill, R Woods, Mclaurin, TE Disney, Reed, T Effert
  7. ying

    Who to drop?

    Get McLaurin dump Ebron
  8. ying

    WR help

    Does this mean AB is to for the year? Maybe not he could be picked up by a team that really needs him.
  9. ying

    Replace AB

    Then again some other team might pick him up
  10. We have that but I get to make the last decision as a League Manager. About half our league is related but they all play fair and I have let them trade and never vetoed a trade yet. Problem is hardly any of them want to trade. Ha a new team this year and i just traded for L Jackson. as I lost Brees Ha d to give up Engram.
  11. ying

    I’m streaming QB...pick one

    I'm leaning toward j Garoppolo.
  12. ying

    Did I jump the gun? WR's

    That's what I was thinking Thanks
  13. I picked up Demarcus Robinson and dropped Robby Anderson. I have Tyreek Hill who is still out but on the bench I have TY Hilton which I will play; I picked up Terry Mclaurin and I have Robert Woods. Which WR should I play this weekend? Will Woods breakout this week or should I go for the rookie Robinson (KC) Two TD's last week but a lot of hungry WR's and talent to throw to. I traded Phillip Rivers and Evan Engram for Lamar Jackson and Jordan Reed. I had Drew Brees and put him on the waiver. Was this a good trade? Obviously I'm going to Play Jackson at QB But TE are a problem. Choice Jordan Reed (injured), Will Dissly, Tyler Eifert I was leaning toward Disney for this weekend? Have a lot of injuries for the beginning of the year. Hopefully I will have a strong team in a couple of weeks. .
  14. ying

    What do I do about RB's

    I played Fournette Suppose 8 points is better than nothing. Now deciding between Mack and Conners. I think both teams are going to lean on their RB's.