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  1. SexyRexy

    Edelman or fuller ppr

    I hate even having to think about this but edeleman is apparently a gtd pre game. My worry is that they won’t need him and will scale his reps bAck.
  2. SexyRexy

    Derrick Henry - DNP again Friday

    They’re just resting him. He’ll play no concerns
  3. SexyRexy

    Ok Chubbies

    I had a bye largely Bc of Chubb so I don’t have an answer
  4. I knew this was coming when I drafted Chubb. im still starting Chubb. He’s getting 18-25 touches a week. Hunt eats into his ppr value as expected and may vulture here and there but I am still starting Chubb with confidence.
  5. SexyRexy

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    I think he’s just generally boring. Not saying he’s not a good asset he’s just not enticing.
  6. SexyRexy

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    If anything i think we have access to more information making predictability that much more doable. Perhaps the poster is just looking at the wrong data. i look heavily at snap %, target share/touch share, and matchup. Those three are usually pretty solid indicators. Sometimes air yards are also helpful.
  7. SexyRexy

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    I completely agree w this. But if there is data to support this I’m all ears.
  8. SexyRexy

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    It’s not gone at all. There are consistent players and inconsistent players and easily predictable workloads.
  9. SexyRexy

    Julio Jones inactive for Week 13

    Gage or Kirk in a ppr?
  10. SexyRexy

    Derrick Henry Hamstring

    Henry returned to practice today.
  11. SexyRexy

    Zach Ertz Hamstring?!,

    He reportedly played through it last week
  12. I wouldn’t. You want to find the mid to late qb that is mahomes or Lamar not draft them at their peak value
  13. SexyRexy

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    He’s available in my main league and they are wire hawks. He hasn’t been a must own. He’s been add dropped all year.
  14. SexyRexy

    Derrick Henry Hamstring

    Apparently left practice and didn’t return. Any other info out there?
  15. You should start the player that you think will produce you the most fantasy points.