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  1. Mack and Jackson
  2. SexyRexy

    Input Requested

    bumping this. While Cam practiced in full do we trust his shoulder, and therefore Moore? Or do I go Fitz with no Kirk and maybe even no Chad Williams. He could be a target monster today? Jackson is locked into my flex, so no question there.
  3. SexyRexy


    Traded him to my playoff opponent. Who threatened to start him against me in a revenge game. I told him to do it. He didnt. LMAO
  4. SexyRexy

    Julio Jones - 2 for 18 in week 13?

    Lets let tomorrows practice report do the talking. If hes dnp it becomes a big deal.
  5. SexyRexy

    Week #14 RB Waiver Sleeper Kenneth Dixon

    Sure if were talking about 14-16 team leagues
  6. SexyRexy

    Input Requested

    Now that I learned cam hasnt even thrown this week and his surgically repaired shoulder is giving him issues Im going w fitz. Ill take the volume over the better matchup w a qb who may be more hurt than he is letting on.
  7. SexyRexy

    Week #14 RB Waiver Sleeper Kenneth Dixon

    This is fair and they dont use Edwards in the pass game. But surely there are better ww options you can feel better about.
  8. SexyRexy

    Start/Sit help (Round 1)

    Edwards Broncos Pettis
  9. SexyRexy

    Input Requested

    Ok it's quandry time. And playoff time. Owner of Kerryon and Melvin here. Just got Jaylen Samuels on waivers. Also WR3 question. Flex: Justin Jackson or Josh Adams? WR3: DJ Moore or Larry Fitz? PPR. Right now I'm flexing Jackson and starting Moore.
  10. SexyRexy

    Crazy to start Josh Allen over Cam

    Yes. It's crazy.
  11. SexyRexy

    Melvin Gordon chances this week

    So youre saying theres a chance.
  12. SexyRexy

    Justin Jackson

    It has got to be algorythm based. Because Jackson is clearly the guy for touches, so much so that Rivers called him out post game as "breaking out".
  13. SexyRexy

    Justin Jackson

    I had Melvin/Kerryon/Chubb. Unfortunately I used to have better. And somehow in ESPN this week in my league Ekeler is project for 19 to Jacksons 10. Which is absurd.
  14. SexyRexy

    Justin Jackson

    We of course with those options you do. Not everyone has that option.