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  1. SexyRexy

    Anybody reading the Miam RB Tea Leaves?

    Spending more than 2 mins thinking about the dolphins is a waste of time
  2. SexyRexy

    Darnold ROS

    Looking around the league at the qb position and his schedule it’s very much in the realm
  3. SexyRexy

    Darnold ROS

    Aside from the schedule he’s also a very talented player primed for a breakout. i actually go higher and think he is top 5 ros.
  4. SexyRexy

    Weather on TNF

    Pats rbs and Edelman. Nobody else.
  5. SexyRexy

    The New York Jets' Defense

    Alrighty then. Good luck w that.
  6. SexyRexy

    The New York Jets' Defense

    Jets fan here. and i disagree. week 1 they had an uncharacteristic and unusual amount of turnovers and a defensive td with the bills backed up against the goal line which quite frankly was more on the bills than the jets. the game against the pats they scored on a muffed punt and a late pick 6 in the fourth from stidham. It was fluky. the eagles game saw two pick 6s against the jets which don’t count against the dst. with darnold coming back the offense will score a lot more than you’re giving them credit for. Pair that with our incredibly weak corners and non existent pass rush and this is a defense to avoid.
  7. SexyRexy

    White or Wheat (ROW)

    Drugs are bad.
  8. It’s going to be impossible to predict but if I was forced to pick one it would be Tevin. But i think both will have standalone value.
  9. SexyRexy

    Newton or Brees (ROS)

    I think either are gonna be good. newton looked bad but that’s expected for a qb who couldn’t plant to throw and who’s running ability was taken away. if I had to pick one it would be brees Bc id imagine cams injury would be more prone to reoccurance.
  10. SexyRexy

    Minshew or Stafford ROS

    Honestly I don’t think foles is getting his job back at this point barring a regression from minshew
  11. SexyRexy

    Minshew or Stafford ROS

    Actually I drafted cam and slid kyler in week 3. Haven’t lost since but thank you.
  12. SexyRexy

    Minshew or Stafford ROS

  13. SexyRexy

    Minshew or Stafford ROS

    Minshew still on my leagues wire. Staff is my backup. Who do you like more ROS? I’ve been hovering over minshew for weeks. for context my starter is kyler. this might fit in a little help but I’m asking in general as a minshew question.
  14. SexyRexy

    Week 6 streaming DSTs

    Pretty sure this thread topic is irrelevant to you
  15. Going against jones. but only need 3 from Chubb to win