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  1. PSULions

    2024 - General Discussion

    I have never owned Gerrit Cole and sitting at #8 in our recent draft, I thought, what the heck, he has been very durable and been very consistent over the past 5-6 years, so I picked in my for my 1st round pick. So, of course he made one start in ST and doesn't feel right recovering and now he may be miss the first 1-2 months of the season or with my luck the full season with any potential surgery he may need. Last year, I picked deGrom in my 2nd round pick, but at least that was a riskier pick due to his constant injury issues over his career and he made 6 starts before he was shut down for the rest of the season. Lesson learned.... no more pitchers in the first two rounds of a draft as they are ticking time bombs. Great way to start the season and Yahoo doesn't even have him listed Out so I can pick up a replacement while he is on IL.
  2. PSULions

    SNIPED, 6 times by PSU Dave

    I real like getting sniped has become a fun game to play during the draft, as well it is fun to know you sniped some of our other owners/friends I also got sniped plenty of times during the draft too. Round 3 - wanted Yamamoto badly because of his first start and saw the research on him and of course Varga takes him one spot before my pick. Harris isn't bad consolation prize, but this was the first of many snipes during the draft. Round 5 - wanted Jazz Chisholm to make sure I had other OF with power and speed and was looking at napping here and of course Varga grabs him one spot again! Had to change gears and Kim had more SBs that I didn't realize doing my research and with multiple position flexibility opted for him only to snipe Mike. Round 7 - wanted to add Cole Ragans as I got in off the WW last year and he was great at the end of the season after his trade and believe he is going to be a stud again this year, but at lease the snipe was a few spots in front of me, so I was able to get Carter who I also got of the WW and was happy with getting him. Round 9 - as an O's fan I was hoping to get Jackson Holliday the O's prize prospect and this time it was Nate that sniped him. Was driving to PA that day and was looking at Lee from the Giants or Langford from the Rangers, and opted for Wyatt as I knew he wouldn't make it back to me. Round 24 - as a Phillies fan was wanting to grab Matt Strahm and Mike grabbed him 4 spots in front of me so opted for the other Phillies RP in Kirkering so was OK with that pick. We will see which guy has a better season. It was a fun and competitive draft as always now the bad part! We have to wait about 3 weeks before you get to see your guys in your lineup!
  3. 30.05 - JP Sears, SP, OAK
  4. Proxy for Kysar: 30.04 - Will Benson, OF, CIN
  5. 29.08 - Tim Mayza, RP, TOR
  6. PSULions

    ROUNDS 25 & 26 - DONE

    26.05 - Joe Boyle, SP, OAK
  7. PSULions

    ROUNDS 23 & 24 - DONE

    24.05 - Orion Kerkering, RP, PHI
  8. PSULions

    ROUNDS 23 & 24 - DONE

    23.08 - Colton Cowser, OF, BAL
  9. PSULions

    ROUNDS 23 & 24 - DONE

    Proxy for Ghost: 23.03 - Jordan Westburg, 2B/3B, BAL
  10. PSULions

    ROUNDS 23 & 24 - DONE

    Proxy for Godfather: 23.02 - Jonah Heim, C, TEX
  11. PSULions

    ROUNDS 21 & 22 - DONE

    Proxy for Godfather: 22.11 - Colin Holderman, RP, PIT
  12. PSULions

    ROUNDS 13 & 14 - DONE

    13.08 - Nick Pivetta, SP, RP, BOS
  13. PSULions

    ROUNDS 11 & 12 - DONE

    12:05 - Lane Thomas, OF, WAS
  14. PSULions

    ROUNDS 11 & 12 - DONE

    11.08 - Bailey Ober, SP, MIN
  15. PSULions

    ROUNDS 9 & 10 - DONE

    10.05 - Zack Gelof, 2B, OAK