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    I'm remarrying!

    This is not how ken8080 posts. It's more like: Moss has 50 on the back with Brady. Who starts? Johnson? pick two?
  2. hoffdaddy

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Hey, I was just at The BOB when I was at our regional office in Grand Rapids. I enjoyed the food and ran up a serious bar time with my coworkers. Good times. The people did remind me a bit of home, so I think youre 'schtick' will play. Just my impression.
  3. 1. I disagree completely. 2. I disagree completely. 3. I'm cool with staying here. 4. I disagree completely. No real surprises here. But I am willing to trade you Ryan Grant......
  4. hoffdaddy

    I want a good camcorder....which kind to get?

    If you plan on trying to edit any of this video on a computer, I recommend sticking with the Mini-DV format. This is a digital format that records to tape. It is still some of the best quality video you can record (aside from HD). If you go with something that burns directly to a DVD, you'll find it a real pain in the ass to try to get into an editing program. However, if you aren't going to edit video at all and just want to record and watch it on your DVD player, it's not bad. I can't comment a whole log on the hard drive models. I'm a big fan of Sony, and they have plenty of Mini-DV cameras in your price range.
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    Anyone else notice what a douche bag favre is ?

    My cousin's roommate's sister's uncle also said he killed a puppy with his bare hands. I that that guy....
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    Rodgers the next superstar qb

    Mike McCarthy can coach QBs......
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    Music editing software?

    I'll triple recommend Audacity. Great tool. And FREE. I used it for podcast editing. Works great. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
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    Donhaas and Sho Nuff, get in here!

    It's posts like this that make me wish I'd come around more.
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    So Why Do Girls....

    I disagree. I'm a boob man myself. Love the look. No complaints.
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    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    Wow. You have derailed. Might want to check yourself into some therapy there..... By the way, is Hillary in this league? Just trying to connect the dots.
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    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    You have to be kidding. Is this really what you believe? 1. The rule is written, posted, and hasn't changed it ten years. 2. The rule was JUST discussed about a week ago. 3. After last week's issue, the Commish decided that it would remain worst to first, just like the rule states. THIS JUST HAPPENED A WEEK AGO. 4. I find it hard to believe you didn't know this rule when you made the claim this week. 5. You're now resorting to personal attacks and claims of people out to get you. Yeah, I'm the issue here. So much for personal responsiblity for one's actions. As an owner in this league, it's your job to know the rules. It's your job to abide by the rules. And when someone points out you're not following the rules, it's your job to enure that you comply with the rules. This has nothing to do with you or the the players involved. Unless you're now saying the rules don't apply to you? Is that the point here? Perhaps we should just 'let it slide' because Stick doesn't like the rules?
  12. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    Well, you're pretty much personally attacking me for following the rules. Yeah, I'm out to crap on you. By following the rules and making a waiver claim, I have attempted to crap on you. Doesn't sound quite right to me. I have a problem with that. And rather than turn it into a ###### fest, I'm trying to point out that I'd rather keep it to a disussion of the rule and whether or not we should vote on a change after the season. Not everyone's out to get you or crap on you Stick. So let's all do our best to stick to the meat of the discussion here.
  13. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    I'm trying really hard to be nice to you, but you're making it very difficult with this nonsense. Bottom line. I've been on both sides throughout my time in this league. I've played in the Super Bowl, and now I'm expriencing the low as I try to rebuild. But this rule has always been this way. It has not changed. It does not need to be voted on. Bring it up at year end and let's discuss it then. That's the proper time.
  14. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    I think your point is valid and I think this is something we put on the table after the season in rules discussions. The rule has been this way forever. There's no 'vote' needed. It hasn't changed since this league was started.
  15. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    The rules state it this way: "Waiver priority will be determined by record with points scored as the tiebreaker. (He who has the least points gets higher priority)." During the season, the waiver priority will be redetermined weekly based on the standings from that week. The same priority will apply for both the Tuesday and Friday lotteries. http://football13.myfantasyleague.com/2007...=18278&O=26 I'm all for a vote on changing this in the offseason, but I don't think we can change this midseason. My two cents.
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    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    Nope. Go look at the report. Grant was first but denied: From report: Round 1 Add Grant, Ryan GBP RB and drop Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE (Player to add is no longer available.) CLAIM WAS DENIED BECAUSE STICK GOT HIM Add Echemandu, Adimchinobe HOU RB and drop Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE. ADDED SECOND CHOICE IN ROUND 1 Round 2 Add Echemandu, Adimchinobe HOU RB and drop Green, Trent MIA QB (Player to add is already on roster.) I SHOULD HAVE ECH TOO - DENIED HERE BECAUSE HE WAS ADDED TO MY ROSTER IN ROUND 1
  17. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    I also didn't know it, but you can actually view a report that shows everyone's claims. Go to Reports, Franchise, Previous Processed Waivers. I can't get the format to transfer to the board here, but the info on who was requested and in what order is there.
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    Republican are bad mmmmkkkkk?
  19. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    For reference, here's how they processed this week. Round 1: Stick dropped Cartwright, Rock WAS RB and acquired Grant, Ryan GBP RB Round 1: East Alabama 2 Irons dropped and acquired Toefield, Labrandon JAC RB Round 1: Hell Monkeys dropped Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE and acquired Echemandu, Adimchinobe HOU RB Round 1: Horsemen dropped McCareins, Justin NYJ WR and acquired Rosenfels, Sage HOU QB Round 2: Stick dropped Gramatica, Martin FA PK and acquired Mare, Olindo NOS PK Round 2: Horsemen dropped McCardell, Keenan WAS WR and acquired Longwell, Ryan MIN PK
  20. hoffdaddy

    Waiver Pick-ups issues...

    This is my understanding as well. For what it's worth, my claims went like this: Round 1 Add Grant, Drop Lewis Add Ech, Drop Lewis (if I didn't get Grant) Round 2 Add Ech, Drop Trent Green
  21. hoffdaddy

    Edwards: "College For Everyone"

    I didn't read the link. However, I think the intention is good. The playing field has changed folks. We are no longer competing with Jimmy down the street when it comes to education. The best and brightest from countries like India and China are well ahead of us when it comes to educuation. And it's pretty obvious that it's how they plan to step on our throats. Our education system is in ruins, and it sure seems like everyone would just rather pile on a guy like Edwards than figure out a way to fix it. Without massive investment in education soon, we're setting ourselves to get our asses handed to us by hungry, driven nations that would like nothing better than to take our place. However, the investment needs to start earlier than college, and it needs to be a curriculum that will allows us to compete globally.
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    D Wynn set to start for Pack

    Hard to say on this. Morency did OK during the Viking game, no pain. But after, he experienced soreness. I question the logic of starting the guy off on turf. In any case, I'd watch the reports after tomorrows practice. Jackson's likely out. So, it's anyone's guess how this plays out right now.
  23. This is an official NFL stat change. KGB was credited with a sack. My guess is all league management services will correct it.l
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    Packers 34 - Bears 3

    The Bears do indeed still suck.
  25. hoffdaddy

    GB Defense/STs vs. MIN Defense/ST

    Stupidity at its finest. I think you did happen to see how the passing game is working right? Would Green Bay be "MORE" 3-0 right now with Moss?