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    MNF - James Jones

    I don't believe he'll be 100%. I like the way Boykin has been playing. My hunch is Green Bay grabs an early lead, and Jones isn't really needed.
  2. The league is not. Ah, the good ol' days.
  3. hoffdaddy

    Congrats Don, Sho, Mensa and company

    Gosh, I love the Packers. And Donhaas.
  4. hoffdaddy

    Watch out now

    Indeed. It's good to see some familiar 'faces'. Sure seems like nothing's changed. Now, on to the threads housing the rambling political discussions that get rehashed day after day, year after year, with no end in sight.
  5. hoffdaddy

    Watch out now

    It's been a long time, but I am back. Watch yourselves.
  6. So, dateline (or something) had a show on last week where they interviewed a bunch of swingers. My wife and I were talking about it afterwards. It was a funny conversation. In any case, I'm curious if anyone has ever been to one? If so, was anyone there attractive? Did you participate?
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    I don't expect much of anything. Hide the clothes baskets folks.
  8. hoffdaddy

    What did FFToday look like in 2001?

    God bless the Internet.
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    Article: Below The Radar Long Shots

    I'm a Wisconsin homer, so take it with a grain of salt. But, I think you're right on with Hubbard. He was having a nice season before he got banged up. I saw him do things last year that he did not do as Junior. Specifically related to making big catches in big spots. I was impressed with this improvement. I drafted him late in my dynasty. Hopefully it works out. I'm on board.
  10. hoffdaddy

    League minimum requirements?

    Good question, and one I had to look up myself. From the site: "There are no minimum positional requirements on keepers, but you must have your minimum roster requirements filled by the final lottery before the regular season." I'm operating under the assumption that it doesn't matter during the draft. It only matters that you have it filled by the final lottery before the regular season.
  11. Hi, We must be down to 24 players by midnight, Monday, May 5. No exceptions. Also, if you are carrying extra picks, you must cut below 24 to account for each pick.
  12. hoffdaddy

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    I do not question TT's WR choices. D jackson, Murphy, Jennings and Jones....that's a good track record. The DB they did draft seems like a great fit. I don't know much about him, but sounds like he is a good bump and run corner.
  13. hoffdaddy

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    Nothing. I hate you.
  14. hoffdaddy

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    No to toot my own horn but.... Stick with me boys, you might learn something....
  15. hoffdaddy

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    Kirwan's got it right. TT does it again. Packers get value 9:01 PM ET NFL.com - Pat Kirwan The Packers are doing a great job in the second round. They keep on getting good players for a bargain price. They were able to select Jordy Nelson, Brian Brohm and Patrick Leethree - both productive players - for the same cost of the 30th pick they were originally slated to have. That is called great value.
  16. hoffdaddy

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Green Bay Packers

    I think those of you calling for safety at 30 may be dissapointed. I get the impression that Green Bay really likes Aaron Rouse. A lot. And he looked pretty good filing in last season. I agree we need to get Collins out, but if Rouse's tackling improves this year, I think it's his job. Corner is a need, and value may indeed meet need here. I don't think there is anyway the draft TE in round 1. In fact, I predict they'll draft Jermichael Finely later.
  17. hoffdaddy

    Hoffdaddy should be ashamed

    Wow, such venom. I thought redtodd was a good natured funny man. Not so. I should've just brought the baby to the show. If you every play Gopher Crossing, I'm there man.
  18. hoffdaddy

    Really tragic story

    Wow. So you're saying people's enjoyment of sex is somehow making us worse people? I find that hard to believe. Sex has always been enjoyable, and people have always done it. The downfall of our society will be laziness and greed. The average person's sex life will have very little impact.
  19. hoffdaddy

    Hoffdaddy should be ashamed

    Did redtodd bring down the house?
  20. hoffdaddy

    Hoffdaddy should be ashamed

    Still trying to work this out. I can't believe redtodd is coming! Hard to convince the wife of a night out with a newborn in the house, but i'm trying.
  21. hoffdaddy

    Hoffdaddy and Broncos

    I received it. I'll think about it some more.
  22. New guys, please review your rosters and let me know if you find any errors. Otherwise, let the trading begin.... all players on my team are avialable.....
  23. hoffdaddy

    New Owner Draft Thread

    Teams to pick from: http://football29.myfantasyleague.com/2008...F=0002&O=07 http://football29.myfantasyleague.com/2008...F=0004&O=07 Strokke picks first. Shawn picks second. Please post all picks in this thread so everyone can follow along. Fire when ready Strokke. ****Picks Available**** 1.05 1.11 2.05 2.06 2.09 2.11 3.05 3.06 4.05 4.11 5.05 5.11 6.09 6.11 2009 Picks #1 pick of Mystery Machine
  24. hoffdaddy

    New Owner Draft Thread

    Bumping to the top. Let the draft begin.
  25. hoffdaddy

    Question on New owners draft picks...

    OK. I'll make the call. Picks can be drafted. Let's get this moving. Stick, you know these guys, get on their asses and let's move this along. Thanks fellas.