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  1. xxxdog

    Damian Williams injury update?

    Shady will likely split carries with Darrel Williams...Earlier in the season Darrel Williams was productive without Damien Williams in the lineup, expect 8-10 rushing attempts and 4 or 5 receptions similar to what he posted week #3 & #4.....I would not be shocked if he out produces & receives a larger workload than Shady week #13.....
  2. Never bank on one big game with Penny, Carson likely 12-15 carries Penny 6-8...Vikings stout on stopping rushers, Wilson will attempt to beat the Vikes passing...Expect 8 in the box with Scarbrough held in check besides a ???? unproven QB ...I like Snell running against a Browns depleted line and possible revenge game....
  3. xxxdog

    Zach Ertz Hamstring?!,

    Regardless, doubt they will overuse him vs the Dolphs ..Godert will also cut into potential stats, likely he will see very few looks after the first half...
  4. xxxdog

    Benny Snell Jr

    As of Wed, Connor is not practicing and leaning to likely out week 13 which could give Snell a heavy workload {18+ carries}…..Carson might have a duel problem, Viking's D against the run , recent example Cowboys Elliot , held to 47yds. and no TD..plus the emerging Penny , who could split carries...Slight edge Snell....
  5. xxxdog

    Benny Snell Jr

    With the weak Steelers QB play in a overall offensive attack the team must rely on their D and a controlled heavy ground & pound time consuming offense ..Snell averages about 4/yds per carry of punishment, nothing fancy, but slowly adding yards while wearing down a defense similar to what he was able to do in college...Even if Connor returns in upcoming weeks expect Snell to see multiple carries allowing the brittle and often injured Connor to reduce his work load...If the Steelers are eliminated from the playoffs I expect Connor possibly to be shut down, and no doubt Snell becomes the featured back.....
  6. xxxdog

    I'm Calling It: CIN defeats PIT Today

    Both are a mess on the offensive side, but still think Steelers will show up on defense holding Cincy 10 points or less in a low scoring-boring game.....
  7. xxxdog

    Benny Snell Jr

    My hunch Snell plays a bigger roll vs the anemic Cincy D...Snell a power rusher Tomlin praised earlier this week expected to see action with Connor out and Samuel more likely to used on receiving downs...Even if Samuel carries a heavier load in the first half, expect Snell to wear down the clock late in the game to protect a probable large lead against the Bengals and not chance a injury {Samuel} with a depleted starting backfield.....
  8. xxxdog

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    Love the insult...my guess you added him.....I knew what the majority think of him in Falcon land & watched him past few years in pre-season, my opinion only he was a bad add, or lacked talent ...A few posters wanted to drop a better player, so I responded , so what, I thought someone was asking for opinions..period….
  9. xxxdog

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    I warned the Hill backers on this posting...."plodding 3-yards a carry type runner".. and adding he would produce low production in fantasy stats....Falcon fans in September thought he had little chance of even making the 53-man roster, never should enough pro-RB ability, considered a wasted 5th round pick.....
  10. xxxdog

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    Should be a huge game for Singletary, Bills will be up easily by half, control the game rushing 2nd half, Singletary also returns home, expecting major workload.....Hill is a plodding 3 yards a carry type runner similar to Hyde, possibly heavy workload but always low production in fantasy stats, and if Falcon get behind expect little from Hill and minor production late in 2nd half....Easily Singletary with more upside versus the Dolphs…….
  11. xxxdog

    WR Buy Low Targets

    Six- 1st & 2nd round players in a normal 10+ team league, you must be in a 8-team league or even less
  12. xxxdog

    Mark Walton 4-Game Suspension

    7TH- round back Myles Gaskin might have a say in RB carries for Dolphs…...Absolute stat machine in college....
  13. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    The game was lost by Nagy killing the clock settling for a missed field goal;...Montgomery did his part with a real opportunity and a heavy workload, even with the poor play of the QB, I except a similar script next week even against a stout Philly D ...Bears should have won featuring Montgomery and its tough defense which is a basic formula of clock management when you have weak QB production...
  14. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Few of us on this posting who started Montgomery were well rewarded...A talented back in college lacked the proper opportunity in Nagy's offense, earlier on this post I stated the Bears would attempt a more controlled rushing offense against the Chargers, which showcased a effective Montgomery...Going forward expect heavy workload and decent production...
  15. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Lot of buzz in the windy city for a more controlled running game, hunch Montgomery shows up in fantasy stats...If he produces minor production today, time to get rid of him, its now or never against a banged up Charger team......