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  1. xxxdog

    John Kelly

    Kelly fits the Gurley mold easily the best , not only a physical RB but also a solid pass catcher....no doubt he is the back to own if Gurley is out....Anderson is merely insurance RB depth behind Kelly & Davis and likely will be cut when Gurley is 100%.......
  2. xxxdog

    Panthers shutting down Cam Newton

    Heinke moves well in the pocket and fairly accurate on shorter routes, besides McCaffery could lean on Slot-Rec & TE...
  3. xxxdog

    Kalen Ballage Time

    Hard to buy in on the Drake receiving volume carries week 16....Miami in week 15 still had a shot making the playoffs, so the coach benches Drake for Ballage who was very productive against a top defense and he stated Drake was not on the sideline due to injury.....I agree with Rotoworld... Ballage will be the key back for the Dolphins week 16.......
  4. xxxdog

    Kalen Ballage Time

    Basic math would state Ballage remaining 11 carries totaled 48 yards or a 4.3 yard average vs the Vikings , not bad , ... possible risk, yes but I think still a better reward.........
  5. xxxdog

    Kalen Ballage Time

    Ballage has the physical size {232ibs} & speed {4.41/40} NFL teams are hyped over..Last week he posted 123 yards & a TD over a stiff Vikings Defense who played all out to secure a playoff position..Ballage this week will face a gashed Jags D that might be more concerned in receiving a high draft pick than a victory...The Florida showdown might have the waiver add {Ballage} that could put you over the top with a FF-Title......
  6. xxxdog

    Anyone Considering A Hail Mary?

    If you are awarded added points for long receptions or TD's.....Bills Allen is willing to toss bombs besides his inflated rushing stats, also consider his speedy downfield receiver Foster against a depleted Lions team played at home.....
  7. xxxdog

    LeSean McCoy out Week 15

    Do not overlook Bills RB Keith Ford recent active off the practice squad.....The coaches are high on this player who has showed decent ability....
  8. xxxdog

    Holy Sweet Jesus, HELP me at QB !

    Lions have shut down rushing QB's....Prefer Watson better receiving weapons & could easily scramble for 40+ yards against Jets team who give up several yards to rushing QB's....
  9. xxxdog

    Kenneth Dixon

    I posted week 14 to pick up Dixon, no question the most talented back in the Ravens stable...Edwards is limited in talent other than plodding forward with no elusive burst or reception ability....Dixon will see a increase in carries this week and again out-stat Edwards......If you past on him last week , definitely pick him up asap....
  10. xxxdog

    Bears Defense!

    Cowboys D have been solid and hard to score against adding 14 sacks since week #9...they beat Philly in week 10 on the road and held them to 20 points, and we all all know what they did to the Saints last week......right now one of the top 5 D's in football......
  11. xxxdog

    What do you think of AP this week?

    Its obvious with Sanchez at QB Giants will load the box creating minor stats for AP....Samuel is a better option vs Raiders leaky D in addition to his solid reception abilities.....
  12. xxxdog

    FLex Help - Do or Die!

    Moore could see a few more receptions without Olsen in lineup & Humphries been rock solid scoring in the last 3 games becoming TB's most reliable receiver, with the Buc's playing the Saints I like him over Diggs.....A bigger Problem could be Edwards, his ankle is dinged-up and if KC's explosive offense is up by a few TD's at halftime he will hardly be used by mid 3rd quarter & most 4th since Edwards is more of a plodder without receiving skills.....
  13. xxxdog

    How angry is fournette?

    Titans in the last 2 -weeks could not stop Jets Crowell 98-rushing yards and Texans Miller-162-yards...Fournette is better than either of these backs, Titans will need to improve on stopping the run tonight or Fournette will have a solid night..
  14. xxxdog

    Week #14 RB Waiver Sleeper Kenneth Dixon

    I agree...but if you are playing in larger leagues like I do most of the assumed weekly pickups are gone or you are unable move down in your waiver position to obtain a player, therefore, you must zero in player potential or true sleepers, Dixon was the best option with what is possible in chasing KC quick high scoring offense and doubting the Ravens D is more talented than any previous defense that attempted to slow down the Chiefs