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  1. xxxdog

    Cooper now questionable

    Elijah Moore was already a top week one target for Watson, minus Cooper in the lineup he could pile-up decent stats......
  2. xxxdog

    NFC Playoffs

    I also think the Cowboys will advance to face the Bucs in a exciting shootout......49ers might need to depend on Garoppolo and his inaccurate arm {49er's rank 21st in turnovers} to match the high scoring offense of the Cowboys, which also have the #1-defense in takeaways {34}...Jimmy G will be blitzed and pressured non-stop, he is far from mobile, expect the Boys to add a few more takeaways....
  3. xxxdog

    Tony Jones?

    Both Jones & Breida were still on waivers before game time, once Moss was ruled inactive, I decided on Breida with his explosive speed and his past success as a 49er...It proved to be the better move in tonight's game and likely moving forward in upcoming weeks....
  4. xxxdog

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    I think KC found they are vulnerable this year relying mostly on a passing offense....C.E.H flashes production between the yard-markers but void in the end zone and not a good receiving back, Williams & McKinnon are solid receivers but offer little between the tackles....Marlon Mack has been solid 3-down back, my opinion he would be their most talented back....The question is , did he recover enough from his injury ??? If the answer is yes, he is a perfect fit to complement their offense...
  5. xxxdog

    D. Henderson for J. Jefferson

    Jefferson had been extremely productive weekly, he is proving without doubt he was a steal for the Vikings late RD. #1 2020 .....Henderson always was injury prone, never completing a full season.....I think Jefferson for Henderson is also a steal in your favor....
  6. xxxdog

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    Most likely the hesitation involves his injury, not his previous ability as a featured back before being hurt...The Colts are attempting to showcase the fact he is healthy and productive as he received 20 carries the past 2-weeks while averaging over 4-yds per carry...In the Fantasy Football world Mack would be worth a pickup and at least a few weeks stash, especially in larger leagues where bye week replacements are scarce, while there is a chance he is traded before the deadline to a team that could plug him in a possible starting RB....
  7. Williams....C.E.H should be out longer for starters....Booker playing on a team that likely will be behind in 2nd half, less carries , chasing points while passing {next 3-games--Rams-Panthers-Chiefs}..also...even with C.E.H playing, Williams has been used in the Red Zone, not the same case with Barkley & Booker.....
  8. xxxdog

    KC RB Williams - how much of FAAB?

    Williams , a decent receiver but a cloud of dust and a couple of yards rushing, lacks speed and and not very elusive....McKinnon also a good receiver, more elusive with speed, not a power runner between the tackles...Only my opinion, McKinnon better fit in KC wide open offense, would not be shocked if he is more involved than Williams in game plan week-6....
  9. xxxdog

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    Maybe playing behind Taylor has something to do with only 20 carries....Looking at his stat line, he is averaging 4.3 yds per carry, week #5 involving his 5-carries netted 9.4 yds avg...still it is a small sample {20-carries} of positive production, but so far, so good....Speculation as a potential waiver add in FF still should perk some interest as a possible IR-RB replacement, as the case of KC reported by ESPN in contact with Indy involving Mack.....
  10. xxxdog

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    Mack , if he is back to 100% off his injury , without a doubt is a proven better back than what they have filling in for C.E.H who could be out the next month or even longer...Mack also is a decent receiver...If they do trade for Mack, likely it would involve a day-3 pick {5th or 6th Rd} which is a minor price for a proven young RB...
  11. xxxdog

    If you have room, go ahead and grab Marlon Mack

    ESPN Jeremy Fowler reports KC is showing interest in trading for Indy's Marlon Mack with C.E.H out possibly out for a lengthy period,....In my opinion Mack would be a major upgrade over Williams & McKinnon ....KC in the the past took a shot at RB-Bell and now WR-Gordon showing interest in players with decent previous production....Mack would be a sneaky Fantasy Football waiver add with a potential payoff.
  12. xxxdog

    Any Dalvin Cook ankle updates?

    Cook stated during the week he planned on playing, although without a single practice it is more than likely he will be held out...Factor in the Vikings face a tame Lions Defense and Mattison would be considered a high end #1 RB vs Detroit even if Cook was ruled out....My hunch the Vikes want Cook closer to 100% week 6 against the Panthers....
  13. xxxdog

    I Need Your Help….

    Gibson & Cooks