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  1. xxxdog

    WR Buy Low Targets

    Six- 1st & 2nd round players in a normal 10+ team league, you must be in a 8-team league or even less
  2. xxxdog

    Mark Walton 4-Game Suspension

    7TH- round back Myles Gaskin might have a say in RB carries for Dolphs…...Absolute stat machine in college....
  3. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    The game was lost by Nagy killing the clock settling for a missed field goal;...Montgomery did his part with a real opportunity and a heavy workload, even with the poor play of the QB, I except a similar script next week even against a stout Philly D ...Bears should have won featuring Montgomery and its tough defense which is a basic formula of clock management when you have weak QB production...
  4. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Few of us on this posting who started Montgomery were well rewarded...A talented back in college lacked the proper opportunity in Nagy's offense, earlier on this post I stated the Bears would attempt a more controlled rushing offense against the Chargers, which showcased a effective Montgomery...Going forward expect heavy workload and decent production...
  5. xxxdog

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Lot of buzz in the windy city for a more controlled running game, hunch Montgomery shows up in fantasy stats...If he produces minor production today, time to get rid of him, its now or never against a banged up Charger team......
  6. xxxdog

    drop Pollard to pick up Ty Johnson???

    Lot of rumors floating in Detroit that Drake could be the next RB for the Lions, besides when given the chance last week Ty Johnson was non-effective far from elusive, possibly the Vikes-D might be the big reason...Only my hunch, if not Drake, they will find another featured back before the trade deadline.....
  7. xxxdog

    James Conner Health Updates

    With the Steelers weak QB play, they must rely on the RB and a solid O-line to win games...problem, ..Connor is racking up the injuries due to his heavy workload...Snell is a durable no-nonsense power-back, possibly a great waiver stash and expected to cut into Connor's carries going forward....If he produces another 10-12 carries and 70-80 yards week 8, expect a line to pick him up on waivers...My hunch, Connor does not last the season, too many mounting injuries...
  8. xxxdog

    L Murray top 12 rb this week?

    Trust this...Bears with 2-weeks to prepare and at home against the Saints will devour a straight-line RB who lacks in his ability to be elusive or explosive....Murray has not topped 45 yards rushing in a game this year, and the Bears will be in total beast-mode at home...…...
  9. xxxdog

    D Montgomery

    Bears at home with two weeks to prepare for the Saints with a over/under of only 37 points {neither team chasing points, will force abandon rushing 4/quarters} I will still start Montgomery, expecting a modest 50-60 yards & 1 TD & a couple receptions.....
  10. xxxdog

    Mark Walton Show ROS

    Walton will see his share of carries going forward...Dolphs will want sort out the need to use a high draft pick on a RB...Walton is a extremely quick & elusive also a solid receiver, given the chance he has star potential...
  11. xxxdog

    Week 6 streaming DSTs

    I posted this weekend SF should of been the streaming pickup for week 5, and I was right.. They will still be a decent D against the Rams who weekly have given up several sacks & ints...SF possible in DL & LB talent might be the toughest test for Goff and a shaky OL who Pro Football Focus ranked last so far in the NFL this season....Note....week #7 SF will get the soft Redskins,
  12. xxxdog

    Streaming defenses: Who ya got Week 5?

    I like the 49er's ...Teams off a bye week always a plus, SF D has been tough before bye week...also...Browns QB play has been suspect with several Ints. and few TD's...
  13. xxxdog

    Diontae Johnson

    Gallup would be a obvious pickup talent wise, but maybe not the best start this week, indications are he will be limited to a snap count, besides Cowboys will rush heavy against Green Bay who has yet to stop a RB from posting huge offensive stats, expect a big dose of Elliot ….A player who might help you from the waiver wire is in this game, and its not Gallup.....Geronimo Allison could play a major roll in targets and possibly another TD { already-2} without Adams in the lineup, ..Packers likely will be chasing points, I expect Rodgers to post over 250 yards, with Allison receiving 60-90 yds. and another TD....
  14. Edwards is the player to cuff Engram....He is in better physical shape than 2018, also worked hard on receiving skills offseason, against KC he looked explosive on 7 carries, averaging 7.6yds. per carry and even caught 2-passes...Edwards at 230-plus pounds would be the 3-down back, while Justice a smallish 5-10 198lbs would mix in on passing downs...
  15. xxxdog

    Ty Johnson's speed

    Riddick had more skill as a good RB receiver....something Johnson would need more in his development...