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  1. have an IDP PPR money league with unpaid teams i am offering up 2 teams for $25, league fee was $50. this will make the prize money 350, 100, and 50. deep rosters with 7 IDP (D, 2 DB, 2 DL, 2 LB). PPR scoring. one team with peyton, calvin johnson, jimmy graham.
  2. Codex Alimentarius

    Looking for replacement owner in IDP $$$ league

    looking for anyone to take a team with peyton and calvin johnson
  3. Codex Alimentarius

    Looking for replacement owner in IDP $$$ league

    still looking for anyone who wants a team
  4. Codex Alimentarius


    $100 made a typo, just edited it yes we will score week 1
  5. looking for a last chance to win some cash? 12 team PPR league (1 pt per reception), $100 entry. 100% payout via sportsvault (no fees like leaguesafe) $700, $300, and $200 to winners Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/T, W/R, K, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Rules- you must pay immediately after registering or your team will be removed. we draft only with 12 paid. i need to have a full league paid 1 hour before the draft, 9 PM EST Invite URL: http://y.ahoo.it/Ktr5ZwZ9
  6. im looking for a replacement team in a 12 team IDP money league, entry is $50 with good prize money. let me know if you wanna play and i will send you the roster, some very good players on the team.
  7. Codex Alimentarius


    2 spots left to whoever pays first
  8. ooking to get a 12 team PPR money league filled for today, drafting at 6 PM EST on yahoo $200 entry, 100% payout on sportsvault $1200, $800, and $400 to winners you must pay the entry fee upon joining, no exceptions. we have several teams paid already. if you do not join and pay on sportsvault after joining the league i will delete you from the league. i cant be on all day to check but i will as early as possible. you must pay 2 hours prior to the draft or your team will be deleted. you can review the settings in the link below to join. last chance to win some money! Invite URL: http://y.ahoo.it/B11Vf46r
  9. Codex Alimentarius

    $50 IDP PPR League

    need 1 more now
  10. Codex Alimentarius

    $200 PPR league draft in 2 hours

    if you interested you need to join NOW and PAY everything is in the link and original post sportsvault and the payouts are listed above
  11. Codex Alimentarius

    $50 IDP PPR League

    bump, need a couple more that will pay
  12. need 1 more team to fill a $200 PPR league, 12 teams. you must be ready to pay when you join. drafting 6 PM EST TONITE! 100% payouts on sportsvault $1200, $800, and $400 Invite URL: http://y.ahoo.it/B11Vf46r
  13. Codex Alimentarius

    $50 IDP PPR League

  14. Codex Alimentarius

    Last Chance Money League, $200 PPR, draft Monday

    still looking for teams, leave email here or in a PM. make sure to check spam folder in case it gets sent there. i will be back online this afternoon and will send check/send invites ASAP. if you join be ready to pay quickly before the draft
  15. Codex Alimentarius

    $50 IDP PPR League

    draft changed to wednesday at 10:30 PM EST. possibility of tuesday as well if people will fill the league to draft then. please PM me or leave your email in this thread, i will respond/send out invites ASAP.