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  1. TheUsualSuspect

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Cool man. I’m sure you’re riding Tannehill or Darnold to a title. God Bless. Hey thanks.
  2. TheUsualSuspect

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Hi Trolly. In your world or any other 8pts each for Beasley or Kirk; however, let’s agree Kirk exceeded expectation with 8 catches today.
  3. TheUsualSuspect

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Why roster players you have no intention of starting? In 12 teamers or less, Kirk is not rosterable. Beasley > Kirk even for you non PPRs
  4. TheUsualSuspect


    I’m not a fan of 8 or even 10 team leagues, but that doesn’t suggest it requires less skill or luck. It’s like an arcade, simply a different game.
  5. TheUsualSuspect

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Kirk is trash. Start anyone else. PIT D is very good. if I lost 5lbs, I could score 3 TDS vs TB
  6. TheUsualSuspect


    12 rec, 14 yds. Legit point, but I’m good on Barkley. I rather take an Ex on a date.
  7. TheUsualSuspect

    Bust of the Year Nominees

    Trolling as usual. You lose your job again? Hey thanks.
  8. TheUsualSuspect

    Bust of the Year Nominees

    Barkley, Barkley, Barkley. Hilton. Tyreek. I did not make the playoffs.
  9. He’s also no Brady, Mahomes, or LJ.
  10. TheUsualSuspect

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    Great call with Beasley. I picked up Mike Thomas, wish me luck
  11. TheUsualSuspect

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    Beasley’s floor has been 10+ points every week. I don’t get it.
  12. TheUsualSuspect

    Week 13 Scoop and Play WR

    In what Bush league is he available?
  13. TheUsualSuspect

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    I’m a little late to the party, but started vs Jones II. I think I got it right for once.
  14. TheUsualSuspect

    A Little Quiz

    As an owner, I instantly knew NOT Bell.
  15. TheUsualSuspect

    Brady's career..............................

    ^^^ Not only what IGW said, but Pats are a couple plays away from +2, if not more. Spare me, the Rams, Panthers, and Jags. Yes, that’s why we see Vinatieri in Canton in 5 years but the Pats were clearly the better team in those games (STL and CAR) IND/DEN/PHI caught them, ATL was close. But that’s just it. They are ALWAYS there. Ironically, Fat Andy is the only one who knows Bellichek, but can’t figure out most others...I do not root for this team, but accept it. Bellichek > Walsh, Knoll, Shula, Jimmy Brady> Montana, Bradshaw, <insert player here> For some, mostly stupid millennials, it will take time for you to realize this legendary greatness and not be intoxicated with inflated statistics.