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  1. TheUsualSuspect

    Add of the WEEK....Demaryius...

    Projected 0.0, I see no value here.
  2. TheUsualSuspect

    Colts at Cardinals: SatNF Discussion

    Impulsively, I just plug and played Chase. I don’t feel great about this.
  3. TheUsualSuspect

    Best WR in the NFL?

    This topic encouraged me to look up league leaders thus far this season. I was surprised to see that Ertz has 70 rec going into tomorrow night. I would have guessed he was in the 40-50 range.
  4. TheUsualSuspect

    covid strategies

    If it’s all luck, why comment on fantasy football message boards or even play at all? May as well play slot machines. There is such a thing as optimal play, not attributed to simply luck.
  5. TheUsualSuspect

    covid strategies

    Luck is certainly part of the game. But so is work. I added Huntley on Tuesday. I do not have Lamar, but will start with confidence over J Allen due to match up alone. Moves like this, give the experienced managers a possible edge.
  6. TheUsualSuspect

    covid strategies

    Although initially maddening, I think weekly covid outbreaks separate experienced managers versus the amateurs. Nowadays, Aps like Yahoo basically do all the work for you and tell you who to start; However, with likely more injuries due to a lengthy season and the daily outbreaks, league managers actually need to put in some work and have strategy to prepare for all game day scenarios. I don’t hate this.
  7. TheUsualSuspect

    Boycott the NFL

    These annual “boycott the NFL” movements never seem to catch much steam.
  8. TheUsualSuspect

    Dalvin Cook off Covid list - Week 17

    I have no real evidence to support this, but I don’t think he fills in to be productive as usual in this spot. I think he shares time with a more healthy Nwangwu and the game script will not really be in his favor as I project LAR to run away in this one. Having said that, I had AJ Brown on my bench this evening, so fade away if you so desire.
  9. TheUsualSuspect

    Anybody rolling with AJ Brown if he is active?

    I missed this one. The decision was a coin flip for me as I was not starting him over THill, McLaurin, Diggs Congratulations to those that played and succeeded. Great start to the week.
  10. TheUsualSuspect

    Dalvin Cook off Covid list - Week 17

    Those that handcuff Mattison are going to be greatly disappointed.
  11. TheUsualSuspect

    On Analytics

    Exactly, may as well have robots be coaches… or why even play the games at all. Although can be a useful tool, too much variable change.
  12. TheUsualSuspect

    Anybody rolling with AJ Brown if he is active?

    Absolutely not. He has a nice comfy cozy spot on my bench. Hopefully serviceable next week for the Ship.
  13. TheUsualSuspect

    Fade or Follow

    First time checking in for a while, I see this board is dead so at least allow me to win you money… HOU/JAX over 39.5 Adams over 89.5 Goff over 207.5 CIN +3 JRob over 102.5 ru + rec yds As always on Prime Time games…1st Q under, 2nd Q over
  14. TheUsualSuspect

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    It’s one thing to make a bold prediction, and hope it hits. But the OP never offers rational reasoning and is an alcoholic. Haven’t checked in for a while, some things never change.
  15. TheUsualSuspect

    Starting Jalen hurts and your fantasy championship game.

    Not quite 25, but Tommy Maddox is a MUST start every week.