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  1. TheUsualSuspect

    Seahawks at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    I looked it up for you, Josh McCown has played for 9 NFL teams in his career.
  2. TheUsualSuspect

    Coaching Changes / Front Office Moves

    Different ownership. Even if your point has any validity, nothing more than coincidence.
  3. TheUsualSuspect

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    No donations from me. Whatever I win is mine... it’s all mine Muhahahaha!
  4. TheUsualSuspect

    2019 Regular Season, bizarre statistics

    So although my season ended two weeks ago, I’m still a sucker for stats and take notice to odd trends or final numbers relevant to fantasy as the regular season came to a close today. Here are a few to break the ice, please add any others that you may find interesting to add to the list... 1. PHI- First team in NFL history to have a 4,000 yard passer, and 0 WR with 500+ receiving yards. 2. Robert Woods, 90 rec but just 2 TDS (one of which was today), yet Goff threw 22 TDs. Which leads to... 2 Jared Goff- tied for 1st in attempts (626), and 3rd in yds (4,638) yet just the 22 TDs, relatively very low.
  5. TheUsualSuspect

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    All subjective, but relative to pre season draft position and how much he is not discussed.. Dak C Carson, Drake DJ Moore, A Robinson
  6. TheUsualSuspect

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    Been a member for nearly years, what’s your story Buckwheat?
  7. TheUsualSuspect

    NFL screws over Pittsburgh/Oakland

    Op, are you employed?
  8. TheUsualSuspect

    Packers at Vikings: In-Game Discussion

    I’m seeing it the same way. Mind boggling so many people are invested in such an unknown for the championship.
  9. TheUsualSuspect

    Week 16 Huge Cojones Awards

    Vs Cin, not the boldest move I’ve witnessed.
  10. TheUsualSuspect

    Championship weekend FU thread

    Lockett. ARI Defense > 85 Bears
  11. TheUsualSuspect

    Mecole Hardman to the Pro Bowl

  12. TheUsualSuspect

    Mecole Hardman to the Pro Bowl

    This exact logic fuels many of your trolly posts. Also, Pro Bowl selections are not made dependent on Fantasy value. In many cases, production is coincidence
  13. TheUsualSuspect

    2020: Year of ____?

    David Jones. Give this guy a line, healthy RB & TE and he can produce. Honorable Mention: Cam Newton
  14. TheUsualSuspect

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Only when you lose of course.
  15. TheUsualSuspect

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Cool man. I’m sure you’re riding Tannehill or Darnold to a title. God Bless. Hey thanks.