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  1. TheUsualSuspect

    FU week 2

    FU to any kitty-cat that starts throwing out names 2 minutes into the early games in hopes to reverse jinx their underperforming roster.
  2. TheUsualSuspect

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 2

    I’ve been a big Corey Davis fan since college... but for a plethora of reasons, he is as inconsistent as it gets. No way in hell he hits 100 yds again, and scoring TDs isn’t really his thing. prepare for a 4-44 kind of game, at best.
  3. TheUsualSuspect

    Pickup D. Freeman cheap.

    What year is this?
  4. TheUsualSuspect

    Anybody Firing Up Old-Man Gore?

    Good Luck stonewall, I just don’t see it.
  5. TheUsualSuspect

    Leveon Bell on Injured Reserve

    For anyone like me that owned him last season, there is nothing to see here. At this point in his career, with the team that he is on, he brings absolutely nothing to the table unless 14 for 37yds with a couple receptions consistently helps you out. Oh, and heads up. He does not score TDs anymore. Edit: Here’s a fun stat! Last season, 245 Atts, with his longest run being 19yds.
  6. TheUsualSuspect

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Refreshingly honest post, yet quite depressing.
  7. TheUsualSuspect

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 1

    Interesting rationale on losing. In particular, 6th best score out of 12.
  8. TheUsualSuspect

    What is CEH worth?

    I would also not count on only 6 weekly rush attempts. Carson is a beast, not sure why there is no love here for him. God Bless.
  9. TheUsualSuspect

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Gostkowski cost anyone a game this week? Yikes.
  10. TheUsualSuspect

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    How many points do you earn for hurdles in your league? His 1.02 ADP this season made no sense to me. People quickly forgot, he BUST last season. I took Zeke 2nd, with no ragerts.
  11. TheUsualSuspect

    I started Aaron Rodgers

    I look forward to the “Who’s 3-0?” posts here in a couple weeks.
  12. TheUsualSuspect

    Tampa Tom

    Meh, They have often split with MIA.
  13. TheUsualSuspect


    Right. its Week 1. No RB1s or RB2s are injured. Why so desperate already??? edit: Yes, I know Sanders. Besides him
  14. TheUsualSuspect

    Air Quality In SF

    Aaand the fockery begins... Although I didn’t even consider this situation, just one more reason why as a Commish Im happy to have paused my league for a season. If the game postpones, League Managers affected will not be pleased. As for air quality, I’ll assume it’s pretty bad. I live in Tucson, AZ... the fires in CA and CO (600+ miles away) have created consistent cloud cover for us for the past three days. Very eeeie looking.
  15. TheUsualSuspect


    Yup, I’d do it!
  16. TheUsualSuspect

    Tyreek Hill role in KC offense

    I’m not completely disagreeing with you, but CEH didn’t show me anything better than Hunt his rookie year a few years back... I despise Collinsworth, but agree with him in that the offensive line looked great Thurs. And whether you go CEH 25 times, or 5 RBs @ 5 carries each (slight exaggeration to last year) that isn’t necessarily a better dynamic. As we all know, Andy wanted to see what he has to work with and committed to the run the first game.
  17. TheUsualSuspect

    possible surprise at TE

    I like Rivers’s tight... end. Mmmmm.
  18. TheUsualSuspect

    Tyreek Hill role in KC offense

    This KC 2020 roster is really no different than last years. Gameplan? Now then you may a point. KC obviously was ball control/run heavy tonight... let’s see if that trend continues. Having said that, it just wasn’t Hill’s night, yet still found the end zone in the second half. Kelce didn’t have a catch in the 2nd half, I’m not concerned.
  19. TheUsualSuspect

    ***OFFICIAL Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs Thread***

    KC right on schedule... slow start... so here comes about 28 in the 2nd, right?
  20. TheUsualSuspect

    ***OFFICIAL Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs Thread***

    Come on Al Michaels... what’s on your mind?
  21. TheUsualSuspect

    possible surprise at TE

    Wait, is that a good thing? At what age? I’m mind blown.
  22. TheUsualSuspect

    David Johnson or Chris Carson more upside...

    Likewise stonewall...Have lurked the boards the past couple days but wasn’t sure I was getting into Fantasy this season until last weekend. Sooo many unknowns, but I couldnt resist, ya know?
  23. TheUsualSuspect

    David Johnson or Chris Carson more upside...

    Interested in this thread as I am a fan of both.. Drafted DJ 4.02 in a 12 Teamer... QB LJ RB Zeke RB Carson Flex DJ Work to be done with my WR/TE, but I feel good about this.
  24. TheUsualSuspect

    Seahawks at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    I looked it up for you, Josh McCown has played for 9 NFL teams in his career.