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  1. apollo609

    Championship Advice for RB and Flex

    I like the 3 rbs here. Anderson might be the flex here, if you dont like Ingram sharing touches Anderson has been connecting with Darnold lately and Enunwa is out this week. He can be boom or bust, however.
  2. Well, now it looks like Ware is OUT so Im leaning towards D. Williams here. This game might decide my matchup. I have D. Williams and Carson and my opponent has Mahomes, Kelce and Baldwin!
  3. My biggest hangup with D. Williams is it's starting to look like Ware may be playing this week, which will make this a sharing situation. My opponent has Mahomes, which makes it nice if he dumps off to Williams like he did last week.
  4. apollo609

    Carson (vs. SF) or A. Jones (vs. CHI)?

    Hes just been the guy there and has scored 6 or 7 tds is as many weeks. Chicago isnt bullet proof. Barkley gashed then and Detroit ran on them as well. With that said, Im still starting Carson over him today.
  5. apollo609

    Carson (vs. SF) or A. Jones (vs. CHI)?

    Thank you. Good luck to you, as well!!
  6. apollo609

    Aaron Jones or Allen Robinson

    I still like Jones here
  7. apollo609

    Play Hilton?!

    If he ends up playing do I trust he stays in the whole game or should I play Boyd just to be safe? Hilton has left in the middle of a game this year.
  8. I'm still confident in Jones in this matchup, despite what CHI did to Gurley, but Carson has a good matchup with a good recent history vs. SF. Leave yours and I will assist.
  9. apollo609

    Flex RB..J.Jackson, Dam Williams, Edwards

    What he said!!! I'm doing the same thing, myself.
  10. apollo609

    Which 2 to Start

    This is exactly what I was leaning towards. So, I'll roll with RB1: Barkley, RB2: Jones and Flex: Williams if Gordon plays and Jackson if Gordon does not play.
  11. apollo609

    Which 2 to Start

    Well, to further this, I picked up Damien Williams this morning LOL!
  12. apollo609

    Need help with lineup this week please!

    Looks like Wentz is sitting so I would lean towards Pettis at this spot. NE and Pitt usually gets crazy so I'm going with Gronk!
  13. apollo609

    Which 2 to Start

    Full point PPR. I need two RB's and one flex out of: Tyler Boyd Aaron Jones Justin Jackson Chris Carson If Gordon plays it would most likely leave him out of my lineup.
  14. apollo609

    MVS or Hilton This Week

    Well, to take that one step further then...do I put MVS at flex over Carson/M.Davis, whomever starts?