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  1. Are the cheat sheets listed here http://www.fftoday.com/rankings/playerrank.php? PPR when you customize the scoring setting under the MyFFtoday tab or are these not customizable for PPR (draft cheat sheet) use ? Thanks...
  2. Mr_X

    Yahoo Trouble?

    As I expected. Yahoo is garbage. What Im reading is unacceptable about yahoo. Hacked or not, they need a backup plan, no excuses now a days when it comes to fantasy football. This is a real time activity/game and it needs to be treated as such. I can only speak for the services Ive dealt with and ESPN never has these clown-car issues.
  3. Mr_X

    Answers: Start and Sit Answers Week 10

    This is copied from my earlier post. Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide
  4. Mr_X

    flex spot

    I would start T. Smith. The ravens play great at home plus adding in the ppr format he should be a nice play this week. Thomas has been regressing over the last 3 weeks, something I dont like when deciding between 2 players. My link
  5. Mr_X

    Sit/Start MORNING GAMES!

    Its a coin flip on the QBs. Cam is streaking and Eli is regressing. Im partial to Cam since hes on my team, but I can see Eli having a good game with that nice matchup. V.D. is due for a big game, i think it comes this week in what should be a good nfc west division matchup. My link
  6. Mr_X

    Flex help

    Very tough spot your in this week. I also have been hearing Ingram is the next barry sanders LOL j/k. That could be just smoke and mirrors saying hes going to be more involved. Hes not the same player sproles is, but he did have some talent at one point, cant remember when that was though... And what you have left I would start the RB [thomas] over the TE. Nothing fancy, just like starting a rb over an inconsistent TE at best. My link
  7. Mr_X

    RB Help-start 2 PPR--will answer yours

    I know Charles has sucked lately but I would roll with him 1, last, week. Hes a stud, just not showing it as of late. I would also start Reece based on your being in a ppr league. Start Nicks as well, hes bound to blow up any week now, at least all his owners are hoping for that. My link
  8. Mr_X

    Trade help

    I would do the trade. Martins value the rest of the way is higher than the salsa-man imo. When Nicks is fully healthy he will take points away from cruz. Plus i love the idea of having a stud rb in my flex spot. My link
  9. Mr_X

    WR Help

    All 3 of your players have tough matchups. With that being said I would consider benching Andre Johnson as he has the worst matchup and out of the bunch and his QB Matt Schaub has the worst matchup when it comes to QBs this week. The bears have been stellar this season against Qbs. The ravens play great at home and Steve Smith is starting to streak.
  10. Mr_X

    The Injury Bus SLAMS Into My Team

    Thanks for the reply @himmystyles and @The Coach. The hard questions dont get too many replies so I appreciate the time you took to field my question. I still havent made a decision
  11. Mr_X

    QB Help

    In your case I would start Locker. His matchup overwrites Cutlers home primetime status. Start Nicks, that big game were all hoping for could/should/might LOL come this week. The "Garbage Man" cant be trusted, not that Nicks can. I just cant see all of the sudden KC playing good, on the road, in Pittsburgh. My link
  12. Mr_X

    Tannehill and Felix Jones

    I like Tannehill @ QB1 with his NICE matchup and Cutler as your QB2/FLEX. Reason I picked Cutler, its a home primetime game, he and marshall should play nicely, even against that tough houston D. Im know Im stepping out on the ledge with this one. Sometimes the matchup that makes the least sense produces the best results. I dont like A.Smith at all, never have never will. I dont trust fragile felix in my lineup, if you do feel free to start him, but I wouldnt. I dont buy that playing against new england means bench your talented rbs because they might be playing from behind. My link
  13. Mr_X

    Start Whom?

    Its between Spiller and Decker. Both have equally tough matchups. I might catch heat for this but I say bench Decker. Will the bills be playing from behind, probably, but that doesnt mean he wont break a big one or be the focal point in mounting a possible comback. My link
  14. Mr_X

    Ouch....Hartline or Taiwan (or Reece)

    Hartline does have a great matchup but his trend is the week after he does good he takes the week off. Reece isnt the starter but from what Ive read should see more action than Jones because the raiders throw more than they run. I say Reece. My link
  15. Mr_X

    Trade help Quick! trade deadline

    Keep your players. Gore has more value than Wallace whos been all over the place this season. You never know what injuries can be thrown at you too, dont underestimate your RB depth through 9 weeks, its not over by a longshot. My link