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  1. chaos21

    MoJo or L Bell?

    L. Bell seems like the better choice.
  2. Sould I play C. Clay for Miami or take a chance and leave J. Thomas as my TE? In a non-PPR league... Help please Thank You
  3. chaos21

    RB help this week

    thanks for help
  4. chaos21

    Week 9 Premature QB Speculation

    J. Locker
  5. chaos21

    QB with combo options

  6. Need help please on a 2nd rb I am starting A.P. Not sure if I should start McFadden over MJD or will MJD do better againist SanF. This is a non-ppr league.... My QBs Kaepernick, Dalton and Pryor ( starting Kaepernick and Dalton) My RBs A.P. and not sure MJD, S.Jackson,McFadden - I am stuck between MJD and McFadden. S.Jackson (coming off injury) Thanks
  7. chaos21

    RB help this week

    Due to bye week need a RB to start in a non PPR league. My choices are R. Bush W. McGahee J. Randle Stacey Ellis-Green Was planning on starting Bush (but not sure if he is going to effective)... Should I play Bush? Or which two should I play.... I was going to play Bush and Randle.... Any help would be nice... Thanks I will help out where I can...
  8. chaos21

    Trading Chris Johnson for Le'Veon Bell

    sorry should be make the trade
  9. chaos21

    Trading Chris Johnson for Le'Veon Bell

    maek the trade
  10. chaos21

    My WR vs opp QB on same team

    No - I would play Wayne. He should get in the end zone once or twice.
  11. chaos21

    WR help in a Non PPR league

    I am in a Non-PPr league. I have Greg Jennings, James Jones, Danny Amendola, Terrance Williams, and Julian Edelman. Need help on who to start this week (need to play two; but can play three if need to)? Thanks and i wil look to answers other questions..
  12. Here is the delima (sorry if this is not the forum for this) Team A trades: M. Lynch and R. Wayne to Team B for P. Rivers and S. Smith As Commissioner - I see no issues with the trade..... Here is the background: the league is a league where you keep two players from your previous year (not same position) Team A kept A.P and R. Wayne Team b kept A. Rodgers and M.Forte Team A : had first pick in the draft and drafted M. Lynch (D. Brees and P.Manning available) I say bad move on his part...Now needs a QB.. Another team in the league is saying the trade should be rejected: here is his email message: Let's see here,team A had the current #1 and #2 rated QBs available to them to draft with the first overall pick. Instead, they took the RB they now want to unload. I think that superior drafting should be rewarded so I vote to let Mr. Lynch stay with his current team and reject this trade. Me as commissioner is thinks the trade should be allowed..... I am considering putting this traqde up to a vote in the league (it is a 12 team league)... Should I let the league decide? I would ask nine teams to vote (Team A and Team B and myself excluded) ..Is this right?