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  1. If you log-in to NFL site you should be able to see team. QB, RB, WR, TE, 2 x RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, K, DST & 7 Bench .5ppr league with well-rounded scoring. http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/1023193/settings
  2. 49erGold

    need 2 for RB/Flex

    Hillman... he is said to get more work. DMC comes in on 2nd half maybe a blow out... so he might not get that much work. Might as well start the Den RBs to cover TD vulturing... DMC hasn't faired that much better week to week.
  3. I'm thinking Harvin or T. Austin. I like Harvin more though with no Watkins check on that if not go Austin.
  4. 49erGold

    Who to start?

    I need 2 players as my 2RB and flex. Just did a trade... I love RBs as my flex especially in non-ppr league. I'm locked on Hillman he will get more looks coach said and he helped Forsett emerge and was part of Foster best yrs.
  5. 49erGold

    snead, cj anderson or randle

    Randall... but a likely blow out makes it sketchy. Snead is intriguing play but Randall main goal line RB makes him very valuable like Hill.
  6. 49erGold

    Which 2 rbs to start in ppr?

    You got good thinking not sure CJ is a lock though... Thompson is the ppr RB in Was and a blow out is likely... so he can get some work. CJ lost his 1RB in Den will be used less this week. I would roll the dice on Thompson... Hill got a tough matchup but it's at home in the heat maybe the Hawks wilt. Cincy looked great at home. I just dropped Crowell don't like it going forward Sims is a speculative RB think those are more useful Theo the ppr RB for Det. I do some deals if this is your RB core... sell high on CJ is gone. I do some deals...
  7. 49erGold

    WR pickup WHIR

    Humor me... package Stewart + Stafford see if you get a better RB maybe RB + QB swap. So many injured QBs you should of pounced. Well, if you don't want to risk Cruz being scooped up this week do it... your out of time taking my advice if you want to secure these guys.
  8. 49erGold

    pick 2 out of 3 rbs....

    Blount is clear 1RB Um... Boobie Dixon. McCoy (out), KWill likely out... hmm, yeah Dixon had some injury problems to start yr but he looks good to go. Just check game time in case your forced to switch. I think he is 80-20 to go.
  9. 49erGold

    Help with WR

    Update: Sammy not looking good to start. I back my Harvin start... KWill likely out, McCoy out. Think Harvin gets some carries Buf might be the only team using him correctly out of Sea and Min... think it be smart to work some carries...
  10. 49erGold


    Your too thin at RB I do it... I got TJ Yelton for cheap who I consider a solid 2RB with upside. There are cheaper options. Crabtree is hurt and Ginn is ok 2WR but his value will drop when Cotchery is back. Matthews is no lock the way Eagles are using him. Hill is TD or bust but would easily be your 1RB.
  11. 49erGold

    Who to start: Moncrief or Travis Benjamin?

    Glad someone listened lol... I don't always say it's an easy choice but this was. I just regret benching AJ on TNF... if Luck played I would of started him... ironically he might of had a worse game but maybe this opens the O to him.
  12. 49erGold

    Need to trade this mess

    It is a mess... I would keep Ingram for sure... then try to trade everyone else not joking. Karlos a good 2 week starter he seems to be scratch week 5. Sell handcuffs to owners I got TJ Yates try to get him but I got him so I could start him this week. Gore value just shot up, Ellington be someone to target, maybe you can swap handcuffs get CJ Spiller I did that deal. Most RBs value is known not much sneaky stuff. WRs not a bad WR core missing top guy... I try a WR + RB for WR upgrade get a top end guy. TY might be cheap. You can roll with it but missing that top end guy. I wouldn't be scared to deal a guy... in the core.
  13. 49erGold

    Need to beat this guy...Eifert or Gates?

    Yeah, Phillip Rivers likes TE he got Green good games he played and TE Phillips did ok too. Main concern is Kam, Thomas and Wagner not a great formula for TEs... Gates is the gate to your victory.
  14. 49erGold


    Lockett cause of return yds... who is in your ww do you got Bobbie Dixon worth an add. Think he starts this week.
  15. Bell is not returning I like Hillman more but... is there anybody else?