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    Value Formula

    What is the formula for "Value" found under the "Overall" tab on DraftBuddy?
  2. bbrowd24

    10th pick out of 12

    Non-PPR. Looking for some strategies. Have the 10 spot then the 15 spot on the way back. Double RB-- Alfred Morris and Steven Jackson? Or double WR-- AJ Green and Dez Bryant on the flip? One RB and one WR? Open to any suggestions/strategies. Thanks in advance.
  3. bbrowd24

    Draft Buddy Notes

    When will the notes about the players (under the "overall-notes" tab) be updated? Thanks in advance!
  4. bbrowd24

    Snake Draft Order under DraftBuddy

    Yes, thank you!
  5. When I select picks under the draft in DraftBuddy Excel Doc, the order does not register that it is supposed to go in snake order for the teams. How can I fix this?
  6. bbrowd24

    10th Pick of 12 Draft Help

    I have the 10th pick out of 12 in my nonPPR, auction draft league. All TDs are 6 points. Also the flex position has to be WR or TE Any Drafting advice? Should I take AJ Green and then Dez Bryant on the way back? Two RB? Or 1 WR and 1 RB? Also who would be the RB to take? Alfred Morris, Trent Richardson, Steven Jackson, Gore? Any advice or strategies are greatly appreciated!