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  1. CallMeBigCat

    Post your running backs now vs. draft day

    Draft Day: Montee Ball, Frank Gore, Carlos Hyde Now: Matt Forte, Lesean Mccoy, Tre Mason, Fred Jackson, James Starks Went WR heavy with Cobb, Wallace, Maclin, Tate, Watkins, and Hunter. Used that depth to acquire Forte week 3 and Mccoy week 11.
  2. CallMeBigCat

    Flex help

  3. CallMeBigCat

    Need To Pick Three Of These

    Evans and Gio
  4. CallMeBigCat

    Flex issues

  5. CallMeBigCat

    Rank these WR's for this week.

    Gordon Beckham Cobb
  6. CallMeBigCat

    Colts DST or Texans DST?

  7. CallMeBigCat

    RB help Bernard, Hill, Ingram, Ellington

    Its tough but I'd say hill
  8. CallMeBigCat

    Pick 2 WR (Leave a link for yours)

    Who do I start? Pick 2: Michael Floyd @ATL Justin Hunter @HOU Sammy Watkins VS. CLE Kenny Britt VS. OAK Real options and this game is for the last playoff spot.
  9. CallMeBigCat

    Week 10 TE discussion

    If really desperate, Lance Kendricks isnt a horrible option. They target him in the red zone similar to the way Colts use Dwayne Allen. He is basically TD or bust. Not picking him over the majority of the options above but again, if you are really desperate and its thin on the ww he's not a horrible option.
  10. CallMeBigCat

    Maclin, now with The Sanchize....

    Agreed. I honestly think Sanchez will be better for Maclin. Foles has been missing Maclin a lot. Through the first like 7 games, Maclin was getting about 5 catches with 15 targets. Foles has been inaccurate and has made poor decisions. I don't see Sanchez being any worse. Sanchez filled in pretty well without any practice with starters. Getting reps with Maclin and the bunch, I think Sanchez will succeed in this offense. Significantly better offense and weapons than Sanchez ever had in NY.
  11. CallMeBigCat

    Trade Advice

    Yes do the trade. Luck doesn't help you on the bench. Kaep can fill in if somr thing were to happen with Manning.
  12. CallMeBigCat

    Thoughts On Drew Brees For The Rest Of The Season

    6 of his remaining 9 games are at home and despite the late int last week, I thought he played well against a tough lions d with a limited graham. I'd target him.
  13. CallMeBigCat

    Trade Help...will answer yours

    Easily do it. Thomas is a stud, ellington is consistent although he doesnt get the tds, and ben tate is a solid #2 assuming he is healthy.
  14. CallMeBigCat

    Week 8 Help (will answer back)

    Ingram and Denard. Patterson has shown nothing that would warrant trusting him. MIne: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=439461
  15. CallMeBigCat

    M. Wallace or role with Tre Mason

    I have Mike Wallace in my flex currently but considering starting Mason. Jeff Fisher's comments scared me a little bit saying its a possibility stacy can get 20+ carries. Also, Wallace's pts are completely dependent on getting a td. Otherwise he doesnt get many yards because Tannehill cant throw it past 30 yards. So I dont know if I can count on Wallace getting his 6th td in 7 weeks. Thoughts?