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  1. final leagues drafting tonight
  2. NextLevelFantasy

    r/CharitableBets Fantasy Football $25 Charity League

    DRAFT IS TONIGHT 8:30 pm edt Have 11. Need 1-3 more.
  3. NextLevelFantasy

    r/CharitableBets Fantasy Football $25 Charity League

    Have 11 teams as of now, definitely hoping for 14
  4. Invite Link Join the league on yahoo through the link above. Review the message board, fill out the doodle, hit me up. 12-14 team H2H $25 per team, winners gets $ back, 60% 30% 10% of pot donated to charity of choice for 1st-3rd place teams (there is a poll in the league message board if people want to do 50 30 20% or do something with 1st-4th) Draft - Doodle results pending Past seasons: 2015, 2016, 2017
  5. https://www.rotoballer.com/join-the-nfl-rotoballer-challenge-free-leagues-win-cash-prizes/533473?src=home_page Page above has links for lobbies of all the host sites. Can join leagues directly there. Fill out the registration form if you want a heads up when things get rolling next season.
  6. Arite leagues are officially live early this week. Emails incoming.
  7. Settings ended up being slightly different on fleaflicker and RT. Will update the constitution and registration form wording at some point. Just an fyi. Leagues gunna go live at some point this week.