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    Matt Ryan for LeVeon Bell Need trade help - WHIR

    Dang that's rough... I personally think that in your dire situation at RB2 I'd rather hope that Bell will be solid ROS than take the decent upgrade at QB. How is your WR situation? If you could use one to acquire a decent RB2 (slim pickings this year) then I'd go for it... If not I'd wait it out. Here's mine, I'm in a similar situation, thanks in advance.... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424921
  2. flthyred85

    Who to start? Culter, Kap, or Pryor?

    I'm starting Pryor over Luck this week, so I might be a bit biased. He's got a great matchup, but his upside is much more limited than Kap. NO has been a TO machine and Cutler has already started his downward slide. Kap can get you 30... Or 5. I think Pryor's got a decent floor around 15 points in this matchup. Also, I'm of the rational belief that who you start will have no effect on other players... because we're playin fantasy football, so I wouldn't be concerned about who they have. They are gonna score their points no matter what. Here's mine, thanks in advance... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424921
  3. flthyred85

    Fjax or Spiller this week?

    Never mind just got word he will play. Either way it's gonna be a shaky situation in the BUF backfield.
  4. flthyred85

    Fjax or Spiller this week?

    IF they are both active, then you gotta roll upside with Spiller IMO... Right now all I've heard is that it's gonna be game time decision. If you can't monitor right up until the game starts then you gotta go safe with FJax. Here's mine, thanks in advance... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424921
  5. flthyred85

    Two trades, pick 1. Thanks, will respond

    I agree with the last poster, your situation looks dire right now with Spiller and CJ underperforming... but if you remember SJax and Martin are as well. BUF and TEN (have you seen the last half for CJ?... wooo-eeee) have much better schedules the rest of the year (last poster didnt even mention SF for both TB and ATL, cuz of fantasy playoffs?). I say hold out and hope for the best, other wise you're probably gonna be steppin right into another steamin pile. Here's mine... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424921
  6. flthyred85

    Brees for Sproles, PPR

    Brees IMO is a huge upgrade over Ryan, especially the way he's been playin... their D keeps givin em scoring opportunities and he's gonna continue being a monster. Gio looks like he has taken the reigns a little sooner than I expected and I think he's gonna put up solid RB2 #s every week, Sproles for Brees... all day... does he want Ryan in return as well? If so you gotta get Joique outta him. Here's mine... http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424921
  7. flthyred85

    Trade ?s

    If Sproles is really on the choppin block for you (which he wouldnt be for me, I still don't trust Murray and Sproles is gonna be a solid RB2 week in, week out) then you gotta get somethin more outta him a la FJax. J. Thomas came out and shocked everyone week 1 cuz BMore was much more concerned with their 3 stud WR and let him run unchecked. Since then he's been an easy shutdown and is extremely TD dependent... like most TEs. I'm with your first reaction, laugh. You're really not improving your team much getting him, and Fleener should be solid with Dwayne Allen out for the rest of the year.
  8. flthyred85

    Megatron trade down... PPR

    I'm sittin on Megatron and Andre with no RB2 (right now I'm rockin Quiz or Rashad Jennings... who might only pass as one for a week). I also have J. Charles, and Gronk comin in a week or two. I'm thinkin a need a RB2 somethin fierce and I got an offer to give up Megatron for Welker and LeVeon Bell. Should I pull the trigger? Or am I ok for now? Bell kinda scares me cuz he's only played one real game and it was against a garbage D... Welker is obviously as good a WR2 as they come.
  9. flthyred85

    Talk me off the ledge!

    It was a short lived knee jerk to drafting possibly the worst week one fantasy team on the board! I've calmed myself and I'm thinking a bit more clearly...
  10. flthyred85

    Talk me off the ledge!

    I'm thinking of sending Dez out for Boldin... and I feel dirty. Does it make a difference if I'm a 9er fan and I have a slight mancrush on him?
  11. flthyred85

    Shane Vereen or Mike Williams flex

    Thanks, I feel a ton better about my decision now!
  12. 12 team ppr. Vereen vs Bills or Williams vs Jets?
  13. Jackson, I think he's going to have as good of a year as a WR can have in a Chip Kelley offense. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing btw. The QB matchup I think is going to be a coin flip... But I really like Vicks crazy upside in that matchup.
  14. flthyred85

    Shorts or Moore at Flex?

    Shorts hands down. Blackmon is out and he's gonna be the only reliable target for Gabbert (despite him being horrid). Although that offense runs through MJD the Saints spread the ball around. Moore is like the 4th target on that offense behind Graham, Colston and Sproles. Plus Shorts is KILLER after the catch. My 2 cents worth.
  15. flthyred85

    RB Need 3

    PPR? At face value the top three no question. But if you're talking about future value I'd trade out Ball for Sproles.