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    How would you draft this?

    Thanks for the advice. I think I came out of it alright, but any thoughts appreciated. Starters Bolded QB Ben Rothlesberger Tyrod Taylor RB Devonta Freeman, Matt Forte, Ameer Abdullah, Melvin Gordon, Jeremy Langford, DeMarco Murray WR Antonio Brown, Jarvis Landry, Stefon Diggs, Tyler Lockett, DeVante Parker TE Dwayne Allen Def Eages K Oops - I didn't draft one. I'll need to drop DeVante Parker and pick someone else up this Friday. Went a little heavy on RB, and I thought the draft was one round longer.
  2. joshvon1

    How would you draft this?

    Looking for any advice here. Brand new league and the commissioner wants to see crazy high scores. (Two Quarterbacks!) 1 QB 1 RB 1 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 Def 1 FLEX (QB, WR, RB) 1 FLEX (WR, RB, TE) 6 Bench 1pt PPR, 0.3 per rush attempt, 6pt TD, 9pt Def TD Bonus' for every large play NFL.com would let him set-up. I plugged as much of it as I could into MyFFT and created some cheat sheets. Do I try to draft like normal and not grab a QB until the initial run is over? Say screw-it and 2 QBs somewhere in the first few rounds? Since I only have to start one RB take only one good one and load up on as may PPR WRs I can grab? So many questions about how to handle this!
  3. joshvon1

    Please Help... Confused on Trade

    I'm kind of siding with bls and iceman - you've got to do something, but I wouldnt want to give up AP. I'd want to keep your rb1 and try a different trade or pick someone off the ww and pray. 7-0 means you've got a little time to play around and still be in good shape to make the playoffs.
  4. joshvon1

    Hate to whine about a lop-sided trade...

    Update - how stupid is this? First to answer byrdmans question. Correct, yeldon was a part-time flex start and hasnt been in his line-up since week 5 and duke was never started. Now the stupid part. A few of us got together to watch early games. The 1-6 owner claims he was drunk yesterday and didnt mean to accept. ASKED THE COMMISH TO VETO. The commish stopped the trade, now 2 hours later its been proposed and accepted again. I'd walk away from this league except i'm currently winning.... argh...
  5. Martavis Bryant and Chris Ivory for Duke Johnson Jr and TJ Yeldon?? Both teams have losing records, but it's a 1-6 team giving up Bryant and Ivory. We just expanded the league to 12 teams and both these guys are new this year. I've seen uneven trades where both parties think they are getting a good deal. If it seems like just honest poor management you let it go, but I dont think you can justify this one. New team just throwing in the towel? Thoughts? Veto it? KIck the 1-6 team? Kick them both? Maybe its cause I dont know either guy very well, but this kind of pisses me off
  6. joshvon1

    Your thoughts on who I should trade?

    How deep of a league is this? I'm not a fantasy expert by any stretch but for a 10 or 12 team league you look pretty thin everywhere. Given that most people way over-value their own players when it comes to trades... to get you a solid starting RB (like Forsett or Gore), I think you're best trade-bait is Big Ben. Maybe try to package him and Fleener for an RB an upgrade at TE and then do your best to stream and play match-ups for QB the rest of the season
  7. joshvon1


    The league says in a statement Friday that the office of the governor of Maryland "has assured us that based on the current forecast, playing the game would have no adverse effect on public safety" http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/eagles-redskins-game-will-kick-off-at-1-p-m-et-on-sunday-100215 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000547645/article/eaglesredskins-expected-to-take-place-as-planned I've been watching, but if the league isn't worried about the weather, neither am I. Starting both Jordan Reed and Jordan Matthews.
  8. I'm in 3 standard leagues . Two 10 team leagues, and one 12 team league. I have 13 players that are the same in at least two leagues (Julio Jones and Latavius Murray in all three). Pretty close, right? My record is (3-0), (1-2), and (1-2) I've only been playing a couple years, but wondering if anyone takes that into consideration? During drafts do you target different players in different leagues to increase your odds - For example, take Le'Veon Bell in League 1, even if he's still available take Jamaal Charles in League 2. (more diversity means one of your teams will outperform the others) Or, do you just build the best team you can and if that means they all look the same, so be it? Over-caffeinated morning and just curious.
  9. joshvon1

    Jeremy Hill vs Alshon Jeffrey ROS

    Personally, I would rather have Jeffrey. Once he's healthy and gets Cutler back he can put up some big numbers. With Hill, he'll be dealing with Gio and shared workload all year. Another way of looking at it, if Alshon is playing, he's in my line-up. With Hill I would want to look at the match-up and decide.
  10. joshvon1

    PICK 2 - ALL above average options

    I'd start Williams and Williams. Terrence is an easy pick. DeAngelo had a great game last week, maybe he does it again. If you've got him on your roster when else are you going to start him after Bell gets back?
  11. joshvon1

    Nasty Defense

    Start the Panthers
  12. joshvon1

    Running back

  13. joshvon1

    Tough WR Choice

    I think I'd start Williams
  14. joshvon1

    Lineup Help Week 2(Will answer yours)

    I would bench Spiller...
  15. joshvon1

    Randall cobb or stevie Johnson

    Start your studs. What round did you draft Cobb? Yeah, start him.