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  1. Jaydee

    Cobb questionable

    Any thoughts on whether he plays Sunday night?
  2. Jaydee

    Bears or Vikings

    I'm thinking Bears at home. Looking for input.
  3. Jaydee

    Grant vs. Docson?

    Thanks, also considering Lee. Docson or Lee Jay
  4. Jaydee

    Grant vs. Docson?

    Looking for a third receiver. Grant or Docson in non PPR?
  5. Jaydee


    Any news on his hearing?
  6. Jaydee

    ++ Update: Hillman owners, let's talk - Foot Injury

    I'm holding Hillman but I picked up blue to cover.
  7. Jaydee

    Craptree or Marshall Non PPR

    I have Hopkins and Baldwin. I was concerned with Marshalls injury. I know Marshall is the better choice but maybe not so with the ankle. He's had bad weeks this year with an ankle injury. I have to play three WR's. The choice is Baldwin, Hopkins, Marshal and Crabtree.
  8. Which would you start? WHIR
  9. Crabtree vs @ den Hopkins vs. @ pitt
  10. Jaydee

    Start 3...ppr- will answer yours

    Dez, Oliver and Jackson.
  11. Which one would you start?
  12. Jaydee

    Streaming D - week 4?

    I like Indy also but I also have NO at home. Which should I start?
  13. Jaydee

    West or Brown non ppr.

    Help! WHIR
  14. Jaydee

    West or Brown non ppr.

    Brown going against Buffalo, West going against Baltimore. Which would you start?