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  1. GULAN

    who should i drop?

    Who cares about a Gator fan...
  2. GULAN

    who should i drop?

    I have to drop somebody for a kicker this week... Who should I drop? My team is in my signature.. Thanks
  3. I have to drop one of these players... Or I could drop K Robinson... But I think I want to drop T Gearhart or D Brown as they have both done nothing... Who deserves to hit the waivers? Thanks
  4. Guy is definitely a Pats fan. And it just sounds like he is living in the past... Peterson, Brady, C Johnson, R Rice, Colston, R Wayne, Decker... All studs in previous years... Gronkowski (2nd round), Brady early, Pats D = Pats fan Not everybody that plays FF has the knowledge of up and coming players. That does not include me though...hehe
  5. GULAN

    Is this trade collusion?

    you should post both team A and Team B's full roster... It would help a bit more...
  6. GULAN

    How can I buy E Lacy low?

    Hello, I am trying to buy low on E Lacy. The owner is 0-3. I am 2-1. It's a PPR 10 Team league. My team sucks because it was auto-drafted... His Team: QB: R Wilson, N Foles WR: B Marshall, TY Hilton, P Garcon, A Boldin, B Hartline, K Britt RB: E Lacy, A Foster, L Miller, P Thomas TE: A Gates, G Olsen MY Team: Below in my signature... Thanks!
  7. Hi everybody, I went a little crazy on my pickups this week... I dropped my kicker to roster all these guys so nobody else would get them... Now I am having trouble deciding who to drop... All the info and roster are in my signature. Any help would be appreciated..
  8. I would say Rice and Sproles. I just know that the Jets D line is really good and Detroit left M forte with less than 50 yards running and receiving combined after a full workload. I would also say go with J Nelson and R Cooper. They have the best chances to score a TD. Not 100% sure because I have not had much time to donate to fantasy football the last few weeks. Hope this helps. Thanks for mine
  9. It's a 10 Team PPR League My Lineup: QB: RIvers WR: Marshall, Garcon, R Cooper RB: Forte, Woodhead Flex: Amendola TE: J Cameron Def: Cardinals K: M Pratter Bench: Romo S Johnson, A Dobson A Brown, Stacy, L Miller J Thomas Thinking of Putting in Brown for either Cooper or Amendola? Also, not sure if I should play J Cameron or J Thomas? Any suggestions? I'll answer yours in return. Thanks
  10. Thanks guys, I will start responding to your links now.. To address a few responses: We start 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 Flex (W/R/T) Having another top WR would be a great addition to Marshall and Garcon. I don't trust Amendola anymore (well maybe a little, but not enough) S Johnson is always banged up with a sub par QB. I have high hopes on my new pickup Heyward-Bey but that's only speculating. I'm not worried about Fosters' injury, but I know I need another top WR to put my team over the top. I added A Brown (NYG) and dropped R Helu. So now with M Forte, D Woodhead, L Miller, Z Stacy, and A Brown I should be alright. This guy really needs a RB bad...Is there any other offer you guys can see that will help mine? Is it completely insane to ask for C Johnson instead of Welker? Haha Thanks, Leave A LInk
  11. I see how this trade can benefit both our teams. I feel Foster is giving up a little too much for Welker... Am I right with that? Does anybody see a better deal I can offer?? 10 Team PPR League My Team: 4-4 QB: Romo, P Rivers RB: A Foster, M Forte, L Miller, D Woodhead, Z Stacy, R Helu WR: B Marshall, D Amendola, P Garcon, S Johnson, D Heyward-Bey TE: J Cameron, J Thomas K: M Crosby DEF:Saints His Team: 3-5 QB: D Brees WR: C Johnson,W Welker, T Smith, G Jennings, G Tate, D Moore, J Simpson, E Royal RB: B Powell, J Rodgers, J Randle, B Green-Ellis TE: R Gronkowski, C Clay K: M Bryant DEF: Bengals Thanks, Leave a LInk...
  12. Who should I Start Stacy or Helu? Hurting from bye weeks Here's my lineup: QB: Romo WR: Garcon, Amendola, S Johnson RB: L Miller, Stacy or Helu TE: J Cameron Flex: J Thomas PPR League
  13. I would drop Kerley in a heartbeat for Helu. But this is where I'm stuck. My whole team is on a bye... QB: T Romo, P Rivers RB: L Miller, Z Stacy, A Foster, M Forte, D Woodhead WR: P Garcon, S Johnson, J Kerely, B Marshall, D Heyward-Bey, D Amendola (Injured?) TE: J Cameron FLEX: J Thomas K: DEF: New Orleans, Chicago
  14. My Team: QB: T Romo, P Rivers RB: A Foster, M Forte, L Miller, D Woodhead, Z Stacy WR: B Marshall, D Amendola, P Garcon, S Johnson, D Heyward-Bey, J Kerely TE: J Cameron, J Thomas K: DEF: Chicago, New Orleans His Team: QB: D Brees, RB: B Powell, J Rodgers, B Green-Ellis, J Randle WR: C Johnson, W Welker, T Smith, G Jennings, G Tate,D Moore, J Simpson, E Royal TE: R Gronkowski, K: S Hauschka DEF: Steelers League Scoring is in my signature Thanks Leave a Link