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    Need Trade Advice

    just incase gronk doesnt play again lol the other two tes were my last two picks nothing else on the board was good
  2. andytnguyen

    Need Trade Advice

    So I just finished my draft today and looking to make some trades. I'm in need of a wr so i was thinking of trading alfred morris for a top WR, what trade would you make with these two teams My team: QB-M. Vick WR- Jordy Nelson, Vincent Jackson, Josh Gordon, Cecil Shorts, Brian Hartline, and Percy Harvins (seahawks fan) HB: Marshawn Lynch, Trent Richardson, and Alfred Morris TE: Gronk, Coby Fleener, Heath Miller Def: Seahawks K: Gostowski His team: QB: Flacco Stafford WR: Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Steve Smith, Mike Williams RB: Ray Rice, Ridley, Fred Jackson, Mark Ingram TE: Antonio Gates Def: Denver K: Steven Hauschka
  3. andytnguyen

    big trade please help!

  4. andytnguyen

    big trade please help!

  5. I honestly wouldn't do this trade. Maybe try to get a rb instead of another qb since you have vick? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424796
  6. andytnguyen

    big trade please help!

    10 man standard scoring I give up RG3, Steven Jackson, and Danny Amendola for Cam Newton, Leveon Bell, and David Wilson My Team - QB- Sam Bradford, RG3 RB- AP, Fred Jackson, Steven Jackson WR-Aj Green, Nelson, Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon,Danny Amendola and Stevie Johnson TE-Jordan Cameron and Julius Thomas Def-Baltimore K-Caleb Sturgis His Team - QB-Cam Newton, Ej Manuel RB-Lynch, Powell,Wilson, L. Bell, Alfred Morris WR- Fitz, Nicks, Wallace, Garcon, Deandre Hopkins TE- Jermichael Finley Def-Cinn K- Phil Dawson
  7. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

    thanks for the input guys!
  8. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

  9. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

  10. andytnguyen

    Team Sucks Looking at 0-4

    long run leveon bell but right now snellings
  11. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

  12. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

    oops i forgot to copy and paste the first half of the message... fail xD
  13. andytnguyen

    Need trade advice!

    Someone offered me a trade - My Aj green for Giovani Bernard and Torrey Smith This is a 10 team standard scoring league My team consists of: QB- RG3, Sam Bradford WR- AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon, Jordy Nelson, Danny Amendola, and Stevie Johnson TE- Jordan Cameron and Julius Thomas RB- Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson, and Steven Jackson K- Caleb Sturgis D- Baltimore His team- QB- T Romo, Eli Manning WR- Desean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Torrey Smith, Miles Austin, and Emmanuel Sanders TE- Martellus Bennett RB- Run DMC, Shady Mccoy, Giovani Bernard, Willis Mcgahee, J. Bell K- Alex Henery D- Arizona
  14. andytnguyen

    3 for 3 trade

    Yeah i would take this trade too
  15. andytnguyen

    Help on a trade!

    accidentally double posted sorry lol http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=424546&do=findComment&comment=5103720