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  1. I flexed Todman last week and was pleased, except for the fact I had Greg Jennings on my bench and he was the other player I was toggling between... Anyway - for this week, if MJD is ruled out, I'm confidently considering starting Todman over Vereen in my standard league playoffs. What say you?
  2. MaineVigorish


    Weather will factor into my decision as well... ROMO @ WSH (ESPN RANK - 11) BIG BEN @ GB (ESPN RANK - 10) CUTLER @ PHI (ESPN RANK - 8) I've rode Romo all season (drafted him in the 5th round) except for the bye week when I started Ben at home against DET (31 pts). Just picked up Cutler off WW, but I'm terrified of tying my fantasy fate to Cutler. 20 point lead from Week 15 going into final round of playoffs Week 16.
  3. MaineVigorish

    RB Help: 1 pt. PPR: Lynch, Forte or E. Lacy?

    I would agree with this 100% unless you somehow have a stable of stud recievers to go with your stud RBs to swap Lacy in the flex... very nice problem to have. You know Forte is going get 6-8 catches easy, Lynch caught 7 last week but by all accounts thats rare isn't it? And Lacy is just a stud and hard to bench regardless of matchup... If you had to choose, I'd say Lynch or Lacy would be the only decision, Forte is a must start in PPRs.
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    Fantasy Baseball?

    With football season nearing the end, I'm scrambling to fill the void already. I've never played Fantasy Baseball, and I've got some friends together from various football leagues who also want to give it a shot. If you've played before let me know your thoughts...best format, scoring, # of teams in a league, etc... Thanks
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    Fantasy Baseball?

    Valid points. I'm enough of a fantasy degenerate that this would not bother me, but fielding a 14 team league with people who would have the same laser focus and interest for the length of baseball season, especially the dog days of summer, is what I'm worried about with Daily Line-ups...
  6. MaineVigorish

    anyone's Superbowl week 17 here?

    My stupid family league that is terrified of change and full of whiners and d-bags runs thru week 17. 12 teamer, 4 teams get in, semis in week 16, championship in 17. I've won it twice because I'm a degenerate and still treat it like one of my other cut throat leagues... If my cousin doesn't change it to weeks 14, 15, 16 next year, I'm going to defecate on his living room floor at our draft.
  7. MaineVigorish

    Sitting Brees for ________!

    Don't. Get. Cute. Overthink and you get burned
  8. Already counting down to pre-season...
  9. MaineVigorish

    ++ Update: Jordan Todman? - MJD is Active

    Tasty matchup against TEN run D. I'm hoping MJD sits again... RB2/High end Flex IMO
  10. MaineVigorish

    Week 16 Qb...Must Win Game!

    Foles. Even if McCoy runs wild, he'll get 7-10 targets in the flat and those receptions should go for big gains and likely a score.
  11. MaineVigorish

    Romo Owners in the Playoffs

    Him or Big Ben...or Cutler of WW. Cutler and Romo are same animal to me... Taking my chances against the horrid WSH D...
  12. MaineVigorish

    R Wilson ?

    I could see this next week, but not at home against a division oppenent. I'm starting him. But I'll hedge my bet and drop Luck for Cutler on WW...
  13. MaineVigorish

    managing FF with wife and kids? not easy...

    Bartered any Christmas presents in exchange for Sunday Ticket this year... I don't need anything for Christmas...seriously. I'm 30. I also took a huge leap and invited her into my work league, just a $25 per team buy in, 12 teams. To her credit, she really got into it and scored the 2nd most points in the entire league. Made the playoffs, got boat raced in round 1 and I have not seen her more pissed off... She enjoyed imbibing with me on Sunday, while we play with our 2 1/2 year old little boy. We have a playroom with a 60 inch, and all his toys and stuff are in there, so I get away with paying attention to all the games, and playing and horsing around with my kid. It's been a perfect situation for 2 straight seasons... Also, in planning for future years of being a degenerate gambler and FF player, I've already called the local YMCA to verify that the toddler soccer games/activities are all on SATURDAYS - which is perfect! I live in Florida, so everyone here cares about College Football, which I couldn't give a hoot about (grew up in Maine, only follow NFL). Short of inviting your wife into one of your leagues, I'd say keep bribing her with jewelry, spa days, and various lady enjoyments to keep her off your back on SUNDAY.
  14. MaineVigorish

    Fantasy Baseball?

    How many teams? Was the league competitive? My fear with choosing people for a 14 team H2H 6x6 baseball league is that people who aren't committed will get bored and lazy and not last the season... Football is so different in this country and is like a drug for the sports viewing public... I'm a football addict, but I do follow baseball and I think doing FBB will make me want to follow it more...
  15. MaineVigorish

    Fantasy Baseball?

    I check my lineup daily for football. I see no problem. Ha
  16. MaineVigorish

    Super Bowl Bound! Sign In Here

    Signed in.
  17. MaineVigorish

    Who do you need Sunday and Monday night?

    I'm up 10 - I have Torrey Smith, he has no one. This is the first week of a 2 week playoff. Need Torrey to go off (full point PPR) to pad my lead heading into next week...
  18. Rankings are Romo, Ben, Cutler... Championship Round, Thanks
  19. MaineVigorish

    QB playoff help (leave a link...)

    Agree with above post - Gordon alone could account for 6-12 fantasy points in Campbell's favor alone. Alex Smith is probably the safer play of the bunch.
  20. MaineVigorish

    S Jax or Todman for RB 2?

    Jackson... I'm considering playing Todman over Gherhart, Sproles, Floyd. If I had sjax in that juicy matchup it's a no brainer!
  21. MaineVigorish

    S Jax or Todman for RB 2?

    Jackson... I'm considering playing Todman over Gherhart, Sproles, Floyd. If I had sjax in that juicy matchup it's a no brainer!
  22. MaineVigorish

    Flex Appeal

    Providing AP is out and Gherhart receives a probable designation and/or MJD is out and Todman is named the starter...I will start one of these 2... But assuming the worst, that Gherart and Todman wont be alone in the backfield or Gherart is out as well... Should I flex: Ridley Sproles L. Miller Michael Floyd Dennis Pitta
  23. MaineVigorish

    QB HELP Please!

    Alex Smith Dalton is garbage on the road and Tannehill would be a high risk reward play.
  24. MaineVigorish

    Anyone else debating benching Keenan Allen?

    In all leagues I was a Cobb owner, I picked up Keenan Allen a week or two before he blew up early in the year. Saved my teams.
  25. MaineVigorish

    Vereen Owners With Options- Must Start?

    Must start. I own him in an 8 man league where everyone obviously has strong teams. I'm starting him over Reggie Bush because I don't want to stress until Monday night. Also starting him in two 12 team standard leagues as my Flex.