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  1. Hi all I am looking for replacement owners in a few of my NFL leagues THROUGH fANTRAX. Below are what I currently have open. Please reach out at j.edwards75@yahoo.com if youre possibly interested in any of these. * 12 team H2H keeper league(18 keepers) $30 Super flex * 14 team H2H keeper league (keep 24) $25 Deep bench. IDP * 12 team H2H Dynasty league. $25 Super flex. Deep bench. IDP *16 team H2H Keeper league(16 keepers) $25 IDP
  2. I am looking to add 4 expansion teams to the college football league I run. Searching for dedicated and active owners they may be a good fit. If possibly interested email me at j.edwards75@yahoo.com for more details and info. Jon
  3. I have an in depth College football league and I'm looking for one active owner to step in an expansion program. Contact me at j.edwards75@yahoo.com for more info. Thanks Jon
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  5. Hi I am in a college football fantasy league and the commish is looking for a few new players to take over teams that have lost there owners. The league is a dynasty style league. Before each season we have a blind recruiting than consist of 9 recruiting sessions to fill the empty spots on your team. If anyone thinks they could possibly be interested in one of the teams let me know and I will get you set up with more info. CONTACT ME AT j.edwards75@yahoo.com. Thanks Jon
  6. I am starting up a $25 top 25 college football survival league. Email me at j.edwards75@yahoo.com if interested.