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    Draft Buddy for odd leagues

    Hey guys, I'm in two leagues this year, one of which drafts this evening (i know... way too early). BUT, I'm trying to make sure my draft buddy is as accurate as possible so I'm looking for some setup help. 1. The league that drafts tonight has a fairly normal setup, except the fact that points have been reduced across the board to allow for bonus points for big yardage games from all offensive positions. The league scoring anomalies looks like this: Lineup: QB RB WR TE RB/WR/TE RB/WR/TE K DST Weird Scoring: Sacked QB: -1 QB throws 400+: 2 points 100-199 rushing: +2 200+ rushing: +2 100-199 receiving: +2 200+ receiving: +2 Also, players get credit for ko/punt returns Now I see the spots for yardage based bonus points, but that looks to be PER PLAY rather than the entirety of the game. Also, I see nowhere to penalize for being sacked OR to give players credit if they return punts/kicks. I know that these stats aren't really included in your projections, so is it even possible to account for this extremely odd scoring style? 2. The other league I'm in has a much more traditional scoring system, but has a slightly odd position set up. I can't seem to wrap my head around how to set my league rules for players. The positions look like this: QB RB RB WR WR TE QB/RB/WR/TE RB/WR/TE K DST DFlex DFlex The QB flex spot is throwing me off. Can you give any advice on how to set the league up? Also, I see you constantly helping people by telling how to set their leagues up and it seems so simple to you guys (even getting as far as breaking it down into decimals). Is there a formula you use to calculate it properly? If so, would you mind sharing it? Lastly, how would you guys set the "overall rankings method" for both leagues? I know you obviously recommend the recommended settings, but those don't seem like they'd fit non-traditional leagues like the two I'm playing in. Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Draft Buddy for odd leagues

    Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response! About the super flex league.. I probably should have stated that the points per yards for QBs have bee reduced to adjust for the possibility of 2 QBs. So they score +1 per 35yds, would you still up the baseline to 2?