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  1. Hail Murray

    PPR Flex

    Need one of these guys: Mixon Vs BUF M. Bryant vs JAX D. Martin vs NE Going Mixon as of now but not confident with a tough matchup. Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Hail Murray

    PPR Keeper

    Sorry. just one keeper and I just narrowed it down to these two
  3. Hail Murray

    PPR Keeper

    PPR 10 team league ( I am drafting 8th of 10) do I keep Evans for a 3rd pick or Brady for a 6th rd? Few other scoring items to consider. For QBs it is 6 pt passing TDs Plus 2 points for a PaTD of 40 to 59 Yds Plus 4 points for a PaTD of 60 to 79 Yds Plus 6 points for a PaTD of 80+ Yds Passing yardage - .1 points for every 1.5 PaYds Plus a 5 point bonus @ 300+ PaYd For WRs 6pt TD recs Plus 2 points for a ReTD of 40 to 59 Yds Plus 4 points for a ReTD of 60 to 79 Yds Plus 6 points for a ReTD of 80+ Yds Rec yardage .1 points for every 1 ReYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 100+ ReYd Plus a 5 point bonus @ 200+ ReYd Feel like Evans is the way to go but QB scoring is pretty heavy. Thanks for any thoughts!
  4. Hail Murray

    6th Round Keeper - Cam, Langford, J.Reed or J.Gordon

    I would probably go Cam myself. I could see Langford if you're high on him. I just don't trust Reed to stay healthy at all
  5. Hail Murray

    Auction Keeper League Help

    Yes I agree with this
  6. Hail Murray

    Keeper Help

    No we have to keep two
  7. Hail Murray

    Keeper Help

    Kind of my thinking as well. I'm drafting the 8th spot. I don't have a lot of intel on who is being kept by other teams but I'm thinking if I keep Charles I could have a shot a Marshall but I don't think id have a chance at Charles.
  8. Hail Murray

    Keeper Help

    10 teamer, standard scoring. We keep two players that take our first two picks. I am keeping Gurley as one. For my second keeper I have to decide between J. Charles or B. Marshall. Was pretty set on Charles but maybe Marshall would be the "safer" way to go. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Hail Murray

    If you are the CHAMPION, tell us here

    First time Champion in my big money league. Ben Roethlisberger Jamaal Charles Tre Mason Jordy Nelson Antonio Brown Jarvis Landry/B.Cooks Gronk Justin Tucker Ravens/Chargers
  10. Hail Murray

    Landry or Vjax?

    PPR (no return yds)
  11. Hail Murray

    1 week TE help

    Marcedes Lewis
  12. Hail Murray

    Kenny Stills..........Cooks placed on IR

    Im going for Landry first then Stills in my PPR league as a replacement for Cooks. I think Landry is the safer bet especially in PPR.
  13. Hail Murray

    QB Question

    Because my team name is "We're out of BORTles License Plates"
  14. Hail Murray

    QB Question

    So Palmer was my starter. my back up, Bortles, is on bye. Who would you pick up out of this group?: J.McCown Vs. WAS D.Carr Vs. SD R.Mallet Vs. CLE B.Hoyer Vs. HOU T.Bridgewater Vs. CHI Kind of thinking one of the top three but not sure. Thanks in advance for any advice and will help out if you leave a link. Thank you!
  15. Hail Murray

    Drop Cameron for Sims?

    Yeah do it