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  1. Packers2125

    Should I trade ?

    Montee Ball for Victor Cruz I have these RB's at the moment in my PPR league J Charles F Gore L Miller K Robinson (M Ball) J Bell I am RB heavy and could use some options in WR, Should I get more ? Or less ? WR I have ... D Thomas W Welker C Patterson G Tate G Jennings Any help would be awesome
  2. Packers2125

    How do I create a Poll on here ?

    Thank you
  3. Packers2125

    How do I create a Poll on here ?

    I got that much, but when I click post nothing shows up, Is there a glitch in the system ?
  4. Packers2125

    How do I create a Poll on here ?

    How could I have possibly expected anything but the help I have received, Thanks gentlemen
  5. Packers2125

    How do I create a Poll on here ?

    I see the manage topic poll but when I hit finished it does nothing ? Any help would be great
  6. Packers2125

    QB - RG3 or Locker?

    I would stick with RG3, tough I know I am in the same boat. RG3 has the talent around him to make points .... Locker I am not sold on yet.
  7. Packers2125

    Lacy Status

    "Eddie Lacy didn’t participate in practice on Wednesday, but Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy sounded optimistic for Lacy ’s chances to play in this Sunday’s game against the Jets" Lacy most likely will play, but may be limited to plays, Starks and Harris will pick up the slack ....
  8. Packers2125

    qb help please, big Ben, rg3, locker

    Same boat with RGIII I am in a 2 QB league and ended up with Newton and RGIII, was able to grab Locker (gave up a WR, I have enough) ... I am not pleased with RGIII but then again he could have a great comeback season, I would say keep Ben even though he is probable for this week ..... hope that helps.
  9. Packers2125

    Week 2 Advice

    Thank you
  10. Packers2125

    Week 2 Advice

    First time in a League and looking for some advice, this is my week 2 starting line up, I am also thinking of dropping a WR or RB to obtain a second TE ? Thoughts ? 2QB League Starting QB Cam Netwon Robert Griffin III RB Jamaal Charles Frank Gore WR Demaryius Thomas Terrance Williams Conrdarrelee Patterson TE Dennis Pitta R/W/T Golden Tate DEF Seahawks Bench Jake Locker Montee Ball Joique Bell Lamar Miller Eric Decker Wes Welker